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Juan Gabriel V squez, Colombiano a viver em Barcelona desde 1999, foi considerado um dos escritores mais promissores da literatura sul americana f de futebol, de Joseph Conrad e Philip Roth.Jos Altamirano conta nos a hist ria da sua fam lia misturada com alguns dos momentos mais extraordin rios da Colombia como diz o narrador Aquela Merda de Lugar no s culo XIX e no in cio do s culo XX Os conflitos entre conservadores e liberais e a conturbada constru o do Canal do Panam , que pertencia Col mbia e se tornou independente em 1903.Altamirano conta nos tamb m a sua vida de Londres, onde tem um encontro com Joseph Conrad autor de Nostromo, romance que fala de um pa s inventado, Costaguana, inspirado na Colombia O livro interessante mas faltou lhe algo.6 198 Colombia Growing up during France s disastrous attempt to construct a canal across Panama, Jos Altamirano s young life is shaped by the business, politics, disease, and warfare associated with the project Years later, however, his life becomes a quest to reclaim the life he feels he lost after telling his story to Joseph Conrad, who incorporates Altamirano s experiences into his novel, Nostromo, set in the fictional South American country of Costaguana I disappeared from history by magic, Altamirano writes.Altamirano s first person narration is steeped in cynicism about historical truth His parents tell different stories about his conception, his mother celebrates his birthday on three different days, and his father writes propaganda about the progress of the canal In addition, Altamirano watches battling political factions in his country spin ideas and events to their version of the truth Even Joseph Conrad has spun the truth of his early years to cover up a suicide attempt and now as a writer makes a profitable profession out of lying Altamirano learns that the truth is simply what one person writes and others accept It is not magic, but the writing of an alternative version of events that has made him disappear and so The Secret History of Costaguana is Altamirano s attempt to write himself back into history This novel is an intellectual treat that asks the reader to consider the ethics of writing, civil revolution, and the building of the Panama Canal. This novel is kind of a three fer three stories wrapped around one Mostly it s a historical novel about Panama, at the time when the Isthmus was still part of the nation of Colombia The story is built around the failed attempt by the French to construct a canal in the late 1800 s, before the US engineered a coup to split Panama off from Colombia and take over the canal project Although the French effort was led by a brilliant engineer, de Lesseps, who built the Suez Canal, the project was essentially sabotaged by graft and corruption Any great event like this in those days necessarily cost thousands of lives and our main character initially becomes aware of the project while in medical school arranging for Chinese workers who died on the project to be shipped to Bogota medical schools to be used as cadavers He migrates to the Panama province to meet up with his father who turns out to be a journalist who sold out to the graft and corruption crowd The father is obsessed with the canal and he is paid to write fictitious articles about smooth progress on its construction Meanwhile our main character meets a French woman and has a daughter but experiences personal tragedy as collateral damage in the endless political wars.Which leads me to the second theme of the book the continuous, essentially institutionalized violence in Colombia that has led to continuous civils wars Many nations have had A Civil War with a tremendous death toll that reshapes their history but they move on the US and Spain come to mind But I looked up on Wiki and Colombia has had the same civil war over and over again Liberals vs Conservatives, often with a quarter million dead, with the utmost brutality and gruesome killings of women and children on each side 1839 1841 1860 1862 1876 1899 1902 the time of this novel 1948 1958 and 1946 present against the FARC guerrillas, which may or may not be coming to an end And we re not counting The War of Independence from Spain 1811 1823, two wars against Peru, and one against Ecuador in the meantimes Lastly, the novel is a kind of homage to Joseph Conrad Conrad fans will recognize in the title of the book, Costaguana great name, by the way , the fictitious Latin American country of Conrad s novel Nostromo Vasquez has written a biography of Conrad, so he knows Conrad s life inside and out So the third theme is that during his seaman days, Conrad s ships stopped in Panama several times and our fictitious main character told him his story, which Conrad then incorporated into Nostromo Vasquez structures the book to make constant references to what Conrad was doing and where he was concurrently with what our main character was doing, but really all that is peripheral to the main story of the book Other famous people who actually visited Panama at the time of the novel have walk ons, such as Sarah