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This series had moments of clarity and interest for me, but over all, it did not work for me My favorite parts were the beginning and end of book 1, the end of book 2, and the end of book 3 I ll see this for her, she can write a ending However nothing else really stuck with me or made me care.Book 3 was pretty disappointing, with Tomoe Gozen being even further from the reader than ever before, and we don t get to learn much about her or experience any growth There was no travel like there has been in the previous installments, which belies the title.I am still interested in reading other work by this author, and I will continue to seek her out. The only complaint that I have for this excellent female, samurai, supernatural, fantasy adventure story is that it is the third and final book of the series I wish there were severalnovels and a book or two of short stories In this final book of the trilogy, the story finally makes full use of the fantasy theme with the protagonist finally facing the full power of a sorcerer priest that has ensorcelled the entire region Interwoven with this is the continuing repercussions from the protagonist s involvement in the failed rebellion and her fame as a female warrior Probably the best of the trilogy but the author has not managed to convey convincingly the samurai ethos the choices the characters are not shown to be in line with the samurai code or no explanation is forthcoming for why the code was not followed The finale in the epilogue would have benefited greatly from some explanation of why it ended the way it did. See Tomoe Gozen. Of the three books in the saga, this one was not my favorite, but it wasn t bad either It had some good action but the plot sort of got bogged down here and there I really liked the saga as a whole and would highly recommend it to anyone Even though I only gave this one 3 stars it is still worth a read if you are going to read the while series. I read the Tomoe Gozen saga years ago, and didn t think highly of the first two books, but the third book was something else It easily outstripped the first two in quality. Amazing end to an amazing trilogy that is strangely forgotten among fantasy readers today. The best of the series Instead of interconnected tales, a full length novel effort.Tomoe is showing her age in this one, suffering arthritis in her hands from wielding her blade for so many years It adds a nice touch of character.The story doesn t end Tomoe s saga but ends this particular series Be interesting to see the author revisit the character. ^Read Epub ☠ Thousand Shrine Warrior ↙ In The Next Dimension There Is A World Very Much Like Ours, And On This World Is An Island Nation Much Like Our Own Japan In Naipon, However, The Myths And Dreams Of The Japanese People Are Clothed In Reality Sorcerers Make Magicks Great And Small, Creatures Out Of Legend Walk The Land From Sea To Sea In Japan, Magic Exists Now Only In Children S Tales In The Naipon, The Wonder Never DiedFor Tomoe Gozen, The Legendary Thousand Shrine Warrior, Honor Is Life Itself, And It Is For Honor That She Will Unsheath Her Splendid Blade, The Golden Naginata, And Defend A Weak And Wretched Village From The Powerful And Evil Shadow Of Her Destined Adversary The Priest From Hell, Kura The Darkness