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4 Stars First of all, bring on the straightjacket This book put me through hell and back and yet I dont regret reading it.Violence Begets book 1 was pretty dark, full of detailed descriptive violence This one, although lighter in terms of physical violence, turned out even darker This time around, I didn t feel only the pain from all beatings and whippings from the MC childhood This time, the author put me inside his head Darkness was consuming him Skills, people This poor tormented character was masterfully developed A disturbed, edgy, high strung, unstable and dangerous character He was constantly surrounded by heavy tormenting thoughts and I was right there with him, inside his haunted black world I ve struggled to deal with my feelings, torn by reason and emotion Reason was whispering Get out of Rick s life, you dick You are no good to him My emotion was whispering How can I blame him He s the result of a horrific and cruel upbringing And he wanted so much be a better person So, give him a chance I need the dark shit I read to look REAL, I mean, it needs to be something believable A shocking factor just for the sake of it won t work for me I caught myself questioning the plausibility of certain situations here, but I could blame my lack of knowledge in this matter, totally Could this really happen Yes No Maybe However, in the last 10% we had an unexpected turnaround and I found myself stunned by this new perspective What the actual fuck How far can our mind take us It s quite scary This is a heartbreaking story How can we break free from this cycle of abuse and violence Please, tell me there is a way out.Tell me that it can be different.Tell me someone can have a fresh start.Tell me that there is hope.But the I read, the I can t see the light.Available on KU There be spoilers below Advance with caution sigh Somewhere 3 4 into the book, this dialogue occurs Wait, did Shakespeare just kill everyone off I asked, flabbergasted at the end of the production of Hamlet He s kinda known for his tragic endings That was so depressing I mean, who does that Who kills off the main character of the story without a second thought Some would call it real life I call it cruel This self referential passage is rather ludicrous, coming from an author who starts the second book in her series by retconning the epilogue of the first book, and not in a particularly clever way She simply changes facts to bring her regretfully dead main character back to life I kind of wish she d stuck to her guns on that one, even tho after getting thru all the over the top abuse and struggle of Violence Begets I thought that not only Kevin and Rick deserved to get a happy ish ending, but I deserved it too even tho I m not a person who shies from tragic endings, generally speaking But agreed, that ending seemed rather cruel at the time That being said, I m not certain the Cycle was worth resurrecting Kevin We skip to 13 years later Everything is hunky dory in New York Kev and Ricky are, like, NYC s hottest couple Lots of therapy has helped them become successful and relatively well adjusted individuals But then bang Rick s got an unexpected 12 year old half brother who is being beaten by his dad The boys return to Utah.Let the downward spiral begin.The main problem I had with the story that followed which ends on a relationship cliffhanger is that the bulk of the book is very repetitive Yes, abuse is repetitive It builds over time But there s only so many times you can read the same sequence of scenes before you re waiting for the plot to move further And when it finally did move on, it still didn t engage me Kevin in Violence Begets is an engaging character, you begin with a strong dislike and slowly come to care and root for him as the plot unfolds That was the strength of the book But that Kevin is nowhere to be found here Somehow his voice was lost in the message PT Denys is trying to convey And as a reader, you re hit with this message over and over again too soon Violence is bad Violence is a cycle Codependency is bad Abusing others is a choice But sometimes you can t help it It s the voices in yr head In parts I felt like I was reading a really fucked up self help book As there seems to be a 3rd part in the works, I m questioning why it was this story that was told Why the little brother Why not start where the alternate ending of the first book left off How did Kevin and Rick fare in their first years in New York How did they manage to create this well rounded life for themselves before it all went to shit 13 years later I would ve liked to find out about that, rather than about their bartender friend, who was a bit of a pointless character Like the caretaker of the hotel in the Shining the film version You know, the one who rides to the rescue and is instantly killed That kind of pointless Tho Tristan, the sexy not so straight bartender, doesn t die The Cycle has the same level of repeated excessive abuse, real and or imagined, as the first in the series, without the compelling characters and without the increasingly devastating plot It s just a slog and the climax is dubious in its realism The revelation was at once expected and unlikely In conclusion, necromancy is perhaps not the strongest literary device. The Cycle Violence Begets 2 by PT Denys5 starsI ve heard that violence begets violence, but in my world, violence begat love There d been no one since Kevin because there hasn t been anyone but KevinI m not sure I am going to be able to convey just what this book did to me, what this author did to me I should have learned my lesson from the first book in this series, Violence Begets, but hope had me thinking the author wouldn t put me through that again Surely there had been enough suffering And after the end of Violence Begets I was thinking just what could and would happen PT Denys is nowhere near finished, this author has the knack of literally destroying me emotionally, ripping out every single emotion she can until I am wrung dry I cried a river, I was sobbing my heart out to the point I couldn t read because the tears made everything blurry, to the hiccupping, wracking sobs These characters made their mark in the first book, they were truly indelible by the end of this oneyou re walking into a goddamn mine field The memories alone are going to tear you apart I can see you already turning in on yourself I see it because I ve fucking done it I ve run hard and fast from memories that have the power to destroy me But you, with this fucked