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Not only the winner of the Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel, but also won the Dashielll Hammett Prize for excellence in crime writing I thoroughly enjoyed the read, even though I read it last first in the series This time I felt as though I was on an extended holiday on the hindheels of reading the first two I haven t read a crime novel in quite a while, although in the past I read one after another, but it is my opinion that William Bill Deverell beats them all for sheer entertainment and good writing Can t wait for the next Arthur Beauchamp Canadian author apparently this is the first in a series of 5 maybe so far of semi retired criminal lawyer Arthur Beauchamp series In this story, he is coaxed out of an idyllic new life on an island off Vancouver to take on the case of a law professor accused of raping a student Well written William Deverell is a well known Canadian lawyer and writer he s also the creator of the popular TV show Street Legal His 1997 novel Trial of Passion is set in British Columbia It tells the story of Arthur Beauchamp, a 63 year old burnt out lawyer who s looking to leave all his emotional baggage behind and start a new life in retirement He s a likeable fellow with a troubled past Impotent and trapped in a loveless marriage, estranged from an emotionally distant daughter, Arthur fell into the pit of alcoholism He used the demands of a busy law practice as an excuse to avoid dealing with relationships For forty years, Arthur s whole identity consisted of being a lawyer He was sure of himself only in showy court performances In the early years of his career, those court performances were skilful and professional, but toward the end, he showed up in court drunk and boastful Under the layers of bravado, nothing was going right By the time the action starts, Arthur is dry and coming to grips with his failed emotional life He leaves his family and quits his law practice Arthur moves to a small island off BC s coast There, he gradually parts with the hallmarks of his former life a fancy car, expensive suits, an ample paunch He meets and comes to respect the island s eccentric residents Arthur takes up gardening and returns to his classical roots, reading and reciting poetry and Latin A down to earth widowed neighbour rekindles his romantic feelings But all does not remain tranquil A law professor is charged with raping a student and Arthur is coaxed back to Vancouver to defend him While preparing for and running the trial, Arthur has some weak moments and is in danger of backsliding into his former life However, his determination to change prevails This time, Arthur manages to maintain a balance between career and life, and he stopsconfusing the two At the end of the book, Arthur returns to the island to his new love and his new life In this novel, the law pokes its nose in only occasionally, and not very realistically The hillbilly courtroom on the island provides some funny scenes Deverell makes a few interesting comments about the admissibility of evidence during the professor s trial The trial has a dramatic but totally non legal ending when the complainant gives evidence under hypnosis You re not going to learn much about the relationship between law and life, or the workings of justice, by reading this book You will, however, be engaged by the story of one man s journey from self deception to self awareness. Other reviewers note that this book is difficult to get into I found that, too My disconnect arose from the frequent scene changes in the first half of the book, with which the author introduced the characters and the storyline I was frustrated when I had to reread the previous page multiple times because a I didn t realize that the scene had changed, b I knew that the scene had changed but didn t understand the context, or c I believe that the scene had changed to one thing but it turned out to be a completely different scene Like I said frustrated Despite this quirk, I found the author to have an engaging and flowing style within scenes.I was very ready for the story at the same time that the author was ready to settle into the same He delivered in spades I would call this book a delightful romp The courtroom climax was the most creative that I recall having read Simply wonderful. Can t believe I did not discover this author before now Couldn t put it down. Former Vancouver lawyer and reformed alcoholic Arthur Beauchamp is happy to leave his turbulent marriage for the bucolic delights of his new farm on Garibaldi Island But when a popular university writing professor is charged with sexual assault Arthur can t resist the lure of onetrial The details of the case are disturbing and Arthur isn t sure he s up to the task, especially given his increasingly attraction to his new life among the eccentric citizens of Garibaldi including the neighbouring widow farmer Will Arthur prevail Will he win over the widow Margaret Will his vegetables place well in the Garibaldi fall fair Deverell s customary insight to the personalities and protocols of law as well as quirky life on a Gulf Island make this novel a great introduction to his Beauchamp series. This is the first Arthur Beauchamp mystery It won the Hammett Prize for a work of literary excellence in the crime writing field in North America and the Arthur Ellis Award for excellence in Canadian crime writing Arthur is an ex alcoholic and a discarded husband At 63 he retires from a very successful law practice and moves to Garibaldi Island to become a gentleman farmer He is however reluctantly persuaded to return to Vancouver to defend a professor charged with raping a student The trial is the focus of only half the book the other half is devoted to developing Arthur s character and describing some of his eccentric neighbours The book is definitely an enjoyable read It is intelligent, witty, and literate as is the protagonist There is sufficient suspense how will Arthur get a favourable verdict for his client , but there is humour as well, especially in the portrayals of the islanders Even romance makes an appearance, albeit rife with worries for Arthur who has been impotent Deverell is an author and Beauchamp a character to whom I will return.Please check out my blog and follow me on Twitter DCYakabuski. *Free E-pub ↷ Trial of Passion ☜ Arthur Beauchamp, A Heralded Criminal Lawyer, Has Moved To A Quiet Island Off The British Columbia Coast While Trying To Recover From A Marriage Gone Sour, His Retirement Is Interrupted By His Former Law Partners They Want Arthur To Take Charge Of The Defense Trial Of Jonathan O Donnell, The Acting Dean Of A Law School O Donnell Has Been Accused Of Rape By One Of The Students, Kimberley Martin, A Smart But Arrogant Woman Who Is Engaged To A Rich Businessman After Much Pleading, Beauchamp Agrees To Handle The Case He Is Drawn Into Complex Legal Situations Dealing With Gender And Sex, While His Personal Life Takes A Provocative Turn As Well A Courtroom Drama Ensues, With Unpredictable Twists And Bizarre Events Deverell, William Trail of Passion OkayArthur Beauchamp, a heralded criminal lawyer, has moved to a quiet island off the British Columbia coast While trying to recover from a marriage gone sour, his retirement is interrupted by his former law partners they want Arthur to take charge of the defense trial of Jonathan O Donnell, the acting dean of a law school O Donnell has been accused of rape by one of the students, Kimberley Martin, a smart but arrogant woman who is engaged to a rich businessman After much pleading, Beauchamp agrees to handle the case He is drawn into complex legal situations dealing with gender and sex, while his personal life takes a provocative turn as well.Not a murder but a legal mystery of a Canadian barrister brought back from recent retirement to defend a university professor against a charge of raping one of his students Certainly the protagionist was the most interesting part of the story. At the end of a very successful law career, Arthur Beauchamp has finally accepted his unsuccessful marriage and has retired to one of the gulf islands in the Georgia Strait, a colony of aging and younger hippies, back to the landers, and a weird mix of local land developers, and mini politicians As he learns to garden, approach and avoid his neighbors, and revisit his literary past he is enticed into taking one last case in Vancouver, defending a young acting dean of law who has been accused of raping one of his students As Arthur, in a somewhat new persona, investigates the case he finds himself discovering a new man in himself and a new life.