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( Read E-pub ) ⚢ Journey to Love ⚡ Book Of Poetry By William Carlos Williams Table Of Contents A Negro Woman The Ivy Crown View By Color Photography On A Commercial Calendar The Sparrow The King The Lady Speaks Tribute To The Painters To A Man Dying On His Feet Come On The Pink Locust Classic Picture Address The Drunk And The Sailor A Smiling Dane Shadows Asphodel, That Greeny Flower Like the poems ofThe Desert Music , the poems of Journey to Love are written in triadic stanza form , a noteworthy departure from Williams s body of work Staying here in the country on an old farm we eat our breakfastson a balcony under an elm The shrubs below us are neglected Andthere, penned in, or he would eat the garden, lives a pet goose whotilts his head sidewise and looks up at us,a very quiet fellow who writes no poems To Daphne and Virginia from The Desert Music Romance has no part in it The business of love is cruelty which,by our wills, we transform to live together.It has its seasons, for and against, whatever the heartfumbles in the dark to assert toward the end of May The Ivy Crown The most prominent poem in the collection is Asphodel, That Greeny Flower The poem is written as a four part pastoral Originally conceived as the fifth book of Paterson Williams s book length poem written in four books published individually between 1946 and 1951 According to Wikipedia, Williams began writing it in 1952 in the midst of health problems physical a heart attack and multiple strokes that left him, among other things, with periods of near blindness and partially paralyzed, able to type only with one hand and mental depression Facing death, he confessed old adulteries to his wife In this context, he wrote one of the most beautiful affirmations of the power of love in and against the nuclear age, and one of the few memorable love poems in English written not for a mistress but for a wife He reviews their life together and states that her forgiveness of him has revived him You have forgiven me making me new again So that herein the place dedicated in the imagination to memoryof the dead I bring you a last flower Don t thinkthat because I say this in a poem it can be treated lightlyor that the facts will not uphold it Are facts no flowers and flowers factsor poems flowers or all works of the imagination, interchangeable Which proves that love rules them all, for thenyou will be my queen, my queen of love foreverAsphodel, That Greeny Flower, Book IIIAsphodel has no odor save to the imaginationbut it too celebrates the light It is latebut an odor as from our wedding has revived for meand begun again to penetrate into all crevices of my world Asphodel, That Greeny Flower, Coda My favourite passage from the poem My heart rouses thinking to bring you news of somethingthat concerns you and concerns many men Look at what passes for the new.You will not find it there but in despised poems It is difficultto get the news from poems yet men die miserably every day for lackof what is found there Asphodel, That Greeny Flower, Book I My favourite passages in the collection Come on Do you want to liveforever That is the essenceof poetry But it does not alwaystake the same form For the most part it consistsin listening to the nightingale or fools Come On The poet himself, what does he think of himself facing his world It will not do to say, as he is inclined to say Not much The poemwould be in that betrayed He might as well answer a rose is a roseis a rose and let it go at that The Pink Locust The quote a rose is a rose is a rose is drawn from a poem, Sacred Emily , from Gertrude Stein s Geography and Plays Interestingly enough, Gertrude Stein is mentioned in another of Williams s poems Satyrs dance all the deformities take wing centaursleading to the rout of the vocables in the writingsof Gertrude Stein but you cannot bean artist by mere ineptitudeThe dream is in pursuit Tribute to the Painters Unfortunately, the collection is dated unfavourably by the poet s perspective on and portrayal of gender The King and Classic Picture and race A Negro Woman Happy the woman whose husband makes her the King s whore The King It is a classic picture women have always fussed with with their hair having no sisters I never watched the process so intimately as this time the reason for itis not clear tho I acknowledge, an unkempt head of hair,while not as repulsive as a nest of snakes, is repulsive enough in a woman Classic Picturecarrying a bunch of marigolds wrapped in an old newspaper She carries them upright, bareheaded, the bulkof her thighs causing her to waddle as she walkslooking into the store window which she passes on her way A Negro Woman Williams adopts arigid form and gains lyricism and clarity The best poem, Asphodel, celebrates his wife s forgiveness and offers poetry as fulfillment. This book contain two outstanding poems, The Sparrow and one of Williams greatest long poems Asphodel, that Greeny Flower, the first dedicated to his father, the second to his wife.in The Sparrow, Williams keenly observes a cocky male sparrow, but from the very first stanza he announces that the unique sparrow he is watching is a window into a deeper truth There is a wonderful richness of gentle irony, of allusion coupled with the effective shocks of earthiness Nothing even remotelysubtle about his lovemaking.He crouchesbefore the female, drags his wings,waltzing,throws back his head and simply yells The dinis terrific My apologies for my clumsy formatting of William s characteristic triadic stanzas Asphodel, that Greeny Flower is justly considered to be one of William s greatest, most honest and most poignant poems Ann Fisher Wirth has written an extraordinary entry for it in theEncyclopedia of American Poetry The Twentieth Century which is well worth ready and can be found at and provides some excellent critical reactions to this extraordinary love poem and confession to his wife of many years.