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This is practically a handbook for allies I truly believe every LGBT ally should read this book Kathy covers the history political and religious of heterosexism, the science behind sexual orientation, and theology all while including a wealth of very personal stories from the LGBT community and allies She has clearly done her research and provides six and a half pages of references and dozens of footnotes I also had to privilege of meeting Kathy and she is a loving, accepting, wonderful person Thank God for this book This is a comprehensive look at how religion and society has looked at LGBT people from Biblical times to the present day It explains how attitudes have changed and the factors that have influenced changing attitudes I found this book really helpful and illuminating I have struggled with the judgemental attitudes of conservative Christians in my own church, but Kathy encourages allies to have an attitude of grace to all The book is aimed at the general reader rather than an academic researcher, and because of the wealth of references it took me a while to realise that while I was reading an informed and informative book, it was not a scholarly dissertation Because of my preconceptions I initially found the patchy referencing a bit irritating But as I got into the book I was happy just to motor through, and look at the references later I would recommend this book to anyone looking for answers about those 6 verses of Scripture that are used so often to bring down LGBT Christians that they are known as the clobber verses. A MUST HAVE book for anyone seriously interested in learning about homosexuality and Christianity It s on the top of my research reference list of books to use in my writing. In Romans 2 23 24, the apostle Paul rebukes the Christians in Rome with these words You who boast in the law, do you dishonor God by breaking the law As it is written God s name is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you If you are a Christian who is grieved that this same rebuke is applicable to the church in America today as so many Christians wage a war of shame and exclusion against LGBT people but you don t know where to begin to untangle the mess, this book is a great place to start Ms Baldock has compiled an extensive overview of the historical, cultural, social, political and religious forces that have converged to get us to the place in the America church where we are today Any one of these forces is worthy of a complete book and she has heavily footnoted her research if further study is desired While fundamentalist voices continue to shame and degrade LGBT Christians and drive them away from our churches, this book offers a refreshing glimpse of hope for individuals and families that change is coming and it s coming from the laity sitting in our pews, not from the evil gay agenda There are many testimonies from LGBT Christians determined to hold tight to Jesus in spite of the hatred directed toward them from the church and many testimonies from straight Christians who have journeyed over that frightening gulf to stand with them in their struggle.Regardless of where you find yourself on the scale from affirming to non affirming, the insights and perspectives gained from this book should help you to better discern truth from hysteria, compassionate response from fear.It is undeniable that the Holy Spirit is on the move concerning the topic of the inclusion of gay Christians in our churches and it is time for the church in America to lay aside emotions and ignorance and actually talk respectfully with our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters, not simply talk disparagingly about them This book is a wonderful platform to begin these conversations I highly recommend it To God be the glory. I m not exactly the target audience but I used to be so rated the book 5 stars based on how helpful I think it would be to non affirming Christians who want to learn about the historical, social, and political reasons behind non affirmation of LGBTQ Christians.Had I given it a rating based solely on my own reading, it would have received 4 stars The one star less is because a few sections just aren t terribly relevant to someone who isn t in the target audience However, I would still recommend this book to anyone who is interested in why Christianity has been so anti LGBTQ and would like to deeply understand the history of that.This is an excellently researched book, very clear, very Biblically based for the target audience , and extremely informative.I highly recommend it When my church had a Homosexuality and the Bible study series, I left with a long reading list This is the first one I chose, mostly because one of my friends from church is a huge Kathy Baldock fan and organized a group to go see her speak when she was in town, but I had to miss it I figured I should at least read her book so I can be ready for next time she comes around What s interesting about Kathy is that she is a straight Evangelical Christian and her kids are straight, which makes her journey so interesting because she didn t NEED to pursue this She could have lived in her bubble, but she chose not to, and that is interesting Actually, what I took away most from this book was the importance of having Allies and being Allies, to amplify the voices that need to be heard.The target audience for this book seems to be straight, Evangelical Christians What I expected was the usual