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So weird and full of unlikeable characters and strange situations read Triangle Hisaki Matsuuraby Scott Beauchamp Dalkey Archive Press 2014 Not being able to read Japanese makes it twice as hard to review Triangle, a stark and disturbing novel by Hisaki Matsuura and translated into English by David Karashima The problem with reviewing any work of translation is that they re books twice written, and I don t have any idea of what the original Japanese text was like I take it on faith that there s a good portion of parallel meaning between the two books, but the details of the relationship are invisible to me As an example of what I m talking about, take this excerpt from TRIANGLE S shady narrator, Otsuki Wasn t that the most terrifying thing that could happen to this world Since my morning glories were ripped from their vines, that fear the stifling fear that had plagued my junk withdrawal had come back to stay twenty four hours a day It was a constant reminder that something that was not me could invade my body anytime anywhere Suddenly, the wall I d built between myself and the world was punctured with holes, battered so thin, until it no longer served any real purpose, allowing evil spirits to come and go as they please, eating away at my insides.It s a wonderful passage The words tiptoe around some surreal vortex of self loathing, flirting with annihilation It s interesting writing even out of context But like Jonathan Blitzer wrote recently in Words Without Borders, There is a certain paradox to reviewing the work in translation The translation is both utterly immediate its effects totalizing and at the same time impossibly elusive That powerful ambiguity makes translating as difficult as it is necessary The hidden relationship between writer and translator charge the best translated works with a strange energy, the origins of which should remain a little occult if done well In fact, the better the translation, theparanoid it should make the reader how much of the original author am I actually reading in any given passage Who is in charge here The best translations are a perfect conspiracy.Read the rest here A very strange and disturbing book like a noir version of a heroin trip. Japanese books often seem very bizarre, and this one is no exception On the surface it s a crime novel, a thriller of sorts, in which all sorts of nasty things happen to all sorts of nasty people But underlying it all there s a metaphysical element, which makes much of the word tomoe which is not only the name of the main female protagonist but also means a triangle And there s a lot of talk about now and how there can bethan one now That all passed me by, I must admit Unfortunately so did much of the plot, which gets increasingly convoluted, and as none of the characters are likeable or indeed even interesting, I remained reading out of sense of curiosity rather than from any real reading pleasure.The hero is Otsuki, a dropout form Tokyo University and an ex drug addict, now leading a feckless sort of life doing not much One evening he meets an ex colleague called Sugimoto who persuades him to go to the house of a calligrapher who insists on showing Otsuki a truly unpleasant pornographic film, and then introduces him to the star of the film, his granddaughter Tomoe Inevitably Otsuki becomes obsessed with Tomoe who is perhaps not all she seems Somehow Otsuki finds himself from then on caught up a surreal series of adventures where everyone seems to be connected with everyone else and it all gets very nasty and dangerous and nightmarish.Although I have a special interest in Japan and love to discover contemporary Japanese authors, this book left me cold The plot was too convoluted, the characters unsympathetic and the metaphysical aspects too obscure For those with a penchant for noir crime, though, this might appeal. The savagery, the degradation, the malaise, the amorality, the brutality, the loss of one s way.Welcome to the world of the outsider Otsuki, our narrator, who we learn in the first two pages of this novel is sleeping with a married woman, Hiroko, is unemployed and broke Not job, no money, and only the weakest grasp of another man s woman This was a life built by picking up the pieces of one that had crumbled Darkness was the only thing on my horizon, and I knew no way to come back out into the light.Otsuki is talked into visiting an ex co worker s current sensei, Koyama, where he is offered employment as he had conned people into believing he spoke French , is given a theory on the concept of time, whereby it is not a loop, not linear but a case of multiple nows each within the present now and is then shown a film The structure of the film was simple scenes showing the habits of various insects inter spliced with scenes of explicit pornography For my full review go to Something tells me I am not missing any sort of deeper, cultural meaning to this book I admit fully that I could be wrong Hoping for something a little literary fictiony, I have stumbled into a Japanese pseudo Lynchian nightmarescape that seems to beabout creating images instead of commenting on anything Sure, it touches on time and a little on desire, but by and large these are shallow and unfulfilled The plot meanders, much like our main character Characters float in and out but serve no greater purpose than moving the plot forward it seems Things all of a sudden come to light that seem only to serve a specific chapter or two No one is likeable, though no one is asking to be I am curious about to know how this novel was received in Japan, how it has been viewed as an entry into their literary landscape, and where it fits on the greater shelf of Japanese literature I am curious if there is a commentary that gets lost either in translation or upon my dumbish American brain These are possibilities when dealing with foreign literature Of course, I am always willing to argue with myself and say that it never was meant to make sense in any sort of traditional manner It is a novel written by a poet and very well may be an antinovel, vignettes tied together by one character and interwoven with others for the sake of looking and feeling like a novel Maybe the point is to bore and peeve the reader with its meandering and nonresolving ending A piece written to confront readers so bluntly with their expectations of what a novel should be would be brusque and opaque It should leave a reader frustrated and lost It should not be fun And Triangle Tomoe was most definitely not fun There is that argument and one I have now convinced myself of, though that doesn t change the rating I will give it. Japan does weird like nobody else This surreal noir porno mystery is no exception Interesting read and sure to satisfy anyone looking for a bizarro tale Not a terribly satisfying story, though, since after reading the whole thing, I m not really sure what happened. Metaphysical thriller and surreal noir Sounds interesting, and that s exactly what this novel is interesting but not something I m going to go crazy about It s a rather quick and light read that manages to keep the minimum of interest even though it s slightly repetitive at times. Intriguing, dark, claustrophobic, Triangle feels a lot like a bad dream while you re reading it As the loser Otsuki stumbles his way through what may or may not be a plot designed to reel him in, his noir ish Tokyo becomesandsurrealistic None of the people involved are who they seem to be, no do any of them have his best interests in mind but then again, he doesn t really have his own best interests in mind either He s drawn in by a mysterious job offer, then is obsessed with a young girl who might not be young after all , goes back to the scene of the crime over and over even though he knows he should flee, and is finally in so deep there s no point in turning back I couldn t say this is a pleasant book, but if unpleasantness doesn t turn you off and the above sounds intriguing, this could be one for you Something like Dennis Cooper meets Ballard and Kobo Abe, perhaps It might ratethan three stars but while I was entertained by the book I felt like something was missing I might simply be that I wanted Otsuki to own his fatestrongly instead of being the passive object that he is Not sure. ^Epub ⇪ 巴 (Tomoe) ↝ A Chance Meeting Draws The Shady Otsuki To The Home Of A Master Calligrapher, Where He Is Subjected To A Bizarre Pornographic Movie In Which Shots Of A Teenage Girl Alternate With Close Ups Of Insects Otsuki Is Then Introduced To The Calligrapher S Attractive Granddaughter, The Star Of The Film, And Is Asked To Shoot The Remainder Of The Work Himself A Metaphysical Thriller, Surreal Noir, And Moral Tale Gone Wrong, Triangle Is An Unsettling Peek Into The Dark And Irrational Reality Lying Beneath A City