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Great book on subject of death We don t think about it much and that s why death is nearly always so sudden. [Read Epub] ♳ The Ultimate Journey: Consciousness and the Mystery of Death ♡ Beyond Personal History And Archetypal Themes, A Comprehensive Psychology Must Also Address The Fundamental Significance Of Birth And Death Stanislav Grof, MD Renowned For His Pioneering Contributions Regarding The Psychological And Spiritual Aspects Of The Birth Process, Now Adds Invaluable Insights From Than Half A Century Of Research And Personal Discovery Into The Experience Of Death And Dying Dr Grof Distills Teachings From Ancient Wisdom And Modern Science That Suggest How To Face The Process Of Death And Dying The Ultimate Journey Challenges Us All, And How We Approach It Is Much Than Major Personal Issue Those Who Come To Terms With Death In Deep Experiential Self Exploration Tend To Develop A Sense Of Planetary Citizenship, Reverence For Life In All Its Forms, And Spirituality Of A Universal And All Encompassing Nature Such Radial Inner Transformation Might Be Humanity S Only Real Chance For Survival The Ultimate Journey Describes Ancient And Aboriginal Ritual And Spiritual Practices That Help Us Understand The Experience Of Death, Develop Effective Ways Of Making Dying Easier, And Integrate It As A Meaningful Part Of Life The Book Also Summarizes Modern Studies That Shed New Light On A Variety Of Phenomena Related To Death And Dying, Including Psycho Spiritual Death And Rebirth, Near Death Experiences, And The New Expanded Cartography Y Of The Psyche That Has Emerged From Grof S Fifty Years Of Research Of Psychedelic Therapy, Holotropic Breathwork, And Spontaneous Psychospiritual Crises I will definately have to re read this Intense A very good book for my fear of dying. This is the most challenging, and intelligent book that I may have ever laid my hands It is baffling in its comprehensiveness I feel that I shall have to read it several times to soak it all in. After reading the clear headed A Hofmann, this book was quite something different.Except for what happens in enigmatic singularities according to science, data, is never actually destroyed, and time isn t linear, that s just how we regularly experience it If no data, no information is ever truly destroyed, then that can be interpreted as the scientific version of the Akashic Records.It requires a leap of faith, but unusual experiences of being other people, plants, during psychedelic sessions and similar entranced states of consciousness could be explained as jumping from your own groove in the Akashic Records to other grooves, downloading, playing that information into your own brain So far it s some kind of spiritual science fiction but ok, it still makes sense.S Grof, however, often goes on long rants against the modern scientific world and is talking about ridiculous superstitious nonsense and myths like birthmarks being indicators of how you died in previous lives, or about how he attended some 19th century type spiritist performer asking ghosts in the room what painting they would like him to make Seriously This would be hilarious if he had a self deprecating sense of humour like T McKenna, but he doesn t Trust me you can take lots of psychedelics without turning into a gullible idiot, whom psychics like the one mentioned above would love to have as a client.It s not all bad, the psychedelic case studies, for example, are trip reports of terminal cancer patients and how it affects their mental state afterwards Without ranting on the scientific world or superstitious anecdotes.The book has other good chapters, like a summary of the books of the dead in the world according to different mythologies, but he always spoils it with his own rants and anecdotes, devoid of a sense of humour. Profound collection of related experience, overview of relevant literature and personal perspectives A useful introduction to the field Adequate preparation, support, and guidance are critical prerequisites for exploring the deep territories of the human mind.