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PDF ë The Immortal Throne (The City, #2) õ No One Is Safe, And No One Is To Be Trusted As The Bloody War That Began In Stella Gemmell S The City ContinuesThe Dreaded Emperor Is Dead The Successor To The Throne Is His Nemesis, Archange Many Hope Her Reign Will Usher In A New Era Of Freedom And Stability Soon However, Word Arises Of A Massive Army Gathering In The Shadows Of The North They Are Eager To Lay Waste To The City And Annihilate Anyone Man, Woman, Or Child Within It Yet Just As The Swords Clang In Fields Wet With The Blood Of Warriors, Family Feuds, Ancient Rivalries, And Political Battles Rage On Within The Cold Stone Walls Of The City A Hero Must Rise Up And Restore The Peace Before Anything Left To Fight For Is Consumed By The Madness A book which I have variable opinions of there s bits that are fantastic, such as the abilities of the lords and the intricate and endless conflicts between them Then there s bits which aren t, for example the lack of any clear timeframe on ages, years, what is happening when especially at the start of the book.There s also a massive cop out in terms of the world buildings, which is explained at the end view spoiler So, Earth is dying, there s no life anywhere else, Earth sends out a series of ships full of evolved superhumans to rule the life on other worlds Hang on, there is none, you just said there was none elsewhere What hide spoiler I received a copy of The Immortal Throne from Penguin Random House New Zealand to review This is the sequel to The City which I read and reviewed last month You can read my review here.This book picks up during the events of The City, just before the rebellion This time there are new characters, some that were mentioned in the first book but now have their ownperspective, and they re on the other side of the rebellion After 175 pages the characters that were still alive at the end of the first book, and are still in the City, are back and I think it picks up a little over six months later But don t quote me on that.I had mixed feeling while I read about the other side of the rebellion I still wanted the emperor dead but I found myself backing these characters as they fought to save their home I think if I still had a copy of The City I would have compared some of the scenes but I took it back to the library a while ago.Just like the first book, The Immortal Throne had so much going on that I had to take notes to remind myself what happened for this review I don t put spoilers in any of my reviews, or I try not to, but I needed to remind myself of all the twists, betrayals, and deaths not as much death as the first book though I like the fact that Gemmell kills off a character while we re still reading in their perspective There have been a handful of characters who have been telling their stories and have been randomly killed off while doing it.I have enjoyed both books, even though they both felt like they took forever to read They didn t I couldn t put them down I did think The Immortal Throne was better than The City but that s probably because I was familiar with the world and some characters I didn t need that much of an introduction into this world like I did while I read The City.I don t know if they ll be a third book There were a few storylines left hanging which makes me think that there might be another book And the epilogue completely confused me I didn t understand that at all I m hoping there will be another book because I want to know what happened to the characters that didn t get an ending and just vanished before the book was finished. Just amazing This was great fantasy, beautifully written and what a tale it told I read like 80% in one day, I could not put it down I was immersed in it.In the last book the Emperor was killed and the aftermath left the City weak This is a messed up place and I like it for that They are fighting on many fronts and they are sending out every man and woman they can Which in turn is stupid because their numbers are dwindling It s a City on its last legs Constant warfare, a blockade at sea And Immortals fighting among themselves.My favorite POV was Rubin, a son of the 7 families, spy, loyal to Marcellus, and sent on missions that will probably get him killed.Then there was Em and Evan The orphan and the soldier She had something others wanted, and he was loyal to the bone.And yes so many others Valla who becomes a bodyguard Members of the 7 families the Immortals All playing their part in defending the city, and the city s destruction The book is really about the City and those who live there, and I also found out why they live there Why it was created and at the end, was this the end Yes, everything fell into place coughs in one way or another But the aftermath, there are still stories to tell, and I would love to read , but I am happy with the ending I got Still, I need.It was masterfully crafted And a tale I could not stop reading I recommend it, but you really should read The City first Lots happened in that one This is fantasy after all.Did I say it was great It was great. took me a damn long time, but I finally managed to make it through awesome read, thrilling conclusion, and it wasnt clear until very near the end how stuff would end up might have felt rushed to some, but it was nice I thinkwhat IMO separates this novel from a multitude of other fantasy novels is the honey smooth writing, the language, it just reads so damn nice and what I thought it excelled in was in depicting the horrors of war fighting especially scenes where soldiers died in multitudes and viscera was flying all over the place, the smell of and urine and all that smells around a battlefield filled with corpses, ditches filled with bodies and their comrades stepping on their co fighters corpses to get acrossa nice read, and here s hoping that Mrs Gemmell writes novels set in this world maybe in the past, or in the future, it sure has the potential