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Why This is a rewrite of a Friends episode when Monica s identity gets stolen I found myself annoyed that she didn t just turn Ella in versus obsessing over how much exciting her imagined life wasridiculous I find it very hard to believe than anyone who had their identity stolen to this degree would just be so forgiving. The Liberation of Alice Love is the story of a woman named Alice of course who is leading a very ordinary, reliable life Until she realizes that someone has stolen her identity, her life savings, and has run up thousands of dollars worth of bills And then Alice s life becomes anything besides ordinary as she begins to hunt for the person behind all of this And along the way she starts to realize that maybe life can be extraordinary as well.So the premise of this book is a good one in my opinion Alice is in a rut with her life when the story begins, so when she discovers that her identity has been stolen and misused it throws her for a loop But as she begins to hunt for the thief, she also begins to take a few chances while making some life changes as well I liked Alice s character There were times when I wanted her to stand up for herself but I liked that she was beginning to realize that there was to life than the way that she had been living And this was a fun read It was a light, easy read that would be perfect to read during the summertime especially on the beach The book kept my attention throughout and I was always curious to see what kind of trouble Alice was going to get into next while hunting for the thief My only complaint with the book was the ending Oh the ending This is a tad bit spoilery so don t say that I didn t warn you and I wouldn t blame you if you stopped reading here.the ending absolutely killed me The author left it completely open and I wasn t expecting it I guess I wanted , maybe a few strings tied up, but that wasn t what I got I literally was looking for pages at the end And while I enjoyed reading the entire book the ending left me a bit frustrated.All in all, this was a good read Not great for me but definitely good I m looking forward to reading by this author as I believe that this is her first book And it was definitely a good change of pace from some of the other books that I ve been reading. Alice Love is a stickler when it comes to keeping her life and finances in order so when her bank card is declined, she thinks it s just a simple clerical error However when Alice goes to see a mortgage advisor so she can put down a deposit on a flat of her own, Alice learns that not only was her card being declined not a mistake but that all of her bank accounts have been emptied and her debts now run to thousands of pounds After having a mini crisis, Alice enlists the help of a fraud investigator, Nathan, to help her discover just who it is that has stolen her identity and plunged her into so much despair As Alice and Nathan follow the clues to uncovering the thief, Alice finds that instead of being repulsed by such dramas and searching, she s actually enjoying being different to her usual self But as Alice s little white lies start to stack up, is she starting to lose focus on who exactly is the real Alice Love Abby McDonald, to put it simply, intrigues me She s only 25 but has already had four books published, two teen titles and two chick lit titles I haven t read any of her books but since reading about her chick lit debut The Popularity Rules I ve been interested in reading one of her books, simply because she s only 25 and I totally admire the fact that she s a published author so young So I was thrilled when I received The Liberation of Alice Love to read as it sounded like such a complex and exciting plot plus I couldn t wait to try out one of Abby s books to see if she was a writer I d be keeping my eye on for all future releases.I m pleased to report that I hugely enjoyed The Liberation of Alice Love It had a little bit of a slow start, easing us into the plot, before the blow was dealt to Alice that her entire life savings had been taken and she was now not only thousands of pounds in debt, but also had creditors and loan sharks and what not on her back, chasing their money It s not a plot I ve ever come across before and once Alice decides she s going to hunt down her thief, the book really takes off and from then on I found it near impossible to put the book down On the one hand I couldn t wait to finish it to see how it all panned out for Alice, but on the other I didn t want it to end because I enjoyed seeing Alice transform from a run of the mill kind of character to figuring out who her real self was.Alice was such an intriguing character As I said, she was a bit dull and non descript to start out with but over the course of the book she really comes into her own It was as if the Alice before the theft was just passing through life with no real purpose and wasn t being 100% herself so when she suddenly decides that she wants to confront the person who stole all of her money she comes out of her shell and we get to see the real Alice I admit, I did like the predictable Alice, despite how boring she might have been perceived But I liked the new Alice a lot , she acts in a way I m sure a lot of people wish they had the nerve to act and I loved her Alice carries the story mainly on her own but there are a lot of background characters who all add to the storyline The first person I want to mention is Flora, Alice s step sister At first, it doesn t seem as if she s going to be a central character for Alice to rely on, but as the book progresses, so does Flora and Alice s relationship Flora was probably my favourite character, bar Alice Despite her sunny exterior and seemingly never ending optimism, there was another side to her, one that asks a lot of questions as the book goes on and I was intrigued to learn what was troubling her The only male interest in the book comes in the shape of Nathan, a fraud