Bernhardt and Paul Gauguin All in all, excellent writing translated from the Spanish and a good read. Il romanzo, come esplicitamente spiegato dall autore, si svolge sui due piani paralleli della grande storia , ovvero la storia della Colombia, di Panama e del canale, e della piccola storia della vita del protagonista narratore piani paralleli ma che si intrecciano continuamente e influiscono l uno sull altro o meglio il primo sul secondo il secondo influisce sul primo pi che altro nel racconto del protagonista A fare da cornice, l ulteriore piano in cui egli narra la propria storia storia del suo paese a Joseph Conrad, il quale gliela ruba per scrivere Nostromo.Il libro scritto secondo me con maestria e umorismo, e soprattutto con grande passione Mi sembra che la fine sia un po confusa, forse gli eventi sono troppo concentrati o forse mi sono persa io in tutti i rivolgimenti delle guerre civili, dei patti e dei tradimenti ma quasi fino alla fine, e in particolare la parte che racconta i primi tentativi di costruzione del canale da parte dei francesi, il libro mi piaciuto moltissimo. ( Free Ebook ) ♁ Historia secreta de Costaguana ♗ London,Joseph Conrad Is Struggling With His New NovelI Am Placing It In South America In A Republic I Call CostaguanaProgress Is Slow And The Great Writer Needs Help From A Native Of The Caribbean Coast Of South America JosAltamirano, Colombian At Birth, Just Arrived In London Answers The Great WriterS Advertisement And Tells Him His Life Story JosHas Been Witness To The Most Horrible Things That A Person Or A Country Could Suffer, And Drags With Him Not Just A Guilty Conscience But A Story That Has Almost Destroyed Him Br Br Br Br Br But When INostromo I Is Published The Following Year JosIs Outraged By What He ReadsYouVe Eliminated Me From My Own Life You, Joseph Conrad, Have Robbed MeI Waved The IWeekly I In The Air Again, And Then Threw It Down On His DeskHere,I Whispered, My Back To The Thief,I Do Not ExistBr Br Br Br Br Br IThe Secret History Of Costaguana I, The Second Novel By Juan Gabriel VSquez To Be Published In English, Is JosAltamiranoS Riposte To Joseph Conrad It Is A Big Novel, Tragic And Despairing, Comic And Insightful By Turns, Told By A Bumptious Narrator With A Score To Settle It Is Latin AmericaS PostModern Answer To EuropeS Modernist Vision It Is A Superb, Joyful, Thoughtful And Rumbustious Novel That Will Establish Juan Gabriel VSquezS Reputation As One Of The Leading Novelists Of His Generation Excelente libro Est muy bien escrito, adem s de transmitir cada una de las ideas y sentimientos con mucha claridad Es un libro que se puede leer y disfrutar sin conocimientos previos, pero que se vuelve una verdadera joya conociendo un poco de la historia colombiana y habiendo tenido contacto con otros libros Fue un verdadero placer para m haber le do esta novela y aumenta mi admiraci n por Juan Gabriel V squez Recomendado. CAT L escriptura de Juan Gabriel V squez et transporta, embolcalla i et colpeja amb intensitat Un grand ssim autor amb veu pr pia per una magn fica obra Benvinguts a Costaguana ESP La escritura de Juan Gabriel V squez te transporta, envuelve i golpes con intensidad Un grand ssim autor con voz propia para una magn fica obra Bienvenidos a Costaguana. Interesante historia, pero me desquici su narrativa querido escritor, como lector del juzgado al que Ud me nombr , lo condeno a no escribir m s de esa manera tan burlonamente desordenada C mplase. It took me three attempts to read this book in full but I m so glad I did It s definitely very rewarding A knowledge of Joseph Conrad and of Panama Colombia history would be useful, though it was kind of fun to read this and have no idea what was true and what wasn t I definitely want to know if the anal abcess story is true Part of what made this book a bit hard for me was all the names, but at a certain point I was just like well, I m just going to keep reading and not be too fussed if I don t know who everyone is, and that really worked for me The big thing I admired about this book is the angle it took towards writing historical fiction A big theme is the story of individuals versus that of Big Historical Events, and what gets forgotten as opposed to remembered I also really loved the seemingly digressive sections, like the one that focused on a single gun and who used it All in all major respect for this book Another fine addition to the author s canon There is much food for thought in here. Una telara a de peque as an cdotas, historias, vivencias, dolores se forma alrededor de la o las historias protagonistas de este libro La manera magistral de escribir del autor me ha vuelto a hiptonizar dejando en mi mente im genes pintadas que tardar en olvidar Un dolor que se va acumulando a lo largo de su historia y la de su pa s y un juicio que el autor va desenredando o enredando a trav s de una novela diferente pero que no deja indiferente Es una lectura poco lineal, que zigzaguea en tiempo y lugar, pero que al final te explota en la cara con la verdad Supongo que de haber conocido m s la historia de Colombia y Panam mi disfrute del libro hubiera sido a n mayor.