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A great book, filled with insights and know hows, destined for every branding initiate, either a designer or a consultant Usually found in every brand enthusiast s library. Cartea chiar este un manual de branding, pe langa unele exemple si texte mai abstracte, sunt oferite si informatii folositoare pentru cei care ar dori sa schimbe sau sa creeze un brand, fiind explicate destul de bine etapele acestui proces.4 stele pentru ca mi s a parut o lectura scurta, adica cred ca se putea de scris mai mult A, da si pentru traducerea in romana. Good book for understanding branding and the various things involved in it Breaks things down into helpful sections and gives you a guide to creating a whole branding campaign. Perfect when you start a career in branding Great and easy to read book, although I wish I would have read it at the beginning of my career It is a great resource for newbies and managers presenting a very good wire frame for branding It would be a great idea to lend it to some customers, that would make them seeclearly the solutions and processes behind our work I specially loved the attention he offers to both internal and external audit, as I do think that is a proper base for a good branding process and it currently lacks in many cases. Orice domeniu are un guru, un nume la care to i z mbesc cu respect atunci c nd l aud i ale c rui cuvinte sunt liter de lege n branding, acesta este simpaticul domn Wally Olins Un brand al brandurilor , vorbele sale devin standarde i realiz rile sale studii de caz Cine deci ar fi fost mai n m sur s scoat un manual de branding Din fericire, Manualul de branding nu e un manual a a cum cel pu in noi n elegem prin asta o aglomerare de referin e unele mai de tepte ca altele, formulate preten ios, din care r m i cu un errr confuz Mai degrab e un manual de utilizare, clar i concis, structurat i scris cu cuvinte simple, o carte practic how to Wally Olins chiar spune undeva c inten ionat a evitat termenii de specialitate continuarea cronicii |Download Pdf ♽ Wally Olins: The Brand Handbook ⚇ Wally Olins Sets Out The Ground Rules For Branding Success In The St Century, Explaining Why Understanding The Links Between Business, Brand And Consumer Has Never Been Vital For Commercial Success, And Reflecting The Recent Enormous Changes In The Branding World Texto casi acad mico que cubre a grandes rasgos el proceso de branding para grandes empresas Aunque por momentos se hace inalcanzable debido a este foco en casos excepcionalmente grandes, es una gu a til y amena. Olins gives this work a brief summary of the theories of branding and exposes the wonderful work done by Wolff Olins. Clearly written as all his books Clear explanations of process he is quite clear that that is not the issue, its the creative gem thatsimportant.I met him once, on a sunny afternoon.