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This small, light weight paperback cookbook is a real gem It s a smart way to get a great amount of protein in your diet if you re a vegetarian There are some unique recipes in here like a curry involving ingredients like sliced apples, turnips, coconut milk etc An Indonesian recipe uses peanut butter and candied ginger to make a good sauce I was surprised at how many recipes in here are really valuable to me and practical than a lot of other complicated to make and lower protein recipes found in your common vegetarian cookbook If you buy this book keep in mind that you can use frozen crumbles AKA meal starters by the Morningstar farms brand or other brands like boca I tend to use the actual dry TVP because I was able to find it online at or previously at a health food store where it was weighed and cost little due to it s lightness. |Read ⚆ The TVP Cookbook: Using the Quick-Cooking Meat Substitute ♶ The First Cookbook Ever Devoted Exclusively To Textured Vegetable Protein, The Low Fat Soyfood That Can Be Used To Replace Meat In Your Favorite Recipes TVP R Is Quick And Easy To Prepare, And Has All The Healthful Qualities Of Other Soyfoods Minus The Fat