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I am perhaps too lenient on this book, else this review will serve as a confession that I am too stupid to grok the Dosadi mindset But I think that the weakness of characterization that is a standard scifi caveat hinders this novel, one of Herbert s most ambitious I say skiffy instead of scifi usually, cause I don t give a fuck Yeah that s right As in Dune, Herbert attempts a merciless dissection of society Dune, rightly regarded as a classic, began as an exploration of the effect of trade on the balance of power This set an appropriately macro scale for the Byzantine plotting that followed, and suited the skill set of a science fiction author, a breed used to painting in broad strokes Here Herbert attempts to paint in subtler strokes, and he doesn t succeed The system of Gowachin law is fascinating, but the plot hinges too much on this unfamiliar system for all its logic, we never feel the visceral twists and turns of the courtroom drama, mostly because each virtuoso legal manuever must be painstakingly explained to us as it happens Similarly, it was rare for the calculating motives of the Dosadi characters to stand out with real clarity. This had the makings of a second Dune , twelve years after publication of that ground breaking book And all the elements are here a richly imagined world Dosadi, a strong emotional focus an enslaved population, a back story that goes back generations, and sinister forces to ramp up the suspense And, also in prime form, Herbert s dramatic, impactful prose.And Herbert kept the suspense at a peak for much of the book The story could have taken a turn for something entirely different at virtually every point But the author had a specific conclusion in mind, and he tied every development of his narrative to that end I thought this was the strongest part of Frank Herbert s books, the sense that he has a fully conceptualized story and each chapter is an integral building block Not much meandering.As with Dune, The Dosadi Experiment comes with a heavy dose of pseudo mystical and religious undertones that have adherents wondering about their truths this far removed from first publication As an example, the Dosadi city of Chu being likened to the Gaza strip I was looking for a resurrection of Sha i Hulud.Overall, I still enjoyed the book on this re read i.e., it still packs a punch Still worth 5 stars and another re read in maybe 10 years Where I was not focused was in the front and end portions where Herbert tries to wordsmith through a simulated legal proceeding In this regard, TV s Suits does much better. #DOWNLOAD º The Dosadi Experiment Ø Popular Book, The Dosadi Experiment By Frank Herbert This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Dosadi Experiment, Essay By Frank Herbert Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You My opinion that The Dosadi Experiment is Herbert s best non Dune book has remained unchanged It is a novel that summarizes many of the themes that can be found in his works but also highlights some of the problems with his writing The lack of character development, the constantly changing viewpoints and the cognitive leaps that characterize the novel keep it from being a great work Herbert s grasp of the ideas he wants to discuss is unrivaled in science fiction but the way he translates them to the plot is less so Personally, I can live with Herbert s shortcomings as a writer though I wouldn t recommend anybody new to Herbert to start here, but if you like his style this is certainly a novel you ll not want to miss.Full Random Comments review The Dosadi Experiment i s basic problem is that the reader can t really partake in its supposedly deeply intellectual plays An important part of this book is courtroom drama the main character, Jorj X McKie, is not only a top notch secret agent, coincidentally he is also the only guy in the universe who was accepted at the bar of the Gowachin court the Gowachin being frog like aliens who have a legal system with intricate, changing rules and high stakes, the courtroom being an arena.Herbert tries to convey all this by passages like this They provide legal ways to kill any participants judges, Legums, clients But it must be done with exquisite legal finesse, with its justifications apparent to all observers, and with the most delicate timing.Yet, the pocket is only 300 pages long, and these 300 pages simply aren t sufficient to make the reader a Gowachian legal scholar too, so we can t really appreciate or judge the exquisite legal finesse displayed by the characters It s like watching a game of cricket without knowing the rules Or to use a review trope Herbert tells a lot about finesse, but doesn t show any On a thematic level, Herbert tries to tackle quite a lot of themes familiar to those who ve read Dune religious engineering, breeding systems that enhance the offspring, power, violence, mind