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This is my first book by Nia Forrester I loved the chemistry between Jamal and Makayla I couldn t stop reading I will be readingby this author. Updated Review 2017 Before diving into the sequel, I decided to re read this to reacquaint myself with Jamal and Makayla All the love I had for this book previously has intensified tenfold Now, on to The Takedown Initial Review 2015 Every time I read a Nia Forrester book, I feel like I never want it to end This one was no exception. READ PDF ⚔ The Come Up (Commitment, #6) ⚆ ACE BUPRI Jamal Turner Is Near The Top Of His Game Widely Known As The Trusted Right Hand Man To Music Mogul Chris Scaife, He S Poised To Become Chief Operating Officer Of His Friend And Mentor S International Recording Conglomerate But While His Career Prospects Have Never Been Better, Jamal Is Still Plagued By The Remnants Of His Humble Beginnings, Threatening To Pull Him Back Down Just As He S On The Come UpMakayla Hughes Knows Who She Is And Where She Comes From, And She Flat Out Refuses To Allow Working In The High Powered Recording Industry To Change Her Just A Simple Girl From The South Bronx, She Doesn T Care Who Knows It But When She S Thrown Into Close Quarters, Working On A Project With The Notorious Jamal Turner, She Begins To Wonder Whether Her Determination To Keep It Real Is Also Keeping Her World Very, Very SmallJamal Is Drawn To Makayla, But He Can T Let The Man He Used To Be Stand In The Way Of The Man He S Becoming There S No Doubt She Fits Into The Life Jamal Used To Have, But What S Not As Clear Is Whether She Belongs In The Life He Wants One word Amazing This book was soooo good It is my favorite one to date by my favorite author I absolutely loved me some Jamal When you open the pages of one of Nia Forrester s book you know you are going to get a good read She really outdid herself with this one I literally cried reading the last few pages and the end..whew PERFECT.I can t wait to see who story she tells next Madison, Devin, Dejuan, Candacewho will it be Another wonderful book by Nia Forrester It was well worth the all nighter. 07 11 2015 2 ontoday 06 15 2015 I really enjoy this author Her characters have such depth, such heart Jamal has been a character in earlier books I wasn t terribly sure how I d like his story I shouldn t have worried I enjoyed him He is an attractive, intelligent, driven man He has goals, but knows how to have fun A very well rounded character I was a bit puzzled by his attraction to Makayla, but she grows on you.What stood out for me in this one 1 Jamal Like I mentioned before, he is a driven man He has charm and intelligence He wants to be COO of Scaife Enterprises He s worked his butt off and knows he s a contender One thing that struck me about him is his fairness He deals with his staff fairly He s the kind of boss you d want to have He starts out avoiding his attraction for Makayla He talks himself out of it many times before he succumbs He has a gentleness about himself He cares for Makayla and the people she cares about because he s decent and because he cares for her.2 The backstory I enjoyed the business side of the music industry The details and hard work to make a star shine We seem to have a bitdaily grit with this one but it never seemed tedious Nia does a really good job of pulling the reader into the world she s in The Come Up is no exception.3 We ve met many of these characters before I enjoyed seeing them again and hearing about what has happened in their lives since the last time we read about them Shawn s retirement, Chris s family focus, Tracy and Brendan I really enjoy this group of people.4 I love, LOVE the title of this book.Now, a few things that didn t work so well for me 1 Makayla isn t my favorite heroine Nia s written Not sure why, but she just seemed too common Rylie had talent, drive and was a bit quirky Tracy was just downright crazy Robyn had former relationship issues that she was determined not to have happen again and was driven to succeed in her career Makayla s drive and loyalty just didn t seem to ring with the the same magnitude of character She was good, but not what I ve come to expect from this author.2 I thought the romance took too long to happen I understand this is how the story was planned to unfold I get it But, I didn t enjoy the Makayla enough She needed Jamal to make herinteresting for me I needed to see them togetherHave them interact .So, saying what I have about Makayla I liked her with Devin I admired her loyalty She loved Devin Understood, better than anyone else anyway, this damaged man She didn t compromise her friendship with him for any reason regardless of how easy it would have made life for her I admired this about her.3 Not crazy about the cover If I didn t know Nia and her writing the cover wouldn t have pulled me at all.Like I said before, I love this author I re read the whole series so I could read this book and the one before it without missing anything in between I had a long business trip and knew I d have the time to focus This series provided a nice, relaxing backdrop to a hectic travel schedule.I ll read anything Nia writes May take me a while to get to it, but they ll be read Why does it take a while to get to them Because I KNOW they ll be good They are something I save when I can t find anything else to read They are my backup with stuff goes bad Look no further She is a go to for me.Happy Reading Overall Rating 4 StarsBook Cover Book Blurb Book Title 2 4 5 3.5 StarsWriter s Voice 4 StarsCharacter Secondary Character Development 