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!DOWNLOAD E-PUB ⚖ The Impostor ♶ When Adam Moves Into The Abandoned House On The Dusty Edge Of Town, He Is Hoping To Recover From The Loss Of His Job And His Home In The City But When He Meets Canning A Shadowy Figure From His Childhood And Canning S Enigmatic And Beautiful Wife, A Sinister New Chapter In His Life Begins At the moment i m nearly ready with Philip Roth s The Human Stain there should be a review up by Sunday but I thought i d take a tiny break and read The Imposter and I finished it in two hours flat.My first experience of Galgut was through The Good Doctor, which I felt was quite sinister but a wholly satisfying read The good news is that The Impostor is even better, it s Galgut at his peak.Adam Napier is unemployed and homeless so he escapes from Johannesburg and visits his brother, Gavin in the hope that he ll help him Gavin offers Adam an old abandoned house in the middle of nowhere Adam is pleased and thinks that he will start a new stress free life This soon comes to an end through two people who step in Adam s path.The first one is his eerie neighbour Blom who has a dark past and secondly his old school friend Kenenth Caning, who thrusts Adam into a mess of corruption and bribes The rest of the novel details Adam s plight and his attempts to escape out of this new life.Really this is a book about post Apartheid South Africa Like Coetzee, Galgut maintains that it is a place of corruption and bribery and a land full of wanton destruction, going under the name of progress All the characters are product of this new South Africa and Galgut indirectly hints that the country is going down the drain.The Impostor is a page turner and Galgut has not only mastered his talent for making something creepy and full of suspense, but he has perfected it I m also pleased that this book tallies with Heart of Redness and also states that South Africa and the Xhosa tribe are in danger due to lack of sustainable development. I don t know if I can convey how much I was looking forward to this novel I came across Galgut last summer for the first time I read Quarry first, and then The Good Doctor Both are excellent Quarry is a prose poem of a novel, a stark and haunting one The Good Doctor isfleshed out but still conveys a harsh and beautiful changing landscape with questions of morality, authenticity, at its center I would call both of these novels unconventional, innovative in their structure and style So, read between the lines I fell in love with Galgut He even toppled Coetzee from his eternal position as my top favorite So African novelist, to become one of my top favorite contemporary novelists, period The Impostor reads like a mainstream novel, a watered down version of Galgut s concerns The prose seemspedestrian than inspired and the structure of the novel offers nothing new But it s perhaps the characters which are most problematic at its center is Adam, solipsistic, passive, trying to be a poeta very boring unsympathetic person Hard to have such a bland person at the center of your novel.The introduction of the characters of Canning and Baby help a great deal, being charismatic,complex in their layers of personality, past lives, their actions versus their intentions They are attractive and repellent both.But Adam never ceases to be tiresome and somewhat predictable in his bumbling ways, so the novels doesn t intensify in the way that the other work of Galgut does Instead it reads like watered down Galgut Is this what happens The writer writes from his core, writes out his burning self, and then can only access the surface from thereon out Depressing thought. Wheels within wheelsMelancholic at times I needed to shake Adam a bit, those weeds were calling out to me.Unfortunately free for all in this case hasthan one meaning, we can twist it around and see it as now South Africa embraces freedom for all, thank God but it also means that the sharks, the marauders come in to feed on the weaknesses as well Sharks such as Genov, Canning or even Gavin And Adam lies listlessly about.Galgut s picture of South Africa is also the picture I get from a couple of my South African friends who had to leave to make a life somewhere else because of the present atmosphere in the country. Review pending, but just wanted to say I was slightly let down by the ending It lost a star because Damon couldn t ignore the typical novelist s urge to somehow tie all the loose ends into an ending But reality carries on, especially in Africa where reality isreal than elsewhere as much one can t overlook Africa s past one can t as well impose a desired end point That s where Naipaul s Bend in the River looms tall over every other book that deals with African themes Nevertheless, Impostor is a remarkable exploration of fluid identities in post aparthied S Africa As of Damon What draws me to his writing There are no smooth flowing lyrical sentences one often and for some unknown reason, in 21st century, still associates with good writing , but it s this grand obsession to record and convey to the reader all the events as they happen, with minimal erosion it s an invitation to become the character than read about them For instance, Reality reassembles by degrees First the sensation of the outer reaches of his body, and then everything beyond the bed with its tangled sheets The woman lying beneath him The ochre floor splotched with sunlight that comes in through the shutters And something else A tiny sound, slowly encroaching He can t place it, can t work it out A faintly rushing noise, like wind or blood An angel, dragging huge wings on the ground.I swear that my journal or blog is full of such entries passive and within to without And, notice the complete irrelevance to conventional punctuation.The richness of Galgut s prose is in documenting the internal mind of the character, as if the readers eyes are turned inwards to search for the characters