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[[ Download Kindle ]] Å The Executioner í Alex Reid Lives A Charmed Life He Has A Job He Loves, A Wife Who Adores Him, And A Home Which Has Been Featured In Magazines As A Detective In The Serious And Violent Crimes Unit In Cape Town, South Africa, Alex Is Fortunate To Live In A Country Where Serial Killers Are Few And Far Between But In A Whirlwind Turn Of Events, Alex Finds Himself Locked In A Life And Death Struggle With A Malevolent Serial Killer Who Has Chosen Alex As His Arch Nemesis As The Body Count Rises, Alex Must Try To Overcome His Own Personal Tragedy And Loss, And Go Head To Head With The Man The Media Have Dubbed The Executioner Will Alex Stop Him Before He Extracts His Final Revenge This is a debut thriller by a self published author featuring Detective Alex Reid of the Serious and Violent Crimes Unit in Cape Town, South Africa.Reid and his partner, Fadi, are called to investigate the murder of a young woman She has been horrifically tortured, skinned and scalped Who on earth wanted this well liked woman dead There are bodies to come and the killer has targeted Reid and his wife Is there a personal connection between the two of them The media has named the killer The Executioner for the monstrous way he kills his victims.This is a well written crime fiction with stand out characters Reid is a lawman that really cares about the victims and their loved ones His partner, Fadi, is of a different race and religion, yet they get along famously maybe because Fadi is very skillful and diligent Together they make an unbeatable team that must face off on the worst serial killer known to mankind.Many thanks to the author Books n All Book Promotions for the digital copy of this psychological thriller Opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own. Gripping right to the endThis book took my breathe away,reading page after page Detective Alex Reid the main character, he specializes in serious and violence crimes I loved this thriller once I started I couldn t wait to pick it up again and continue the story It s a book that keeps you guessing all the way through Read it and see for yourself like I did and praise goes to the author who is very clever with all her details Nothing else I can add its a must read Wow this is heartstoppingly brilliantThis is a debut thriller by Heather Opperman so I was unsure what to expect but we all love to discover new talent so I eagerly began reading.Detective Alex Reid is the main character After a difficult and lonely childhood he is living happily with his wife Jaeme with Lizzie occupying the guest cottage life is good then a body is discoveredWomen are being abducted but apparently they are going willingly They are tortured and killed The victims are all different ages and the methods of their murder are also different but there is a clue that links them so the team are definitely hunting a serial killer.The characters are unique individuals and build in complexity over the course of the story into well rounded, realistic people We learn about their background and personality as the investigation proceeds and there is a smattering of personality clashes that makes for a very realistic read.The setting is South Africa, a country I know little about, and I really enjoyed reading about the area and people.It is a fast paced read that had me turning page after page A lot of victims and numerous twists and turns kept the adrenaline pumping all the way through This is a psychological thriller in every sense of the word and ticked every single box of my criteria for a great thriller Awesome read and I am looking forward to book 2.5 stars from me.