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Welcome to our carnival,
Where birds and beasts and such
Behave a lot like people do,
At times a bit too much.
Jack Prelutsky

This collection of poems by Jack Prelutsky is accompanied by a a musical CD. The Carnival of the Animals was composed by Camille SaintSans in 1886. It is a lovely combination of prose and classical music perfect for kindergarten through third grade students. I used this classical piece years ago when I worked with Ravinia and we had the children dress like the different animals and sway to the music. It is a great way in which to introduce children to the beauty of classical music. The colorful illustrations are wonderfully captivating for young readers. Happy Reading:) Again, wonderful illustrationspoems that kids will love. [Download E-pub] ☥ The Carnival of the Animals ♪ Carnival Wikipedia Carnival Is A Western Christian Festive Season That Occurs Before The Liturgical Season Of Lent The Main Events Typically Occur During February Or Early March, During The Period Historically Known As Shrovetide Or Pre Lent Carnival Typically Involves Public Celebrations, Including Events Such As Parades, Public Street Parties And Other Entertainments, Combining Some Elements Of A Circus The ORIGIN And HISTORY Of CARNIVAL The World S Carnival Or Carnaval Is An Annual Festival That Typically Occurs Before The Onset Of Lent And Generally Involves A Public Celebration Of Some Kind These Public Celebrations Typically Include Street Parties, Parades, Balls Or Some Other Form Of Entertainment What Is The History Of Carnival What Is The Origin Of Carnival Interesting Facts The Carnival Of Hits TourWikipedia The Carnival Of Hits Touris A Re Issued Live Album By Australian Band The Seekers The Album Was Originated Released Inunder The Title Night Of Nights Live The Album Was Recorded Inwith Fans In Australia And New Zealand FromFebruary ToApril, And Later Through The UK FromMay ToJune The Album Was Re Released In Augustunder The Title The Carnival Of Hits TourWhat Is The Carnival In Brazil USA Today Vibrant Colors, Lively Music And Endless Spectacle Are Part Of Carnival, A Week Long Celebration In Brazil The Party Is Known As The Mardi Gras Of The Southern Hemisphere Thanks To The Raucous Saint Sans Le Carnaval Des Animaux The This Is A Famous Musical Suite By French Composer Camille Saint Sans , Written While On Vacation In Austria InCarnival Row Srie TVAlloCin Dans Un Monde Fantastique L Poque Victorienne, O Les Cratures Mythologiques Doivent Cohabiter Avec Les Humains, Le Dtective Rycroft Philostrate Et Une Fe Rfugie Du Nom De Vignette Self Publishing Carnival Of The Indies IssueWelcome To This Issue Of The Carnival Of The Indies Blog Carnival This Issue Is For July,We Welcome Your Submissions On Topics Related To Writing, Self Publishing, Book Design Or Marketing Books A Collection Of Outstanding Articles Recently Posted To Blogs, Your Reading Here Will Be RichlyCamille Saint Sans The Carnival Of The AnimalsThe Carnival Of The Animals Le Carnaval Des Animaux Is A Musical Suite Of Fourteen Movements By The French Romantic Composer Camille Saint Sans The Work Was Written For Private Performance We checked this out from the library for the second time, and my kids, 4 and 6, liked it even more. As a musician, I love that we could talk about each section of music and how it matches the animal. We enjoyed discussing loud and quiet, slow and fast, low and high, and so on. A great intro to listening to classical music! This is a lovely version of The Carnival of the Animals as illustrated brilliantly by Mary GrandPré. Its arrangement is well chosen. Jack Prelutsky's poems can be read with the illustrations, without the musical accompaniment; or the CD included walks the reader/listener FIRST through each of Prelutsky's poems, narrated by the author and immediately followed by the orchestration of that section of CharlesCamille SaintSaëns's composition; and THEN plays SaintSaëns's composition in full from start to finish.

