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Yes, the law applies to ALL God s people So where does grace come in This books explains Excellent read, excellent author, excellent series. [E-pub] ♗ The Law and Grace ⚖ Probably The Most Popular Book In The Highly Acclaimed Walk In The Light Series, This Book Examines The Relevance And Application Of The Torah To All Believers Volume In The Walk In The Light Series Details The Treatment Of The Torah, Often Called The Law, By Both Judaism And Christianity It Discusses The Various Errors Perpetrated The Different Religions And Reveals The Proper Treatment And Application Of The Torah Eye opening I used to wonder, when I read If you love me, obey my commandments, which commandments did Yeshua Jesus mean And when I read commandments in the Old Testament, Christians would say yes, but God is speaking to the Jews hint there were no Christians yet, only set apart believers, both Jew and gentile.Christians would say, we are not under law but under grace So they were saying, that God His name is actually Yahweh had one set of life instructions for the Jews, and another set of instructions for the gentiles, or Christians But is that accurate Does God change Did He change His instructions for godly, righteous living If you want to find out, read any of the books by Todd Bennett in his Walk in the Light series If reading the Bible in English didn t convince you that Yahweh was speaking to ALL BELIEVERS, then I am sure Todd Bennett will convince you.You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Be careful once you know the truth, you are required to live by them Great peace have those who love your law nothing can make them stumble Psam 119 165