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~FREE ♈ The Nature of Investing ☨ We Are All Investors We Invest Our Time, Our Energy, Our Money We Invest Every Single Day, As Citizens, As Consumers, As Businesspeople At Its Core, Investing Involves Connection, Exchange, And Mutual Benefit Lately, However, The Primary, Beneficial Function Of Investing Has Been Overshadowed By Ever Mechanized Iterations Of Finance We Have Created Funds Of Funds, Securitizations Of Securitizations, And Entire Firms Whose Business Is Based On Harvesting The Advantage Of Microseconds Of Trading Speed The Nature Of Investing Calls For A Transformation Of The Investment Process From The Roots Up Drawing On The Author S Twenty Plus Years Of Leadership Experience In Top Investment Firms, The Book Connects Real World Finance With The Field Of Biomimicry Citing Real Life Examples And Discussing Principles From The Natural World, The Nature Of Investing Shows How We Can Create An Investment Framework That Is Different From The Mechanized One Currently EmployedReaders Will Discover An Approach That Re Aligns Investing With The World It Was Originally Meant To Serve An Approach That Values Resiliency Over Rigidity And Elegant Simplicity Over Synthetic Complexity This Is The True Nature Of Investing One of the most influental books of there about investing Great author and great read Clear, concise descriptions about the integration of bio mimicry to the investing world Real world, applicable examples The narration was excellent I did not give this five stars because at times the author would go on about scientific details and then delve into the relationship with investing, which is good, but there was too much information regarding that and at times I lost track of where it was heading If i read this instead of listened to the audio book, i might have given it five stars Reading is just so muchdifferent than listening.