unpacking of the six Bible verses that relate to homosexuality, but that is only in chapter 9 Kathy knows that before you can do that, you need to understand the history of psychology, medicine, politics, and American culture that led to this intense persecution of a minority group by a religion that is founded in love Before you can understand questionable translations of two specific words in the Bible, you need to understand why people who are products of their times chose those specific translations Kathy also understands that it s hard to hate or be scared of people if you get to know them, so she shares story after story of people who are part of the LGBTQ community, ESPECIALLY Christians who are LGBTQ For Kathy, it was the realization that there were Gay Christians that led her to start questioning and researching, so she spends a lot of time sharing stories of people who were shunned by their churches but still continued to practice their faith.I loved this book and I love the work Kathy is doing I am proud to be part of a church that is affirming, and I am inspired to reach out to Christians who have different ideas about homosexuality than I do As Kathy puts it, we are called to journey in love with others who are unlike ourselves. I found this book frustrating because of a lack of good footnotes even though there were footnotes, often a single source was cited repeatedly or the sources seemed less than credible It was also irritating that Baldock assumed most of the way through the book that the only two stances are homosexuals can t be Christians and homosexuality is ordained by God, with no middle ground And yet the personal stories were very moving and I now understand that there are biblical grounds for accepting homosexuality I feel like I need to outline and summarize her arguments because they are still fragmented and in pieces in my head However, I am also really tired of thinking about this issue, so that may not happen for a long time. This book is a must read for any evangelical Christian My only regret from reading it is that my review will not do Kathy Baldock s work justice I ve been to one of Baldock s workshops, so I was familiar with some of the narrative the Lavender Scare, conversion therapy in the 20th century, etc I had also read up on Lonnie Frisbee But I had no idea how much queer heritage Calvary Chapel and the Jesus Movement have, and have hidden from history The church would not be the same without the efforts of queer Christians The only shameful thing about us is that the church won t tell our stories. {READ DOWNLOAD} ⛄ Walking the Bridgeless Canyon ì Walking The Bridgeless Canyon Repairing The Walking The Bridgeless Canyon Book Readreviews From The World S Largest Community For Readers In , Kathy Baldock, A Straight Conservative Evang Walking The Bridgeless Canyon Repairing The BreachAchetez Et Tlchargez Ebook Walking The Bridgeless Canyon Repairing The Breach Between The Church And The LGBT Community English Edition Boutique Kindle SociologyWalking The Bridgeless Canyon Repairing The Breach Between The Church And The LGBT Community English Edition EBook Kathy Baldock Media EU S Rl Walking The Bridgeless Canyon Home Facebook Facebook Is Showing Information To Help You Better Understand The Purpose Of A Page See Actions Taken By The People Who Manage And Post ContentWalking The Bridgeless Canyon Repairing TheNot Retrouvez Walking The Bridgeless Canyon Repairing The Breach Between The Church And The LGBT Community Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Walking The Bridgeless Canyon Repairing The In Walking The Bridgeless Canyon Repairing The Breach Between The Church And The LGBT Community, Baldock Uncovers The Historical, Cultural, Medical, And Political Filters Of DiscriminationWalking The Bridgeless Canyon Forge Walking The Bridgeless Canyon Kathy S Work Is Accessible To People Of Every Walk Of Life It S Groundbreaking, And Completely Vital To The Church And The Conversation With LGBTQ Christians Today About Walking The Bridgeless Canyon Book Walking The Bridgeless Canyon Is A Highly Accessible Book Meticulously Researched With Almostfootnotes Which Ultimately Challenges Readers To Assess And Remove Their Own Flawed Or Ill Informed Lenses Through Which They View The LGBT Community Walking The Bridgeless Canyon Repairing The Walking The Bridgeless Canyon Repairing The Breach Between The Church And The LGBT Community Is Shipping Discover How Cultural And Religious Discrimination Was Directed At The LGBT Community By Investigating Social, Cultural, Political, Scientific, Psychology, And Religious Influences Along AnWalking The Bridgeless Canyon Praise For The Book If You Read Only One Book On The History Of LGBT Rights, The Culture, Psychotherapy, Religious Reactions, And What The Bible Really Says About Being Gay, Walking The Bridgeless Canyon Should Be It PDF Walking The Bridgeless Canyon Repairing The PDF Walking The Bridgeless Canyon Repairing The Breach Between The Conservative Church And The LGBT I highly recommend this book The history of the knowledge and understanding of LGBT people in the medical community, society, and religious groups have been thoroughly researched and cited in this book It s both heartbreaking and hopeful The personal stories and quotes brought her concepts assertions to life and reminds you that these are real people who are loved by God If you re interested in being a bridge builder between the church and the LGBT community this is a must read.