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[Download] ☢ Working Out, Working Within ♴ Zen Meets The Zone In This Guide To Combining Physical Fitness With Spiritual Awakening During Physical Training, We Can Experience Something Deeper Than Just The Burn Of Working Out We Can Achieve Spiritual Awareness And Feel What It S Like To Be Alive And Healthy Working Out, Working Within Offers Readers Techniques And Suggestions To Avoid Fixating On Winning The Game, Scoring The Goal, Or Building The Perfect Body Our Workouts Become Tools For Personal Transcendence As We Get To Know Ourselves, Test Our Limits, Gather Inner Strength, And Build Physical Vitality We Can Learn How To Find Harmony Between Body, Mind, And Spirit Using Breath Watching, A Simple Tao Technique To Encourage Calming And An Awareness Of Our Bodies, And To Discover Our Tao Minds Visual Recording, Through Which We Imagine Our Bodies In Motion, Employing All Of The Senses In Our Visualization Affirmation Reciting, A Way To Confirm Our Thoughts By Repeating Them Aloud And Valuable Ancient Tao Wisdom And Strategies To Synchronize Body And Soul Chungliang Al Huang Is The Founder And President Of The Living Tao Foundation And Director Of The Lan Ting Institute In China A combination of Taoist philosophy and sport psychology, who would have thought that would work out I believe it did in this book I think a martial artist might relate to the book better than a generic athlete, on average anyway Engaging stuff for anyone who is has an interest in Taoism.