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I liked this better than the DaVinci Code. At the end of WWII, a group of American medical personnel uncover a chest containing some important document Sixty years later, members of that group are being killed off Enter Ben Kamal and Danielle Barena who connect the killings to a massacre of a Palestinian village The investigation is on to stop the Last Prophecy from destroying the United States. I ve seen this book many times past Not exactly this one book but other books, films, and tales with the same basic plot intrepid adventurers discover an ancient and secret writing or glyph well hidden in some exotic dangerous gruesome local Only some obscure university professor retired cryptographer computer geek can decode this mysterious writing Meantime, eeevil keep eeevil forces conduct a virulent campaign of violence and skulduggery to prevent the decoding and to keep the adventurers at bay usually a handsome fellow and comely lass who initially are at loggerheads, then sure enough they find love, etc Overcoming all hazards the pair get the text decoded and sure enough it details incantations to call Beelzebub to rise from Hades to purloin our souls, or reveals the scheme of some ancient religious order military cabal or space aliens plans to rule destroy the world Back to the book The Last Prophecy is seriously overwritten in codswallop 414 pages of small print in the paperback edition The flood of words becloud the thrust of an obscure and typically thin plot The narrative lacks coherence making it difficult to comprehend it wanders from local to local introducing different characters with agendas that seem to be disconnected We are inundated with ornamental minutiae that muddle the narrative making this tome evendifficult to follow it s just so much unnecessary word filler Another negative I have with this book is that the author suffused the narrative with screeds about how awful brutal inhuman the Israelis treat the downtrodden, deserving, and debauched Palestinians Lastly, at last, the plot is contrived to a crippling fault in several scenes as the Deus ex machina saves our daring do characters from a fate worse than death, or even worse Actually, stripped with extremely sharp editing, this book would make a straight forward, interesting adventure novella of 50K words or thereabouts. Well, I really should have liked this book International conspiracy, illuminati type bad guys, Nostradamus, Nazi sbut it was just flat The biggest problem was that these terrorists secret society folks would get so worked up that a handful of WWII vets had translated one of Nostradamus last propheciesand that it vaguely said that something bad was going to happenin that vague Nostradamus way The sun will set and the fire will reach the millionsthe sand will swirl and the final chime will sound Yeah, like that s really gonna tip everyone off to what your plans are So they proceed to traverse the globe killing these vets and anyone who has read the prophecy, and I just didn t care I had hoped once the secret prophecy was revealed things would pick upthey didn t The only thing that was revealed was how flimsy this plot was and I just couldn t stay interested So I quit about halfway through I really didn t even care how it ended I was halfway done with the book and I still had no idea what the big bad thing they were trying to stop actually was Were they trying to start a war Kill somebody important No idea I didn t even care enough to skip to the end Lame all around.This was such an awful and clunky book The story made zero sense and zipped around the world The big secret was laughable I kept reading hoping that the big reveal would make it worth itum, no The fact that some WWII vets had deciphered a Nazi code that revealed that something vague, and semi sinister would happen at some point in time was enough to worry supposed illuminati style bad guys enough to hunt them across the globe and kill them Please It was sad It was so bad that I threw it in the trash when I was three quarters through it I just couldn t make myself finish it But what happened to the I don t care I will never read another Jon Land book It was awful. Not impressed with this book It took some time for me get into it andI never really did The plot was fairly simple that was made to be exciting by adding a lot of cliffhangers and suspense, but the author fell short of his goal. I thought this book was an entertaining twist on the Nostradamus prophecies There were numerous action scenes toward the end of the story The characters were well created and believable I consider this story to be a good read. Good book Lots of action and suspense involving historical characters and events Jon Land does not disappoint me First part of the story was MUCH LESS engaging than Last half Loved the way the story was turned on it s ear the last few pages. (Download Book) Ü The Last Prophecy (Ben and Danielle) ì While Liberating A Concentration Camp, An American Medical Unit Uncovers Something Beneath A Body Laden Trench Sixty Years Later, The Survivors Of That Unit Are Systematically Murdered Because Of What They Saw The Present Enter Former Palestinian American Detective Ben Kamal And His Israeli Counterpart, Danielle Barnea Working For The United Nations, Ben And Danielle Are Forced To Return To The Middle East To Investigate A Massacre In A Palestinian Village The Quickly Learn That The Roots Of That Massacre Lie Elsewhere, In Another Era, On Another Continent While Ben Follows The Trail Of The Shadowy Force Responsible, Danielle Finds Herself Swept Into A Maelstrom Where The Past And The Present Collide, Joined By An Ancient Text Of Prophecies That Predicts A Cataclysmic Event About To Strike The United States The Only Way To Change A Fate Foretold Long Before Is To Decipher A Cryptic Message Shrouded In Secrecy And Guarded By A Hidden Army As Time Ticks Down, Ben And Danielle Face Off Against A New And All Powerful Enemy With Its Own Crazed Reasons For Wanting America S Very Way Of Life Destroyed Their Only Hope To Use The Last Prophecy A good book a little unbelievable though.