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Surprisingly like this guy lit book a lot Initially was attracted to it due to southern Wisconsin setting I like the protagonist Dog and Junior his Wisconsin farmgirl partner She became very real to me I felt like I knew her personally This book made me feel right at home in southern Wisconsin. [[ Free E-pub ]] ↵ The Nail Knot (Fly Fishing Mysteries) (Fly Fishing Mysteries) ☆ The Going Has Gotten Tough, And Ned Dog Oglivie Has Gone Fishing Fly Fishing For Trout All Across America At Least Until His Money Runs OutDriven By Tragedy To Turn His Back On Human Society, The Dog Is On A Quest To Fish Himself Into Oblivion And He S Nearly Made It Playing The Back Highways Of America In A Wounded Old RV Provisioned With A Supply Of Peanut Butter Sandwiches, Bad Cigars, And Vodka Tang Armed With A Loaded Pistol For When The Money Runs Out The Dog Is Nearly At The End Of His Tether When He Rolls Into Little Black Earth, Wisconsin, Intending To Fish The Yellow Sally Stonefly Hatch And Finds A Body InsteadWho Killed Jake Jacobs, Fellow Fly Fisher And Late Coming Agitator Who Was Trying To Save Black Earth Creek Why Was Jacobs Disfigured In Such A Peculiar Way Why Does The Dog Give A Damn Can He Rekindle His Faith And Interest In Humankind By Caring About The Death Of A Stranger, Can The Dog Recover His Own Life Can He Untie The Nail Knot I m not much for the mystery genre However, a mystery that revolves around fly fishing will get me to bite Actually, that s not quite true Colonel Baker recommended this to me when my sweet wife and I went up to Michigan to visit him a few years back I m a basser and the Colonel is a fly fisherman Surprisingly we enjoy a lot of the same books Bassers are generally knuckle draggers that don t write good, whereas fly fisherman are prissy sorts that can be very good wordsmiths sometimes Weird ain t it Anyways, this is a murder mystery Dog is out fishing when he discovers a body in the spring creek he is fishing up in Black Earth, Wisconsin Hilarity ensues I m not saying murder is funny, just that the author is very clever and humorous as he presents his unbelievable story The myriad of characters are crazy, and goofy, and loathsome, and awesome.Plenty of twists and turns The yellow sally stonefly hatch is the scene, and the nail knot is the unraveling Very clever but largely unbelievable The book was a riot that I finished in two days I guess I AM a sucker for a good murder mystery but only if it involves fishing, a crazy farm girl, and a yellow sally hatch. I picked up this book because I am doing some business with John so we read it on a road trip It was a fun mystery where everyone was a suspect I could see it being turned into a mini series because of all of the character actors it would require I especially liked Junior, the tough love interest, and the description of the rural settings here in Wisconsin. This is billed as a fly fishing mystery Don t let that put you off, though You don t have to be a fisherman to enjoy it.There is some fishing Ned Oglivie, better known as Dog to friend and foe, has left behind a failed marriage and bitter memories and seeks solace in traveling around the country in a beat up RV, fishing the famous trout streams by day and drinking himself to sleep at night.Life changes when he comes to rural Black Earth, Wisconsin, and finds the body of a local environmentalist floating in the stream Before he has a chance to realize what s happening farm girl Melvina Junior O Malley has snapped the fly from Jake Jacobs leader and cast it away and plucked something else from the dead man s mouth.Despite her odd behavior, Dog comes to like Junior who confesses she acted to protect her dementia plagued father who had threatened Jacobs The old man is only the first of many suspects and it takes some time to sort them all out and get to the real motive.The timing of an insect hatch on the creek and the particular fishing knot of the title are vital clues Quirky characters, a bit of humor and a keen insight to human nature make this a fun read. I picked this book up because it takes place in Black Earth, WI which is a small town very near where I grew up Ned Ogilvie better known as Dog is just looking to spending a few relaxing days on the local river He s a dedicated trout fisherman who has spent the last three years traveling across the country, living in his RV and fishing rivers and streams recommended in a book What he doesn t bargain for is finding the body of Jake Jacobs, a local agitator who was trying to save Black Earth Creek Not particularly popular with the locals, Dog realizes that there s a whole town full of suspects I enjoyed the interesting and humorous local characters, such as a woman farmer that everyone calls Junior maybe because she got her real name, Melvina, from her father, Melvin A very well written page turner, with a charming sense of place. I found this to be a strange little book The main character calls himself Dog and talks about himself in third person which is very unsettling It s rather bizarre and even by the end of the book, I never really got used to it The mystery itself was rather interesting and I think with another writing choice, I might have enjoyed the book.Dog is a trout bum He travels around fishing and that s it, not job, no other means of support He stops at this little stream in Wisconsin and finds a body That nets him a boatload of trouble While I liked some of the details of this mystery, the secondary characters were a little two dimensional and flat The love interest was a bit nutty, too, but then Dog is a bit strange, so maybe it s a good mix. I really enjoyed this book It s not your typical murder mystery in that you re really not sure if you are supposed to like the main character or not As you get into the story you realize he is a man who has been devastated by tragedy in his life and isn t coping very well Ned Dog Oglivie is a tout bum He wanders from river to river fly fishing He lives in an old RV, living off junk food, vodka Tang and Swisher cigars Life has just about beaten him down But when he finds himself involved in the murder of a local environmental activist, his old security instincts kick back in He can t leave it alone until he figures it out This is a great story with fully developed characters, an unusual plot line and twists you don t see coming Check it out you won t be sorry. Ned Dog Oglivie has given up on society Three years ago, he packed up his RV and posted a gone fishing sign literally His travels are interrupted in Black Earth, Wisconsin, when he discovers fellow fly fisherman and activist Jake Jacobs dead Jake s efforts to preserve Black Earth Creek have earned him some enemies Dog wants nothing so much as to escape He doesn t want to deal with death But Farmer Jane , aka Junior, aka Melvina O Malley, asks for his help Her dad publicly threatened to murder Jake, but she knows he didn t do it She just needs Dog s help to prove who did do it. I really enjoyed this book The main character, Ned Oglivie a k a Dog, is a fly fisherman making his way across the country for the past 3 years in a camper, fishing the best streams in the USA He finds himself in Black Earth, Wisconsin where he finds a dead body There are so many interesting and engaging characters and good humor A real pleasure to read I m looking forward to the others in the series.