I had only ever heard SaintSaëns's score... and never a breakdown of it as such. Prelutsky's poetry I found interesting, but his narration I found terribly lackluster. Still it is the multifaceted arrangement of the parts that makes this book work as a whole; and it will most certainly engage young readers/listeners/musicians as intended. A great tool for a teacher, librarian, or parent's wheelhouse in coaching a child's imagination in classical music education. ESPECIALLY with the visual accompaniment of GrandPré's engaging illustrations.

I couldn't help but remember listening to my father's reeltoreel recording of Sergei Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf (I believe the c.1970 version by the London Symphony Orchestra narrated by Sir Ralph Richardson). THAT was my stellar introduction to classical music. But as with Chris Van Allsburg purely illustrated children's books; the key here is to encourage a kid's imagination in a unique variety of ways. And in that, Prelutsky's Carnival would certainly succeed. I had never listened to this classical piece until I read this book, which came with a CD. Jack Prelutsky wrote poems to accompany all the animals portrayed in Camille SaintSaens' classical piece, "The Carnival of the Animals". On the CD he reads the poems followed by the music that describes each animal, and then the entire composition is played without the poems. The Carnival of the Animals is delightful on several levels. First, the clever, humorous poems by Prelutsky, my favorites of which are "Fossils" and "Aquarium." Second, the illustrations by Mary GrandPre, with those humorous little touches. I especially like the picture of the mother cuckoo, with a purse slung over one leg, the aquarium of fish with the cat peering in, eyes enlarged by the water, and the donkeys braying loudly while the moon winces and cracks. And third, the music itself, which not only associates certain musical instruments with particular animals, but also introduces listeners to instruments of the orchestra and how they work together. A note at the back of the book states that SaintSaens intended this piece to introduce children to the orchestra, which is does quite well. The addition of the poems and illustrations will certainly reinforce the lessons the music provides. I absolutely must have a copy of this for my collection, if only for the haunting and mysterious "Aquarium," which was surely "borrowed" for part of the soundtrack of the movie "Poltergeist." Highly recommended! Summary: Throughout this story we are taken on an adventure and introduced to several animals and given some fun information about them! We get to experience what is happening through fantastic pictures and fun rhymes!

Audience: This book is intended for elementary students who love to dance.

Appeal: This book fits well for students who love to dance and listen to music because the pictures and words are so fun. Once you put the CD in though the whole package is brought together.

Implementation: I would use this book as a fun time book. We would read the book and of course play the CD. One of the activities we could use with this book is having the children dance like the animals, for example to hop like a kangaroo or glide like a swan. This book will give students a change to express themselves creatively through the use of music.

Bibliography: Prelutsky, J., & GrandPré, M. (2010). The carnival of the animals by Camille SaintSaëns: new verses by Jack Prelutsky. New York: Alfred A. Knopf.
In 1886, SaintSaëns composed The Carnival of the Animals. Fast forward 124 years. Jack Prelutsky has added poems and Mary GrandPré has added illustrations to create this lovely tribute to SaintSaëns' original composition. Complete with audio CD, it is a worthy tribute.

What I thought: I'll be honest. I've listened to classical music a lot, but I've never heard of Camille SaintSaëns or his The Carnival of the Animals. I bough the collection because Prelutsky wrote the poetry. The poems are great fun as Prelutsky's always are. My favorites are "Rooster and Hens," "Elephants," and "Birds." The illustrations are magical. My favorites are "Birds" and "Swan." The note to parents and teachers at the end of the collection was very informative. I haven't yet had a chance to listen to the audio CD, but I know it will be wonderful.

I love thiscomes with a CD too, and the poetry is simply lovely. Artwork is just perfect. Thank you Amanda Meadows for this little gem, can't wait to read it to my little musicians someday :) 3.5


In a tank filled to the brim
little fishes slowly swim
endlessly from place to place
rarely varying their play
there is little that they know
they blow kisses as they go
they don't notice what they see
or they own monotony
each one has no other wish
that to be a little fish
neither jubilant nor glum
in our small aquarium

I love Camille SaintSaëns' Aquarium. Gives me goosebumps.

and while YouTubeing found this