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3 starsThis was an alright story Elain, Ain, Brody and Cail were good characters but I had a bit of trouble getting in to their story Might have been better if it was longer so there was to get pulled in by.Elain is at an event doing her reporter thing and at the same time Ain, Brody and Cail are there as well Cain and Brody happen to smell Elain and are sure she s their mate so they go searching for her Brody who decided to go looking in wolf form finds her and ends up getting taken home as a stray by Elain He s with her for a day before she finds out who Brody belongs to and takes him home Brody saw that Elain had on wedding rings but no man was in her home and nothing indicating she s even been dating someone, let alone was married to someone so he suspects she s not married When Elain takes Brody home though, Ain sees her wedding rings and promptly decides she s off limits and refuses to talk about her further This leads Brody and Cail to do some investigating on their own which reveals she s not married They they just have to convince Ain to go after her and convince her to be with them and also not tell the world about them Well, lets just say that the 4some does end up together and starting their HEA.Overall this was a nice story but I did have some trouble getting in to the story completely I liked the characters and would have liked a bit time to explore them and their connection note I listened to the audio version of this book and the narrator did an alright job but I think I would have preferred a different narrator. For the price of this book, I expected some length It seemed shorter than even a lot of the free kindle books Just tiny I hated that Elain MUST submit her will to theirs, even giving up her job etc I realize that there is a second book in this series that deals with this issue, but this book is supposed to be able to stand alone and not resolving the issue seemed like a glaring omission After reading this book, even if I m a little curious how that gets resolved, I just won t waste my money It sounds like the books should have been combined Dalton deals with the issue to a small degree by having the Prime alpha say she will be treated like a princess and usually get her way We just see no evidence of it We see evidence to the contrary For example if she doesn t want to rest after sex, she shouldn t have to rest No means no, guys, even if it is about something like actual sleep I adore strong male alpha characters, but that s just too far And why was she hurting so much after the mating anyway That part was just odd They really did something wrong.Elain, herself, fell flat I had no reason to like her The character descriptions for her mates was a involved, but all I really knew about her was that she had brown hair, TV reporter, and horny All in all, I found this book super disappointing. [Free Epub] ♻ Trouble Comes in Threes (Triple Trouble, #1) ♵ Menage Amour Menage A Quatre Paranormal Romance, F M M M Elain Pardie Worked Hard To Become A TV News Reporter When A Huge, Black Wolf Like Dog With Green Eyes Jumps Into Her News Van, Elain Has No Idea Her Life Will Drastically Change Aindreas, Brodey, And Cailean Lyall Aren T Just Triplets They Re Alpha Shape Shifters Running A Florida Cattle Ranch They Ve Never Found Their One, The Woman Destined To Be Their Mate Until The Day Of The Arcadia Highland Games, When Both Brodey And Cailean Lock Onto Her Scent Brodey Shifts And Gives Chase, Then Goes Home With Elain And Confirms She Is Their One When Prime Alpha Aindreas Mistakenly Thinks Elain S Already Taken And Refuses To Use Force To Claim And Mark Her, Brodey And Cailean Must Resort To Trickery To Learn The Truth About The Wedding Ring Elain Wears And Work To Convince Her That Triple Trouble Could Very Easily Put Her Into Seventh Heaven In Their Arms A Siren Erotic Romance Three brothers who have to find 1 loan soulmate who doesn t know she s a shifter Sounds corny, doesn t it Ms Dalton makes it interesting with her yummy alpha males who enjoy being doms With three men focusing on just one woman, it s a heady, very heady experience There is a bit of suspense and heartache Still, this is a HEA with some good heat. This wasn t a bad novella, but there were some parts that really bothered me The romance was way too fast for one I can forgive that part of the story though because of the paranormal elements The heroes are shifters and have the ability to scent their perfect mate In that regard you can ignore how quickly the romance develops and just go with it it is fiction after all What bothered me though is how controlling the men were The first night they re together Elain has to decide to spend the rest of her life with these men who are perfect strangers Add to that, they order her to quit her job