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This book is simply beautiful Amazing pictures Great for floral artists looking for inspiration. EBOOK ♊ The Flower Book: Let the Beauty of Each Bloom Speak for Itself ⚈ Explore Flowers, Bloom By Bloom, In Stunning Portraiture With Lush Macrophotography That Showcases The Details Of Each Flower, And Learn How To Arrange Flowers With Different Styles, Tips, And TechniquesIntimate Portraits Of Each Flower Include Quick Reference Profiles With Tips For Choosing The Best Blooms, Care For Cut Stems, Arranging Recommendations, Colors, Shapes, And Even Growing Tips To Transform The Home, From Yard To Tabletop Study A Multitude Of Blooms, From The Amaryllis In Spring, Snapdragon In Summer, And Dahlia In Fall To Tropical Wonders Such As Orchids And African Lilies The Flower Book Spotlights Sample Floral Arrangements That Show How To Design And Build Custom Floral Arrangements Using Featured Blooms Plus, A Step By Step Techniques Section Walks Beginners Through The Basics Of Foliage And Fillers, Bouquets, And Arrangements To Make This Book As Practical As It Is BeautifulA Perfect Gift For Anyone Who Loves Flowers, The Flower Book Celebrates All The Wonderful Qualities Of Flowerstheir Sheer Beauty, Infinite Variety, And Power To Evoke Admirationbloom By Exquisite Bloom This book has gorgeous pictures big and you learn the flowers there they way it is written easily This book is beautiful love the way its written Absolutely beautiful photography of flowers. Love this book It has giant photographs that make even ordinary flowers look gorgeous You can see right down the throat of some if the flowers, like the anemone The author provides some historical background on each flower, and some instructions for preparing an arrangement I have two complaints One is that the photos needlessly transverse the book s gutter, sometimes by only an inch or two, thereby ruining the overall effect of the photo Second, the photos are mostly back to back, as is the prose, so if you wanted to use the photos in something else, only half the book is useable Overall, this is a gorgeous book. Great reference book for painting flowers