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KINDLE ⚢ The Dark Lands ⛓ Myla S Honorary Older Brother, Walker, Goes Missing Now There S Only One Thing To Do Kick Ass, Take Names, And Get Walker Back Without Releasing The Uber Evil Lucifer This Will Be TricksyAngelbound Origins Angelbound Scala Acca Thrax The Dark Lands The Brutal Time Armageddon Quasi Redux AquilaAlso From Christina BauerFairy Tales Of The Magicorum, A Series Of Modern Fairy Tales With Sass, Action, And RomanceBeholder, Where A Medieval Farm Girl Discovers Necromancy And True LoveDimension Drift,a Dystopian Adventure With Science, Snark, And Hot Aliens I received a free copy for an honest review.What saved the day Maya Maya Maya and Lincoln Excellently executed suspenseThis book would be a fun read for first time readers, for returning readers this book be a great enjoyment by itself simply because it gives us Maya and Lincoln Like its predecessors, The Dark Lands featured a magical, suspenseful, and fun adventure that our beloved characters have to drain the full extent of their skills and wits to go through Here, Walker is kidnaped, and of course, Maya and Lincoln would have to save him before it s too late and things get out of hand The suspense was great The tone was lighthearted and hilarious as expected, but it still works because of how dire the situation is, and it was great that Maya s humorous tone did not ruin this aspect of the story line Lincoln and Maya are definitely acting a lot like husband and wife than girlfriend boyfriend now, but I really liked how they still kept the teasing attitude they had with each other before they were married I wouldn t say that I am in love with this book, but I definitely enjoyed it a whole lot Christina Bauer is not an EXCEPTIONAL author, but her abilities are credible enough that I can pretty much predict my experience with her books each time to not be that bad So yeah I liked this book it was very enjoyable. Well another great adventure from Christina Bauer with my favourite quasi demon Myla and her great team of supporters This time it s Walker that needs help, he keeps disappearing and when shows up he has been tortured When appearing on Good Morning Purgatory Myla and Lincoln are blindsided when an expos tells of a super villain called the viper has stolen some magical gauntlets that belonged to Lucifer.This time someone wants to let Lucifer out of his prison, which while mean carnage through the realms So with great courage and plenty of sass Myla and Lincoln to the rescue This is up to the usual standard you expect when reading this humorous and exciting series We see a lot of Maxon with Xavier, as the ancient Archangel discovers the art to babysitting Just so cute, as just like anybody would need your parents help when you have to risk your life to save the worlds. OMFG I am DYING to tell you what s in this one Imagine if WORLD WAR Z had a bastard story baby with JANE EYRE, with a side order of THOR RAGNAROK Fun times ahead, people Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for allowing me to read this ARC in return for an honest review.Although I admit to having liked this book fairly well I didn t feel quite as drawn into it as I did with the rest of this series so far Myla presents as less certain of what she is doing and seems less convincing as the lead character than before The whole denouement of the plot is a bit rushed and I felt emotionally detached at times so I could put the book aside without being compelled to know what happened next Generally the characterisation and worldbuilding were not as competent as in earlier work hence the loss of two stars.