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VERY COMPREHENSIVE AND THOROUGH.I don t have their previous editions, but from what I can gather, the authors have significantly expanded their scope in this 3rd edition It won t make you a doctor, but it will equip you with the vital medical skills needed when there is little or no chance of finding a doctor The book is written by a medical doctor and an advanced nurse practitioner It is in layman s terms all skills and procedures are explained in a simple, straightforward way Topics include Preparedness Cleanliness Triage Assessment all manner of Infections Natural Disasters Maritime Survival Biological Warfare Injuries Bites Chronic Medical Conditions such as management of Diabetes, Epilepsy, Heart Disease CPR Pregnancy Anxiety Dental Issues Medication.The only downside I can find is the size and weight of the book H229mm W153mm 39mm spine, mass 1040g Approximately H 9 W 6 1.5 spine, mass 2.29lb It s not the kind of weight you would like in your bug out bag, but all things considered, I would be comforted to know I had this resource close at hand Maybe the publishers can use finer paper next time At 671 pages including photos and diagrams , this is a valuable, yet weighty reference book Keep one on your bookshelf So glad I found this book I ve looked at a number of books in this category and was disappointed by one I got recently that was written by a survival doctor It directed me to go to the hospital just about every chapter The Altons, however, are the real deal, and write as if some major event had completely eliminated all modern medical care The book is easy to understand, and covers so many topics that it s hard to imagine what they could have missed I also like that they also include natural remedies throughout the book along with regular medical stuff If you re in the market for a real survival medicine book, this is the Gold Standard, as far as I m concerned. I would like to think that after reading this book I m definitely prepared than I was a month ago I have a neighbor who is an ex military medic He says if a SHTF scenario ever took place there will be too type of individuals that will be vital for survival Medics and ham operators The doctor and his wife did a great job, the book is very straightforward and simplistic to decipher This should be a book that every concerned well prepared individuals home. I trained medics in the Army, so I may have a broader base than most Yet, this will not only provide you with a great list of items to have on hand should SHTF, but also give you instruction for treating most of the injuries and illnesses you may encounter. .FREE BOOK ♼ The Survival Medicine Handbook: THE essential guide for when medical help is NOT on the way ⚔ If You Had To Deal With An Injury Or Illness In A Disaster, Would You Know What To Do The Survival Medicine Handbook Is A Page Detailed Guide For Those Who Want To Be Medically Prepared For Any Disaster Where Help Is NOT On The Way This Book Is Written By Joe Alton, MD And Amy Alton, ARNP The Premiere Medical Preparedness Professionals From The Top Ten Survival Website Doomandbloom The Expanded Third Edition Of The Category Bestseller Survival Skills, Disaster Relief, Safety First Aid Is Geared To Enable The Non Medical Professional To Deal With All The Likely Issues They Will Encounter In Catastrophic Short Or Long Term Scenarios The Third Edition Of The Survival Medicine Handbook Is Not Your Standard First Aid Book Unlike Other So Called Survival Medical Books, It Assumes That A Disaster, Natural Or Man Made, Has Removed All Access To Hospitals Or Doctors For The Foreseeable Future You, The Average Person, Are Now The Highest Medical Resource Left To Your Family The Survival Medicine Handbook Will Give You The Tools, In Plain English, To Competently Handle Injuries And Illness For Any Situation That Leaves You As The End Of The Line With Regards To Your Family S Medical Well Being Here Are Just Some Of The Over Topics Illustrations Covered PRINCIPLES OF MEDICAL PREPAREDNESS HISTORY OF PREPAREDNESS USING ALL THE TOOLS IN THE WOODSHED SPIRITUALITY AND SURVIVAL MODERN MEDICINE VS SURVIVAL MEDICINE THE IMPORTANCE OF COMMUNITY HOW TO BECOME AN EFFECTIVE MEDIC LIKELY MEDICAL ISSUES YOU LL FACE MEDICAL SKILLS YOU LL WANT TO LEARN MEDICAL BAGS, KITS, AND SUPPLIES HOW TO STERILIZE MEDICAL SUPPLIES NATURAL REMEDIES, LIKE OILS, TEAS, TINCTURES, AND SALVES THE MEDICAL HISTORY AND PHYSICAL EXAM THE MASS CASUALTY INCIDENT THE ACTIVE SHOOTER EVENT PATIENT TRANSPORT HYGIENE RELATED MEDICAL ISSUES LICE, TICKS, AND WORMS DENTAL ISSUES AND PROCEDURES RESPIRATORY INFECTIONS GUIDE TO PROTECTIVE MASKS FOOD AND WATER BORNE ILLNESS WATER STERILIZATION DIARRHEAL DISEASE AND DEHYDRATION DEALING WITH SEWAGE ISSUES RODENTS AS DISEASE VECTORS FOOD POISONING PATHOGENS DISEASE CAUSING ORGANISMS HOW INFECTIONS SPREAD APPENDICITIS AND OTHER ABDOMINAL INFECTIONS AND CONDITIONS HEPATITIS URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS INFECTIONS CAUSED BY YEAST CELLULITIS ABSCESSES TETANUS MOSQUITO BORNE ILLNESSES PANDEMICS THE SURVIVAL SICK ROOM HYPERTHERMIA HEAT STROKE HYPOTHERMIA FROSTBITE IMMERSION TRENCH FOOT COLD WATER SAFETY FALLING THROUGH THE ICE AVALANCHE PREPAREDNESS ALTITUDE SICKNESS WILDFIRE PREPAREDNESS SMOKE INHALATION TORNADO PREPAREDNESS HURRICANE PREPAREDNESS EARTHQUAKE PREPAREDNESS FLOOD PREPAREDNESS MARITIME SURVIVAL NEAR DROWNING VOLCANO PREPAREDNESS ALLERGIC REACTIONS ASTHMA ANAPHYLACTIC SHOCK POISON IVY, OAK, AND SUMAC RADIATION SICKNESS BIOLOGICAL WARFARE INJURIES TO SOFT TISSUES MINOR WOUNDS HEMORRHAGIC WOUNDS PHYSICAL EFFECTS OF BLOOD LOSS HEMORRHAGE CONTROL TOURNIQUETS COMMERCIAL BLOOD CLOTTING AGENTS KNIFE AND BULLET WOUNDS BODY ARMOR THE MEDIC UNDER FIRE SOFT TISSUE CHRONIC WOUND CARE HOW TO SUTURE SKIN HOW TO STAPLE SKIN LOCAL NERVE BLOCKS BLISTERS, SPLINTERS, AND FISHHOOKS NAIL BED INJURIES BURN INJURIES ANIMAL BITES SNAKE BITES INSECT BITES AND STINGS HEAD INJURIES SPRAINS AND STRAINS DISLOCATIONS FRACTURES PNEUMOTHORAX AMPUTATION THYROID DISEASE DIABETES HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE HEART DISEASE ULCER AND ACID REFLUX DISEASE SEIZURE DISORDERS JOINT DISEASE KIDNEY AND GALL BLADDER STONES SKIN RASHES VARICOSE VEINS HEMORRHOIDS AIRWAY OBSTRUCTION TRACHEOTOMY CPR IN THE UNCONSCIOUS PATIENT HEADACHE EYE TRAUMA AND INFECTIONS NASAL TRAUMA EAR INFECTIONS PREGNANCY AND DELIVERY ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION SLEEP DEPRIVATION OVER THE COUNTER DRUGS PAIN RELIEF ANTIBIOTICS EXPIRATION DATES When Medical Personnel Are Overwhelmed And Modern Technology Is Non Existent, The Survival Medicine Handbook Is THE Essential Book For Your Library