melting But those of you thinking you might learn something about politics or power systems, look elsewhere It s all pretty standard fare and poorly worked out at that too For example, the people set on Dosadi evolve to be both extremely perceptive and quick thinkers, as their violent living conditions are ruthless to the meek and the slow Similarly, the Gowachin are focused on individual excellence, and are outright elitists The philosophical foundation of this novel boils down to simple social Darwinism It might have still been interesting in the late 70ies, but in 2017 it just gets a meh from me Moreover, it s unclear what Herbert s own position on the matter is in this book Read the full review on Weighing A Pig Herbert has created a fascinating universe with the ConSentiency, a diverse alliance of an eclectic group of aliens, of which humans are just a small part This is a very good story, essentially a conspiracy within this alliance that threatens it from the inside However, it gets weighed down in what feels like never ending levels of political machinations, legal maneuvering, psychoanalysis and internal dialogue In the end, it was a bit too introspective to keep me fully engaged. Herbert is the master of what I call whafuck in genre fiction With masterly aplomb, he crafts devious and often hilarious worlds with nary an explanation and then forces it down your throat with nary a warning.It s obvious that if you haven t read the first book Whipping Star you will be largely lost reading Dosadi But that doesn t mean that you didn t leave Whipping Star without a whafuck in your frontbrain, because I bet you did, and that s why Herbert is so fun to read Dosadi carries on the story of the Bureau of Sabotage s ugly duckling ninja saboteur McKie who gets wrangled, through an infinitely fascinating and barely explained legal conundrum into investigating a planet some conspiracy between aliens set up to do some sinister shenanigans Since BuSab s job is to keep the chaos roiling, McKie is sent in to investigate Turns out there are shenanigans within shenanigans involving body swapping, ego sex limbos, and cruel love Don t worry if you don t understand it, because you likely won t and it is a testament to Herbert s genius that he makes you not mind so much that as you re squawking whafuck at the utter weirdness, the alienness of his words and worlds, others are lining up to see the latest Star Wars dumbness C mon, people I draw the line at Star Wars stickers on the goddamn bananas at the supermarket could we be made to care any for something any less 20th book for 2019.Spoilers ahead.For Herbert s future universe imagine something like the Star Trek Federation, but one where things are kept in check by the Bureau of Sabotage, which basically goes around screwing any social structures that come into being to avoid power accumulating too much basically a supra governmental CIA FBI group of James Bond like anarchists One of the alien species in this federation is a frog like race, who have the charming habit of eating their young tadpoles in a sort of Darwin fitness test, where only the very fastest survive their parents feeding frenzy These frog aliens decided it would be a cool to do a totally not review board approved experiment where they get lots of frog aliens and humans millions and stuff them into a city Dosadi in the middle of an unknown totally deadly planet and then see what happens Oh and to make things interesting it turns out stars are actually the outward manifestations of some interdimensional alien species, one of which is hired to act as god and prison warder for the inhabitants of this city Of course, the experiment hundreds of years later has gone too well, and the frog people hare scared of their hard assed and very pissed off subjects are going to come out into the world Also as a side note the experimenters, who seem to be part of the corrupt 1% have somehow been using the star aliens to harvest bodies from the experimental subjects to achieve a sort of immortality One of James Bond anarchists, how is also a lawyer for the frog people, has like 72 hours to infiltrate and save all the experimental subjects before the experiment is terminated with deadly intent and everyone burnt to a crisp There is also a love story with the James Bond guy, which includes body swapping, but I won t go into that now So 007 basically manages to save everyone, but then there is this huge courtroom scene, where he now has defend the experimenters, while still exposing everything The frogs have their own sense of justice though The innocent are always guilty, because like everyone is guilty, but the innocent are so so guilty, so when 007 shows his client is innocent he is torn apart by the spectators in approved and time honored fashion Also he spears a judge to death at a critical moment much to the audience s approval In the end he sets himself up for a long hunt after the puppet masters behind the experimenters, with the help of his dead girlfriend who is now sharing his body, after her s was blown up by the 1% while she she was chilling on Tahiti world.Too bad the book wasn t longer or that there wasn t a sequel Too bad I wasn t higher when reading it.3 stars. 