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@Download Ebook ⚶ The Coven Þ Who Was Andree Lescout No One Really Knew Much About The Murdered Songstress Except That She Had Been Extraordinarily Beautiful, That Her Singing Cast A Strange Spell Over All Who Listened, And That Even Sophisticated Washington Had Fallen Victim To That Spell There Was Talk That Some Of Her Tribal Chants Were Really Secret Rites There Was Also Talk That A Certain Powerful And Handsome Senator With Presidential Ambitions Had A Special Interest In Her A Very Special InterestJonathan Gault Found That Out When They Summoned Him To Find Her Murderer He Had Also Heard Andree Sing And Felt The Presence Of Something Macabre And EvilA Sensational Novel Of Washington Intrigue And Witchcraft By Watergate Conspirator E Howard Hunt I only read this due to my fascination with all things Watergate related It was written by one of the men involved with the break in I also enjoy horror and supernatural tales, and this seemed to fit the bill What it ended up being, was a mediocre attempt at melding a 40s hard boiled noir style, in a modern at least in the 70s era political drama Most of the hard boiled zingers fell flat or were just plain terrible The plot felt forced and disjointed, requiring a haphazard summary given as dialogue between two characters at the end If any executives working for Bushmills Whisky happen to read this, you may consider purchasing the rights to this novel and republishing it as a promotional gift Ther must have been at least 10 occasions where the main character mentioned pouring some Bushmills over ice Speaking of that, I think I ll go make a drink myself Cheers Confession I picked this book up primarily as a novelty It s not hard to appreciate how a horror novel by a Watergate conspirator can be an interesting conversation piece, after all.For the most part, it s less a horror story than a story of political intrigue For obvious reasons, it s not hard to believe that the author knows what he s writing about in that regard When the story dips into the occult, however, it s obvious that Hunt knows nothing about the subject save for hearsay and assumption Basically he links everything occult with devil worship Hunt was clearly catering to superstitious and paranoid religious thought, though there is no mention of such faiths in the book In spite of that glaring flaw, this is a pretty entertaining distraction in paperback.