or they will walk away Ain, the prime alpha, even punishes her for swearing, he wants her to speak ladylike They basically control everything she does and she must ask for permission to do anything, but then in the next breath they tell her how they re going to spoil her rotten There is even a part where Ain issues her an order and she literally loses her ability to disobey him I like my happily ever afters, but becoming someone s slave with no will of my own does not make a happily ever after, but maybe that s just me. Reread July 26 13When I originally read this series the 4th book was not out so in preparation to read books 4 and 5, I am doing a reread My thoughts are the same as they were when I originally read the book I enjoyed the story and am again looking forward to rereading book 2.Original Read Feb 12 12Triple trouble is a series of 3 books which could actually be just 1 book.the premise is that 3 alpha shifter wolves triplets look for their One , their fated mate And they find herElain their One Volume 1 is about the brothers pursuit of her and how they convince her that she is their mate.I quite enjoyed this short story Tymber Dalton always weaves a great erotic tale with hawt sex scenes The story although has been done before is kept fresh with her styling of the three brothers, which she wrote as individuals as well as a unit This is what worked for me the most So often with twins or triplets in erotica..they make the sibs too much the same These brothers have definite and different personalities If you are a fan of menage books and would like a nice tale of m m m f then I think you will find this an enjoyable book A solid 3 star rating for meand now on to read Storm Warning and see what the brothers are up to Darn that was a quick read What s there not to love about this book Beautiful heroine finds not 1or even 2, but 3 men destined to mate with her Please don t forget that they are smokin hot triplets and to hear them tell it, they were pretty much put on this earth to spoil her rotten I d say they are off to a pretty good start If you like this type of book, you might enjoy one of these groups Check us out Menage ReadersErotic EnchantsBookie Nookie s Erotic eBook Exchange Book Description Elain Pardie worked hard to become a TV news reporter When a huge, black wolf like dog with green eyes jumps into her news van, Elain has no idea her life will drastically change.Aindreas, Brodey, and Cailean Lyall aren t just triplets they re Alpha shape shifters running a Florida cattle ranch They ve never found their One, the woman destined to be their mate Until the day of the Arcadia Highland Games, when both Brodey and Cailean lock onto Her scent Brodey shifts and gives chase, then goes home with Elain and confirms she is their One.When Prime Alpha Aindreas mistakenly thinks Elain s already taken and refuses to use force to claim and mark her, Brodey and Cailean must resort to trickery to learn the truth about the wedding ring Elain wears and work to convince her that triple trouble could very easily put her into seventh heaven in their arms.My Thoughts The story and the passion was so so Brodey and Cailean were fairly likable Aindreas was a domineering brute Yes, I get itshifter mates have to submit But all the business of submit here you can t do that there specifically use explicatives and you have to quit your job grew bothersome My inner feminist was rolling her eyesoften This was a rather mundane shifter story It settles into the average class There was no climax to the story No suspense No thrill Nothing Yawn They had sex in a barn in front of dogs the end Ok, not literallythey had sex with her in a bedthen, the end It really was that basic 2.5 stars and that extra half is for the cover art and not the story.Not my cup of tea, this one. Typical paranormal erotic novella Hot chick meets hot dudes and dudes know she s destined to be their mate because she smells right Menage fun ensues and everyone magically falls in love because it s destiny, yo I m not going to read the other two books in the series, this was enough for me. I truly disliked the overdone caveman Dominant submissive style relationship between Elaine and the triplets And having most of the characters name some variation of ai was both confusing and annoying.On top of this I didn t feel a huge distinction between Cain and Brody s character.Even though Ain s character was seperate from his brothers I couldn t connect at all to him and by the end he felt like an evil overlord Overall 1 and a 1 2 stars view spoiler I hated that Ain demanded Elaine quit her job to be with the triplets Ain s character reeked of a my way or the highway mentality which made it hard to believe he really loved Elaine so deeply.Also the sex in front of a whole council of creatures was so NOT HOT and weird hide spoiler