4.0 to 4.5 stars This is best non Dune book by Frank Herbert that I have read It is a sequel of sorts to Whipping Star a book I did not really like and is set in the universe of the ConSentiency The basic plot involves a secret experiment in which a group of humans and aliens are kidnapped and placed on a planet with a brutal environment in order to produce no spoilers.In tone, this story reminded me a lot of the later Dune books in so far as its focus on the psychological motivations of the characters and its significant exposition on the basis of the main characters mind set I liked that but I can see that some would have found the lack of true action to be slow If, like me, your favorite book in the Dune series was God Emperor of Dune, then I think this book may be for you If, on the other had, you thought God Emperor of Dune had way too much psychological babble about the Golden Path then this book might frustrate you For me, I really liked it, and will probably re read at some point because there is a lot to take in and digest on a single reading Recommended I wanted to give this book a low rating because the first 70 pages are painfully boring and unintelligible on the first read and the ending is kind of blah Nevertheless, it has some unbelievably redeeming qualities if you re a Dune fanatic and I even suspect that these 70 pages might yield whole new insights upon the second reading I d even go so far as to say that this is a must read for any serious Dune afficianados because the text provides one point of entry into that universe and that is priceless and than worthy of 4 stars Actually, It s mind boggling to me that none of the other commenters have really touched on the fact that this book is so closely related to the Dune Saga Oddly, most of the reviews like to point out how unrelated this book is to that series I mean, I know this is actually the 3rd book in another series which I have absolutely no interest in reading, as it seems the preceeding books expand on the parts of the universe that bored me , but by the time it was over, I was seriously considering and still am a re read of Chapterhouse Dune as further confirmation of my suspicions In fact, I m convinced that a back to back re reading of these two books would provide some seriously deep insight into the mythology origins of some of the pivotal races in the Dune universe.See below my brief oversimplified thoughts on why I m convinved that The Dosadi Experiment was, ultimately, Herebert s playground for working out many of his ideas that would later come to fruition in Dune series SPOILER ALERT for this and Dune series books especially Chapterhouse Dune view spoiler The Benegeserit Honored Maitres Dosadi The Dosadi are essentially tested and tempered by the crucible of their own planet Jedrik is the product of a generations long breeding experiment When Jedrik and Mckie join, there s the issue of being nearly driven crazy because of the difficulty in managing the linkage to multiple consciousnesses at once When Jedrik dies, her consciousness is able to maintian its own space within him and continue to thrive and it is implied that it will be able to advise or posess McKie, as necessary Rule through the exploitation of addiction The cruel methods of child rearing as a means to an end The complex system of hand movemements to convey meaning, not just in battle The terse communication methods implying multiple levels of meaning Wheels within wheels plots within plotsFacedancers forgot their names The multifaceted eyes The abilities to morph into other life forms The possibility that they might be able to take over the existing bodies without the awareness of their hosts.The Beneteilax Gowachin The male priviledge and suppresion of females The secrecy surrounding the hidden females definitely smacks of the whole axlotl tank mystery The idea of a consciousness that can move from body to body to prolong lifespan The ritualistic secretive nature of their society and those are just the obvious correlations that I can make without looking too deeply I keep coming back to one final question though what does this book have to say about the idea of men having benegeserit powers That Leto I, II and Tig are dangerous, abominations in this respect is one of the main levers for the entire Dune series, and one that is never answered explicitly and I keep trying to figure out if this book gives further insight into where Herebert was going with that, but I can t put my finger on whether this is addressed here via the McKie character maybe I missed it without another reading hide spoiler