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READ KINDLE × The Plot Against Pepys à , England Fear Of Conspiracy And Religious Terrorism Have Provoked Panic In Politicians And A Zealous Reaction From The Legal System Everywhere Or So It Is Feared Catholic Agents Are Plotting To Overthrow The King Samuel Pepys, Secretary Of The Admiralty, Finds Himself Charged With Treason And Facing A Show Trial And Execution Imprisoned In The Tower Of London, Pepys Sets To Work Investigating His Mysterious Accuser, Colonel John Scott, And Uncovers A Life Riddled With Ambition, Forgery, Treason And Ultimately Murder Using Rare Access To Pepys Account Of The Affair, James Long And Ben Long Brilliantly Evoke A Turbulent Period In England S History And Tell The Forgotten Story Of The Two Most Dangerous Years In The Life Of The Legendary Diarist I registered a book at Sold as a spy story, buta political intrigue and crime story Occurs later in Pepys life from his famous diaries really gets under the skin of the genuine Catholic vs Protestant fear of that time.Really well written, excellent research I read it not long after a book on The Great Fire of a decade previous to this story and it s interesting to see how heroes can become villains and vice versa. Long, tortuous tale of Pepys being caught up in the hysteria of the Popish plot and spending time in the tower of London His nemesis was Colonel John Scott, liar and con man The twists and turns in this man s life are dealt with in much detail Could have been a hundred pages shorter. Very good biography about a very interesting time in English history Learned a lot.