investigator He and Alice sparked off each other really well and I quite liked him There were a further few characters Julian, Alice s friend, Cassie, another friend but the book mainly featured Alice, Flora and Nate, as well as Alice s thief, of course.A lot of the book focuses on Alice s work life, too, as a lawyer for an agency I was surprised at how much time was given to Alice s job in the book but it was important to keep that in there as it s a focal point of Alice s life The most surprising thing about the book, though, was how far Alice was willing to go to unmask her thief She tells some pretty innocent lies in her bid to track down the person who stole so much from her, but as expected, the little white lies all start adding up and I knew it only became a matter of time before it all exploded in Alice s face To see such a character have such a big turn about in a matter of 400 pages was equally unreal and totally readable I knew that I should probably have disliked Alice for what she herself was doing at some points during the book but I understood it all perfectly Abby McDonald pulled that off perfectly making Alice so sympathetic to the reader The book was incredibly well written and once it got into it s stride, I really ate up the pages I was slightly worried how you would end a book with such complex ties to finish up, but I was satisfied enough There was an interesting sub plot about Alice and her friend Julian that I don t think was tied up right, generally because I wanted to know why what happened between himself and Alice happened However the actual ending of the book was good It was ever so slightly open ended but enough was tied up for me to be satisfied with it.Overall I loved The Liberation of Alice Love It had everything needed to make a fantastic read a great unique plot, great writing and a really great lead female character who, along with her stunning red dress, adds up to a fantastic read This is an absolute must read for all chick lit fans and despite it s relatively slow start, it does come good quickly and I was soon fully engrossed Abby McDonald is certainly an author to keep an eye on and I will definitely be seeking out her debut chick lit offering The Popularity Rules as well as any further chick lit books she produces. This gets a rare one star rating from me Alice Love is eating lunch with a friend when her credit card is declined She figures it s just a mix up with the bank as she s had trouble with that card before She goes online to check her account and is stunned to find out that her account is in overdraft It turns out that her so called good friend Ella, has stolen her identity The banks tell Alice there isn t a lot they can do for her, but her brother in law Stefan who is married to her step sister Flora, has connections and hires Nathan, a cute American to help Alice track down Ella.The Liberation of Alice Love was a hard book for me to get through I just had a hard time connecting with Alice and some of her actions To find out where Ella went, and how she did what she did, Alice starts going through each receipt shown on her account and visits every step that Ella took while pretending to be her She finds out information then the banks and Nathan do When Alice discovers that her money was given to charity she feels justified in being friends with Ella because she did something good with the stolen money instead of using it for selfish reasons Alice then goes on to do everything that Ella did with her money, and while she was supposed to be discovering herself I felt like she was just doing what Ella did I love British chick lit, but just couldn t like this one The first half of this book was so boring I lost track of the number of times I almost gave up on it However, the second half becomes much likable and some action finally starts happening Alice s sister Flora, becomes much a part of the story and saves the book from only being about Alice There is one line that mentions Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice and Flora comments that Alice is a lot like Elizabeth Bennet Once I read that line, I couldn t help but re evaluate all the story to see if the characters related to the ones in P P and it made me like the book a bit. Alice Love is a lawyer at a talent agency who keeps her life in perfect order When she becomes a victim of identity theft, her life is suddenly thrown into chaos To make matters worse, the perpetrator is someone Alice had thought was a close friend Feeling betrayed and depressed, Alice is determined to hunt down the identity thief and uncover the reasons behind why she was the thief s target She has help from a charming fraud investigator along the way.I liked this book a lot It was refreshing to read a British chick lit book that had an intelligent heroine that I didn t want to strangle for most of the book unlike Shopaholic, etc As Alice goes further down the path looking for the thief and realizes what a seemingly carefree life the thief lives Alice goes through a personal journey of self discovery, reevaluating her life choices This book is fun but it also raises some interesting moral questions about truth and lies Is it okay to lie in pursuit of the truth In some cases, do the ends justify the means slight spoilers Alice Love is completely obsessive when it comes to keeping her career and life as organized as possible, so when her debit card is declined for a small amount, she is sent into a tailspin It comes to light that an old, so called, friend has stolen her identity which opens up a whole new world for Alice Alice is honest, forthright and a bit shy, so she can t even begin to imagine that anyone would take advantage of her This forces her to examine her life lived in detail and confront the thief This story is about how faced with the absurdity of fate, once can develop into a stronger and self resilient person.This story could have been ripped from the headlines since identity theft is such a common problem