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I can t find anything readily online that describes what each of these stories are about If you re like me and you like to read a brief synopsis before reading, I m here for you.First off, this collection of odds and ends is very poorly edited Secondly, I ll try not to give too much away about each story since no one likes spoilers.So, on with the showAn Evening at God s described as a one minit play , this is about God destroying the Earth for fun as he sits around drinking beer.Before the Play Abandoned prologue to The Shining Air Compressor from Hell Dark Man poemDonovan s Brain poemFor the Birds pun jokeThe Hardcase Speaks a poetic, surreal storyHarrison St Park 68 poemIn a Half World of Terror A gravedigger gets a job with a mad scientist the protagonist meets a lady with a connection to his new found place of employment.In the Keycord of Dawn poetic storyJhonathan and the Witches A once upon a time about a boy, aided by a fairy bunny, ordered to kill three witches.Keyholes The Leprachaun This was intended to be a full size book, written for King s son Owen, but most of it was lost off the back of King s motorcycle What is left is an excerpt about a boy defending a leprechaun against his sister s cat.Silence a poemSkybar basically King wrote the beginning and end A promo contest was held to see if anyone could write a middle to it.and the winner was an 18 year old nerd who had their section published along with the story blah blah I didn t read it because I didn t care too much about the non King writing.Spade A gunslinger sets out to kill a man named Sam Columbine.Squad D Feeling, You Can Only Say It In French Floor A dude named Wharton s sister dies he goes to visit his brother in law, only to get a suspicious vibe and demand to see the room where she died.The King Family and the Wicked Witch Kids story about titular characters The King family is cursed by cookies The Little Sisters of Eluria This is a 50 page story related to the Dark Tower Series, which I haven t read so I skipped it until that time in the distant future I get to reading that Magnum opus.The Night of the Tiger A story told by a young man traveling with the circus about two nemesis, Legend Indrasil, whose beef is settled with a tiger.The Reploids The Crate Revelations Of Becka Paulson Road Virus Heads North We Close the Book on Books Written in 2000, this is a short piece King wrote, wondering rhetorically if digital books will replace physical books 12 years later, it s still an apt observation And a fitting close to this collection. Even though this is a bit of a shambles editing wise, I think it would be what you might find on SK s desk, shoved in drawers, caught under the blotter, and once rescued, put together for his fan s enjoyment It obviously isn t a novel, so we can t look at it this way If you love SK s writing, you will love this Hard to rate this I don t think it d have much appeal to me if it wasn t by king and I didn t love king That being said, it s really fun to read the literary youthful indiscretions here, seeing the swirl of the same mistakes all young writers make as they learn with his own natural talents instincts. This collection is a work in progress As items are discovered, they will be added All items in this book are short stories, poems, and other items published by Stephen King, but not found in any book released by his publishing company at this point in time The purpose of this book is to have one archive for all of the material. There were a few good ones in there but in my opinion they were by far the minority. Some interesting notations and thought provoking alternatives and poems, and a previously unpublished prequel addition to King s Dark Tower. A collection of wildly varying quality, many of the complete stories are also already available via other volumes Still, there are a few gems in this book for me to give it a mild thumbs up. (DOWNLOAD) Ã The Collective ã This Collection Is A Work In Progress As Items Are Discovered, They Will Be Added All Items In This Book Are Short Stories, Poems, And Other Items Published By Stephen King, But Not Found In Any Book Released By His Publishing Company At This Point In Time The Purpose Of This Book Is To Have One Archive For All Of The Material This PDF File Was Created For Educational, Scholarly, And INternet Archival Use ONLY