4 4 4 Stars Did I like Hero Heroine 4.5 3 3.5 StarsStory Background Story Development 4 4 4 Stars Did I like the Damned Thing 4 StarsEnding 4 StarsWorth the Chili 4 Stars 3.99 onSmexy HEAT Rating Mild to Steamy341 pages First sentence He was getting way to old for this.Last sentence What d I say Jamal said, one of his cocky smiles crossing his lips I got you Fireeeeeeee Pure Fireeeeeeee You know Chris Scaife used to be my favorite but he has dropped down to 2 and Jamal Turner is my 1 Babbyyyyyyy Whew, Jamal Turner, Is on the cusp of becoming COO of SE Corporation He is phenomenal at discovering artists and turning them into Superstars Chris Scaife is his boss and he is practically second in command already but this next artist may prove to be even too much for Jamal until he enlists the help of the artist best friend.Makayla Hughes is a woman on a mission, to help her Nana the woman who raised her, to complete her Masters Degree, to help her best friend Devin become the superstar artist that she knows he can become and learn the music business, so with her degree once completed in Marketing, she is looking to become a publicist Makayla is enlisted by her boss Jamal to help him secure her best friend.All seems to be going well, Makayla is now working a dream position being exposed to the industry, traveling around the country and being mentored by Jamal Makayla is the one that helps keep Devin in line because he is not the easiest artist, he is very temperamental and only seems to calm down when Makayla gets a hold of him And in the middle of that something is beginning to brew between Jamal and Makayla, Makayla is attracted to him but keeps the line incredibly profession and in her mind her private fantasies about her boss are her own Jamal is blown away by the fresh air that is Makayla, she is everything whimsical and bohemian, intelligent and sharp witted Jamal and Makayla on the outside appears to be so different but their backgrounds are the same but that s not what draws Jamal to Makayla like a moth to a flame, its who she is and that is a woman who is not caught up or jaded about life, although she has had some tough breaks, it has not broken her Jamal is jaded with the women he has dated, dates, fools around with because although they have different faces and races, the end result is always the same, so he makes no qualms about it never going into a relationship.Jamal for the first time has his world knocked off of its axis and Makayla has had her breath stolen from her The chemistry that these two generates in their story is phenomenal, the emotional fire storm sweeps you up and you become invested in them, rooting for them, crying for them, laughing with them and hurting with them.When the Heart meets the road and it wants what it wants, The Come Up for Jamal and Makayla is the ride you will enjoy taking with them.Author Nia Forrester did the damn thing with this story Another stellar book in The Commitment Series and will definitely be a reread for me They have taken a place in my top 20 of book relationships Well Until My Next ReviewCiao Bellas BRAVO I absolutely LOVED this story You know it s bad when I could read a book in one day, but purposefully extended the time so it wouldn t end Once I made it to 99% I was mad, because I wantedThe book was well written and everything I wanted andJamal Turner was that man, and I think him and Makayla just triumphed Robyn and Chris as my favorite Nia Forrester Couple Keep them coming I m anxious for another one of your books. Reread Jun 2019 4.5 stars.Reread October 2017 Enjoyed this reread And now I ve found out there s a newly released sequel to this one Sweet Good timing for a reread to get me back in the zone with Kayla and Jamal Now, onto The Takedown.Review March 2017 Wow I really liked this one Took me by surprise at how good it is I read the Acosta books a while ago and liked them, so I finally got back to trying out someby this author And this one is great And it s part of a whole connected group of books about people who work in the music hip hop industry, the Commitment series , so I m excited to go back and read the other books now It s been a while since I found such a great new series to read.Jamal is an exec in a music company that is trying to woo a hot new indie artist named Devin It turns out Devin s best friend Makayla, also works in a junior position for the same music company as Jamal, so he asks Makayla to arrange a meet for him with Devin And that s how Makayla and Jamal first come into contact with each other They are attracted to each other right from the start, but to Makayla, Jamal is way out of her league And Jamal s boss has warned him not to go get involved with Makayla as a young employee who is also their link to Devin.But as time goes on Jamal and Makayla get to know each other better Jamal has been a player in the past, and it takes a while for them to really trust each other It s a slow build relationship with some inevitable hiccups along the way But they do fall in love and get their HEA I found the characters and their relationships highly convincing and I loved the H and h The world it s set in isn t one I would have thought I would enjoy reading about, but it s so well written that you just get hooked in I m going to go right back to the start of this series now and read the first book, Commitment Looking forward to it. The Come UpWow I loved this book Jamal was everything Kayla was beautiful smart and relatable This is definitely a must read and I would definitely recommend this book to anyone Nia Forrester has done it again