up plan you re running headfirst into a fire that will obliterate youI am not going to say anything about this book, I m not even going to mention characters because everything is a spoiler You definitely need to have read Violence Begets before reading this one as this story continues many years on from the end This book is a rollercoaster of epic proportions, as I said above, my emotions were all over the place from love, to anger, to sheer agonising pain, empathy, happiness, disbelief, to total and utter devastation Like I said one EMOTIONAL roller coaster But this is kudos to PT Denys, because she delivered, she didn t just draw you in, from the very first word you were sucked into one heck of an emotional vortex, like a whirlpool that spun you round and round and spat you out at the end, battered, bruised and crushedHe was hunting me again the past and the present were the samePT Denys stuck to her guns in this book and like I said in my review of Violence Begets This book is emotional and will have triggers for many people but I have a huge amount of respect for the author this book screams I am brave, I will write what I want and how I want, it is my story and I will tell it how I want to, I will write from the heart, I will bleed onto the page, it won t be pretty but it will be real and it is mine, my story It isn t generic, it is definitely not cookie cutter, it is unique and I loved every single word That statement still holds true M M books can be a much of a much, but I have never read an M M book that has destroyed me like these two books have, destroyed me in the best way I live for books that make me live and breathe a story and this author has had me living this nightmare from the first word of Violence Begets I have seen these characters grow from kids to men, but the horrors are still ever present, the scars still visible, both physically and emotionally, the repercussions still a threat This was raw, but it was honest and it was realI don t know what to do It s like you re there, holding both our hearts over an open flame and it s obvious that both of us are screaming out in pain, but you re the one with your hands in the fire and I don t understand I m here, ready with a fire extinguisher, but you won t let me use it You won t let me help, and you re killing usThis book tackles many difficult subjects but as with the first book I would not have expected anything less This author has balls and she is not afraid to use them and she exerts them to the best of her ability in this book To be honest, I am literally broken This was one of those books that had me looking around thinking, what the hell have I just read One where it takes hours to digest, one where it took a night s sleep to be able to form any coherent thoughts, one where I thought, now that was a bloody amazing book, one that made my sleep fitful, one that consumed my dreams and one where I needed to get my thoughts and opinions down as soon as I woke I m truly at a loss There is so much I want to say but I can t because you need to read this as the author intended, you need to experience the highs and lows for yourself for you to truly appreciate their emotional impactYour hand was used to ground me And my touch was used to bury usThis book is eye opening, this book goes some ways to make you understand that even decades on, abuse never leaves you The implications are just as far reaching as they are devastating However, it also goes some ways to showing that even the most broken of hearts can still beat for the right person This book showed inner strength, the power of love and trust and the ramifications when they are broken The mind is a fickle beast, it is one we take for granted and yet it has the power to heal and to decimate While I m sitting here rocking in a corner, contemplating how I am going to put my fractured heart back together, I will be patiently waiting for the next one While this one was years in the making, I am hoping that I don t have to wait that long this time PT Denys needs to put me out of my misery, smartish Seriously though, if you have not read this series, this is a must read It is not just an M M book, it is so, so, so much Yes, it can be painful, but it is seriously so well written that you cannot help but be amazed by their content and their characters ADORED this book even though it killed meI had to break the cycle of violence I had to love myself, to love my brother, to love I had to choose lovewww.theromancecover.com OH MY GAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWD A complimentary copy was provided by the author via the GR DBML program in exchange for an honest review.I just don t have words When I read Violence Begets, I couldn t believe how much these boys went through, and then to have it end the way it did view spoiler with Kevin dying hide spoiler [ FREE DOWNLOAD ] ☣ The Cycle ♶ Almost Years Ago A Brutal Attack By A Violent Psychopath Changed EverythingIn Violence Begets Despite Horrific Child Abuse, Rick St James And Kevin Vincent Were Able To Find Love In Each Other They Discovered That Violence Only Begat Violence When They Allowed It ToThey Had A ChoiceThey Chose LoveNow Rick S Little Brother Is Faced With The Same Painful Reality That Rick Once Had To Endure Returning Home To Help His Brother Causes The Nightmares Of The Past To Crash And Merge With The Demons Of The PresentLove Is Put To The Test And It May Not Be Strong Enough To Survive The Cycle ARC REVIEW FOR ONE CLICK AHOLICS BOOK GROUP After reading Violence Begets, book one of this series, I was left in a state of shock, nausea, and pain for both Rick an Kevin and desperately needed to hear from them no matter how disturbing their story was This one starts where that finished and is just as heart wrenching and emotionally disturbing.The author doesn t go into too much detail as to what the guys have been up to since we last read them but we do get to hear how they ve or less healed from their pasts We re introduced to Rick s brother as well as some new characters who i feel are crucial to the story I m not going to say too much in regards to Rick s brother as if I do it ll spoil the story and what follows.What I will say is this When I was reading this I found myself on a number of occasions having to close my kindle and walking away to take a breather from all the emotions I felt towards Rick Kevin At times I got SO angry at Kevin yet in the same breath understood the reasons behind his actions no matter how wrong they were I really do feel this author has an amazing knack