these days that can totally damage a person both mentally and financially Alice has been through both since she is forced to move home after her rent check bounces and she finds the theft has not only taken all of her money, but her credit as well One point that bothered me was that the bank was not very helpful in helping resolve this, but then, Alice would never have taken her obsessiveness to track down the thief.There are many plots twist, travels to exotic locations LA as Alice tries to expose the person and their reasons for ruining her life In the end, Alice discovers herself and learns than any amount of money could buy I also loved Alice s step sister Flora, that was the sunny voice of optimism and tried to help her out This could almost be classified as chick lit, but it has a lot thought than shoes in it If you enjoy Madeleine Wickham, you will love this one I received this book as no expense in exchange for my honest review. Loved it The book made me laugh, cringe, hold my breath and got my heart racing since the boo is set and written by an English author, some of the phrases were lost to me but it did not take away from the story in any way I can relate ti Alice in a few ways She has always done everything the way she is supposed to, is very responsible and try s to please everyone When she starts the let go of some of her own rules she feels powerful and love s the thrill I also liked that it had a little love story to go along.I m NOT a big romance novel kinda girl I couldn t but the book down and it kept me guessing till the end Well, the blurb on the back cover gives the illusion this book will be better than it actually is I just had so many issues with the protagonist Alice She did so many things I think most of us wouldn t do Like, maybe trace the identity thief s steps and even assume her identity Get herself arrested, among others I also disliked the ending I read the whole book for that Ok I m changing this from 2 stars to just 1 star I m getting pissed all over again. One star for idea, 0 that s zero for execution That s all I m willing to give I feel cheated by this book I devoted a lot of time to its 343 pages and didn t get anything in return It was a freebie on my Nook so what did I expect Liberation actually gets off to a good start Mousy, reliable Alice Love is a lawyer working for a talent agency She is ignored, humiliated, and taken advantage of And that s just at her job She has little private life to speak of Then Alice s identity and her life s savings are stolen by someone she would never have suspected Alice becomes obsessed with locating her friend As she traces her steps, she finds herself longing to live the extravagant life that this woman is living The Goodreads description is better than the book itself So here s the first of my many complaints There are several scenes in here that are virtually lifted right out of When Harry Met Sally, Dirty Dancing, Bridget Jones s Diary, and The Devil Wears Prada I could literally see the scenes from these movies playing in my head as I read those passages There s lots of irritating Hollywood name dropping Never mind There s always George Or Brad Or Jake Or Clive Clearly we re supposed to know who these men are And clearly this book will have a short shelf life since 20 years from now, few people will care about these actors It shouldn t be a surprise that the author is 25 years old and lives in Los Angeles Secondly, if Alice is such a smart lawyer, than why did it take her so long to catch on to her banking problems You would think that after numerous credit cards were rejected for insufficient funds, she would check her bank account But then her friend wouldn t have had time to clear out her account and there d be no story And most surprisingly of all, Alice gets and stupid as the book goes on When her bank account was emptied out, so was any common sense in her head She starts making excuses for her friend She d never steal from small businesses She carefully picked only victims she knew wouldn t be wiped out by her theft How does Alice know that I doubt someone who commits identity theft multiple times would have enough morality to think that way The book makes the leap from fairly believable to ridiculous to UTTERLY ridiculous If it had just been ridiculous from the beginning, I would have known to stop reading it By the end the book has devolved into a ludicrous mess I won t even mention the grammatical errors that got worse and worse My editorial side went into overdrive But the biggest crime McDonald commits is misrepresenting what identity theft is really like The bank refunded her savings, and Alice s credit rating was restored to its former faultless glory Quote What planet is this author living on There is no way identity theft is cleaned up that quickly I know people who ve had to deal with the fall out for years and years I can only surmise that the author did little to no research on identity theft So, in the end, everyone gets what they want and I don t believe any of it for one minute. `READ EBOOK ⇔ The Liberation of Alice Love ☞ Delicious In So Many Ways, You Ll Find This One Hard To Put Down Laura Dave, Author Of The Divorce Party And London Is The Best City In America Alice Love Keeps Her Life And Job, And Family Running In Perfect Order, So When Her Bank Card Is Declined, She Thinks It S Just A Mistake Sadly, Someone Has Emptied Her Bank Account, Spending Her Savings On Glamorous Trips, Sexy Lingerie, And A To Die For Wardrobe And Leaving Alice With Lots Of Debt As A Dashing Fraud Investigator Helps Her Unravel The Intriguing Paper Trail, Alice Discovers That The Thief Is Closer To Home Than She Ever Imagined What S , It Seems Like Her Alter Ego S Reckless, Extravagant Lifestyle Is The One Alice Should Have Been Leading All Along As The Little White Lies Begin To Stack Up, How Far Will Alice Go To Find The Truth And Whose Life, Exactly, Is She Fighting For Refreshing, Fun, And Sexya Perfect Beach Read Closer