in the book within his own mind than just imagine them exclusive of himself I wish there was a writer of similar calibre who could explore the Asian internal mind that largely remains unwritten. Money, morality, loneliness and being true to yourself are the central themes in Damon Galgut s sixth novel, The Imposter, first published in 2008.Set in the new South Africa, after the dismantling of apartheid, it tells the tale of Adam Napier, an unmarried white man, who loses his job and his home and then reinvents himself as a struggling poet.Rejecting his younger brother s offer of a job working in his dubious property development company, he heads to a remote township in the Karoo, a semi desert region in the Western Cape He moves into a decrepit four roomed house, with an overgrown garden, which his brother bought years ago but never lived in.The house, filled with dust and a depressing mix of furniture, is a metaphor for Adam s falling apart life He is warned that the place is filled with presences from the past and he convinces himself that his own shadow is a ghost with whom he has conversations.He has one neighbour, whom he dubs the Blue Man because he s always wearing blue overalls, but the pair rarely speak it takes months before either of them is prepared to acknowledge the other s existence And even then they dance around each other, frightened of what might ensue if they develop a friendship.To read the rest of my review, please visit my blog. Damon Galgut is a writer I was introduced to last year, and had one of those how could I not have known about this guy before reactions Both In A Strange Room and Circle of Beings showed a mastery of language, the power of understatement, and an incredible insight into people s complexities.So I was thrilled to see him on the shelves in my new local library Took this home with a mountain of other books, and gave it to my mum to read as I was still in something else I said, He s a master Remarkable And didn t really ask mum her thoughts as she was reading When she finished she talkedof the challenges and complexities of South Africa than of the book But I only notice that in hindsight.So starting out with terribly high expectations, disappointment was probably inevitable What really surprised me was how over written the prose is, and that s something that is off putting in any novel, but when it s written by someone who has demonstrated such skill in giving the reader just enough it felt like a completely different writer.And that s ok I support bands taking different courses in their genre style approach, and so to authors must branch out if it s how they keep inspired.I will definitely readof Damon Galgut s work, and perhaps this experience has been good for resetting my expectations Although I m pretty sure he s going to blow me away again. It s odd how many people see this as a thriller when, although to be sure it is unputdownable and one could say it is thrilling, it is anything but a thriller For a start there is no hero, not even an anti hero Instead the main character is a weak, immoral, selfish man who plays at being poor for a while and hasn t a brave bone in his body This is not to say one is unsympathetic to him, far from it But he is never anything other than pathetic and the same goes for his next door neighbour and the Cannings For another thing, nothing happens in the story nothing that one could equate to the circumstances one expects in a thriller.Rest here The Shallow Intimacy of The ImpostorExploring the Vortex with Damon Galgut Dear Damon,When we met in Antwerp, I caught a glimpse of what my life might be like if my dream of literary fame and fortune ever came true It was not a pretty sight You had arrived in Belgium on your own, with a couple of interviews and appearances lined up Then it was off to Amsterdam for a day, to meet with your Dutch publisher, before jetting off to Canada for a book tour lasting a month, if memory serves I m sure this sounds like heaven to some, but the first thought that crossed my little, middle class mind was where would I leave the kids Closely followed by how would I gift wrap this as a pleasurable experience for my dear wife So perhaps I m projecting my own feelings on you when I say you seemed somewhat lost and lonely But that was before I read The Impostor, in which I also sensed a spirit of desolation, isolation, emptiness, desperation delete one or , as you see fit Am I correct in believing that the catalytic incident in the book the chance meeting between two old schoolmates derives from your own experiences at home and abroad I can well imagine that there are times when people treat you like a hero and as if they know you intimately, whereas you don t have the foggiest notion who they are This sense of shallow intimacy is shared by almost all the characters in your book, exacerbating each of their personal flaws and ethical shortcomings As if all relationships are merely pragmatic transactions, in which emotion is an obstacle rather than a driving force a terrifying, almost biological take on human interaction.I am sure some will see this as a drawback, but to readers like myself who expect to be challenged and provoked by what they read this sense of utter desolation and desperation, that prevails both within the characters and the world they inhabit, is testimony to the power of your writing Even now, as I reflect upon your book, I feel a black hole opening up at my core, the vortex gradually growing, leaving me ever emptier, until I turn my mind to other things. Here is an excellent portrayal of character and the complications of life in South Africa loved the descriptions of landscapes sparse language with poetic choice of words Maybe it started slowly but read it carefully as everything hangs together meeting the strange neighbour, everything I am a fan of Damon, and if you, bychance, read this Damon in your wanderings on Goodreads may I say very well done.