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[Download Ebook] ♫ The Complete Idiots Guide to Ventriloquism ☢ The Art Of Bellyspeaking Isn T For Dummies The Complete Idiot S Guide To Ventriloquism Teaches Everyone To Speak From Their Bellies, Create And Substitute Sounds, Use All The Registers Of Their Voice, And Create Diversions To Attract The Listener S Ear Whether They Invest In A Fancy Puppet Or Create Their Own Figure Out Of A Sweat Sock Includes Tips For Making, Manipulating, And Talking With Their Dummy And For It Both At The Same Time Advice For Getting An Act Together And Taking It On The Road Getting Gigs, Getting Paid, And How To Improve Performances How To Write Dialogue And Jokes And Rehearsal Techniques I really liked this book It s super helpful and easy to read.