when it comes to writing a story such as this as even though the abuse, both mental and physical, isn t easy to read, the way they write it draws you in, makes you feel for the characters and see the reason behind their actions.I want to say that this story was beautifully written, but again, considering the content, that s not a word I can use What I can say is that the story writing was excellent and the way the topic was handled was with great care and understanding.I don t know what to say about this book, it was amazingly written and is a story that, just like the first book, will truly test your emotions.Absolutely AMAZING Five stars are nowhere NEAR enough for this book I really have no clue how to review this book and not give anything awayI finished this two days ago and just can t get it out of my head.I received this for an honest review for HOOKED ON BOOKS GROUP.Pt took this to heights I never imagined.After the last one finished which devastated me I never thought this one would devastate me and in a totally different way..Rick was a totally different person in this one in that he stood up to his father..Finally after years of being scared of him he stood up to him for his younger brother Isaac s sakeMoving back to Utah was the dumbest move but to keep Isaac safe from his father it had to be done..And everything spirals out of control from that moment on..Kevin..oh sweet Kevin is the one who spirals out of control the most.His past I feel is haunting that Ricks in the way that his father wanted to hurt himloved hurting him and is still hurting even if not physically The secondary characters we meet are a great addition..Jonathan and his friend Gabe are just perfect and Tristan especially..I love Tristan and I know there is something there that we need to find out about him..He is Kevin and Ricks best friend..I read some very dark books in the past and there is only one other author who has really destroyed me whilst reading..A book I find very hard to re read not that I have to because I remember every sordid detailAntidote by Jack L Pyke SoPt Denys has just climbed into my Authors who break me and don t necessarily put me back together quick box.It s a small box and am sure Jack won t mind the company along with Kol Anderson.Needless to say I will re read this.probably with a strong bottle of alcohol and a lot of tissues because as hard as it is to read it is still the most beautiful, profound, deep, destroying and magnificent book I ve read to date.This review might not make a lot of sense but to be honest when a book can destroy you and leave you open and raw it no doubt needs to be up there with the best x The Cycle starts years after Violence Begets ends Rick and Kevin are finally living the life they deserved They have friends and a love that you can feel deep in your soul Rick still has communication with his sister Emma and that s when we get introduced to his brother Isaac I m not going to get into Isaacs situation and spoil the story line but that s when the roller coaster of emotions started for me I have never been so strongly pulled so many different ways in one book before I felt Rick and Kevin s pain so strongly it made my chest actually ache By the end of the book I was a crying mess that I literally had to put my Kindle down I strongly recommend you read this book It s a book that even though I finished reading it will be with me forever I was given this book as an ARC and asked to give an honest review and honestly it deserves than five stars I won a copy of this book and this is my honest review.First of all, let me start off by saying that both this book and the first book Violence Begets should be read by absolutely everyone regardless of gender or sexuality These books in my opinion are vital reading This book had my heart in my throat from the beginning I felt sick at what both Rick and Kevin endured during the first book but this book was worse for me as I honestly didn t expect what happened to happen My heart physically hurt by the end and I m not sure I will ever get over this book I found myself berating Kevin in my head at his actions but also sympathising with him as I understood why he was doing it I felt sorry for Rick many times and also angry at a certain point but again I understood why he was acting like that I felt incredibly sorry for Isaac and honestly wanted to reach into my kindle and hug him This book is by far not an easy read but is one that focuses on important issues, both physically and mentally PT has done a fantastic job bringing light to these issues and has handled the topic extremely well and in a way that even the simplest person could understand PT has truly opened my eyes and this series by far one of the best I have read in years if not forever 5 stars is truly not enough. A copy of this book was provided for free by the author in exchange for an honest review I hated this I m sorry I feel bad about it, but it was just depressing AF Just 400 pages of trauma and mental illness Apparently if you have an abusive dad you re destined to become him because reasons Oh but only one of you The other one is Mr Never Wrong This book is 12 years after the first one, and covers over 2 years of time I weirdly have compassion for Kevin than anyone He struggles so deeply and Rick just kind of shrugs at him and doesn t fight for him Rick s preoccupied, rightfully, to a degree with saving his little brother from reliving his childhood I was disappointed that Rick was so willing to throw away someone who is supposed to mean so much to him, and 12 years Kevin isn t an angel, I don t want to make it seem like he is He s secretive he s abusive There s reason but I don t want to spoil it for those who will enjoy this I am much bothered by Rick s emotional and later physical affair He pulls away and starts leaning on another man, some can justify itI don t like the way it played out Jonathan felt skeevy from the start, he knew Rick was happily for a time married and he still flirted and insinuated himself in Rick s life I hated him And authors, don t try and hold up a character who has no qualms at moving in on a married man as being RABIDLY anti cheating It doesn t compute I mostly feel bad for Isaac He s just screwed either way Abusive dad, abusive brother in law, verbally abusive brother who tries but also a product of his life Ugh I just hated this There s ZERO light It s all dark It s all depressing There is no happy ending It s hinted that there will be another book I m morbidly curious but I m not sure I ll read it.