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Struggled between giving this book three or four stars The main character bothered me so much that three stars won out It was a decent read but left me kind of whatever I really enjoyed this book While the story was sad at the beginning, it was written with some humor The characters were relatable and the references to the music and people during the periods of this book, were wonderful. @READ DOWNLOAD Á The Ice Cream Queen of Orchard Street Free Preview (The First 3 Chapters) ë In , Little Malka Treynovsky Flees Russia With Her Family Bedazzled By Tales Of Gold And Movie Stardom, She Tricks Them Into Buying Tickets For America Yet No Sooner Do They Land On The Squalid Lower East Side Of Manhattan, Than Malka Is Crippled And Abandoned In The StreetTaken In By A Tough Loving Italian Ices Peddler, She Manages To Survive Through Cunning And Inventiveness As She Learns The Secrets Of His Trade, She Begins To Shape Her Own Destiny She Falls In Love With A Gorgeous, Illiterate Radical Named Albert, And They Set Off Across America In An Ice Cream Truck Slowly, She Transforms Herself Into Lillian Dunkle, The Ice Cream Queen Doyenne Of An Empire Of Ice Cream Franchises And A Celebrated Television Personality Lillian S Rise To Fame And Fortune Spans Seventy Years And Is Inextricably Linked To The Course Of American History Itself, From Prohibition To The Disco Days Of Studio Yet Lillian Dunkle Is Nothing Like The Whimsical Motherly Persona She Crafts For Herself In The Media Conniving, Profane, And Irreverent, She Is A Supremely Complex Woman Who Prefers A Good Stiff Drink To An Ice Cream Cone And When Her Past Begins To Catch Up With Her, Everything She Has Spent Her Life Building Is At Stake This audiobook was read by the author and she got the accents spot on, very entertaining It was a long story but provided a good history of the migrant experience in America in the early 20th century and onwards. Interesting sweep of the immigrant experience in America in the 2oth century The main character was sympathetic but not likable. Historical fiction read for my book club While she was basically a not very nice character, this led to a interesting discussion than I would have thought Driven immigrant story, lots of reminders of Carvel s on Long Island The unfortunate FamilyWould have liked to know what happened to the crippled girl did her family take her back home could a mother abandon her child even though she s crippled. Heartbreaking and funnyI found this book to be an easy, relaxing story I love the characters and felt I was there on Mulberry Street 1900 s. I loved this book What a great story I love when writers weave real life events into fiction This one includes the struggles of immigrants in New York at the turn of the centure, McCarthy ism, and WWII to name a few. Maybe a 3.75 I would give it a higher rating, except that the main character was such an unlikeable person Malka was a Jewish immigrant abandoned by her family as a young child, following an accident that left her permanently crippled She was a adopted by an Italian American family and renamed Lillian and eventually confirmed as a Catholic She later took on the trade that she learned with her second family making ice cream She was very good at it and a shrewd businesswoman However, she was not kind, or grateful, but petty and mean spirited She had the good fortune to marry a man who was exceptionally handsome and who was a gifted mechanic He was very important in the development of her huge, successful business On the positive side, I learned a lot about the ice cream business, early 20th century New York.