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Dancia Lewis has problems, big problems Whenever Dancia sees someone that might get hurt she has to save them, and with her strange abilities it s possible, but people get hurt So Dancia avoids using them at all cost by distancing herself from people in order to avoid hurting them All this changes though when recruiters from the prestigious Delcroix academy come and invite her to join the school, a place for rich, gifted children Dancia thinks she can t possibly fit in, but joins anyway, where she meets dreamy junior Cam, and makes friends for the first time But as the school year progresses, Dancia wonders why she s here, she isn t gifted outside of her special abilities, and they couldn t possibly know about them, could they Just to get things straight, I really would have loved to give this book a one star, it was awful The only reason that I even gave it two was because of Jack, the side character who should have been in a different novel, who I loved If he hadn t been there, one star for sure I had decent hopes for this book, private boarding school for kids with special abilities Sounds great right WRONG This book is a bundle of clich nonsense, a stupid heroine, and stupid love interest Why do I even get my hopes up First, the characters Danica, Dancia, Dancia You actually had some sort of potential, in the beginning you had a selfless attitude, something that made you relevantly bearable, you had good reason for hiding your powers and I liked you for that But then you become like every other YA heroine, stupid and madly in love with a person as equally stupid as you Everything isn t about you Dancia This is the best line in the entire book and it s unfortunately the biggest lie in the entire book, because everything, undoubtedly about Danica Speaking of which, the name WTF is that name from The only explanation of it is that her mother liked the sound of it, that s a stupid reason for giving an ordinary girl such a random and nonsensical name the school was practically built for her, Cam was sent to follow her, everybody loves her despite her being utterly useless WHY I don t see why She has no personality, the characters in the book can t get over how strong and honest she is but she really isn t She s boring, dull Her entire being revolves around Cam leaving nothing else, there is no logical reason for people to like her, she s just soboring And also suffering from a severe case of Bella syndrome, in which the clutzy or below average girl who doesn t look beautiful at all but everyone tells her she s gorgeous falls in love with the random guy for no reason, and finds out in the end that she really is beautiful Because love interest tells her so Which leads me to Cam Gorgeous, erm, gorgeous, ahalright he s just gorgeous THAT IS IT We don t know anything else about him besides, he s a Junior hitting on a freshman creepy andhe likes Dancia, doesn t like Jack andis pretty He s pretty much your average Dave, loves everybody except Jack nice to everyone, and has the personality of a daisy And Dancia loves him For no reason He loves her For no reason I DON T UNDERSTAND WHY IT MADE NO SENSE Their relationship was one of the worst, random acts of YA love I have ever been forced to read about, girl meets boy, boy is pretty, girl is not, boy follows girl around school, they speak about five words, girl likes boy because he s pretty, BOY AND GIRL FALL MADLY IN LOVE Scott, you are responsible for all mindblowing headaches and screaming fits I experienced while reading this book Jack The saving grace of this whole book, Jack had personality, sure he was doomed Because interesting ones that actually care about the main character and have personality outside of OH LOOK AT ME I M SO GORGEOUS never get the girl, sorry Jack You really should have gone into another novel where you would have been appreciated The plot There was no plot Dancia goes to school, she s special special I m expecting a school like Professor X style, but em, no It s highschool For most of the book, nothing happens but highschool FOR MOST OF THE BOOK And then in the last couple of pages the author remembers that some of her characters are special special and Dancia has a legit reason for being at the school and sostuff happens No plot, no villain No point What was the author thinking when she wrote this Was there any planning Was there a point to this book outside of Cam and Dancia, who had, I might add no chemistry what so ever, had no reason to fall in love outside of Cam using her, which he didn t, I wish he did, I hoped he had, but he didn t He was just in wuv fall in love Everythingwas so pointless, and made no sense Anything that showed creativity was squashed, anything that looked like a plot line was killed with the lame excuse of Jack being evils Which he wasn t, he just didn t like being used by the school, which I might add, who would blame him The girl he loves is an air head who loves a guy who was using her for most of the book, everyone in the school mistrusts him, and everyone thinks he s evil for using his powers to defend his mother from his drunk of a father Jack You are so means So evils I can t believe you were allowed to live with that under your belt.I know this isn t a legit review, but this wasn t a legit book Just like the review has no purpose, the book itself has no purpose The only saving point of this book was Jack, but he s not worth the time I wasted, the brain cells I lost, the time I spent screaming at Cam and Danci s stupid relationship, oh, and Dancia s Grandma, who was actually awesome and acted like a real person.In the end The Candidates was a failure, I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys shallow relationships Plotless books And air headed heroes with strange, unrealistic names for no reason other than the author thought it sounded cool Two stars And only for Jack. I really wanted to like this book I love the whole X men feel to it The writing had a nice flow to it, little slow at times but still not a problem So why only 1 star Because Jesus H Christ on a crutch How fucking naive can Dancia be Here s a helpful hint for the author, you want me to relate and cheer for the MC Then don t make her an idjit Now Jack loved Jack HE was the smart one But Dancia Hell, you let a guy that s half ass good looking pay her a little attention and her brain slides right out of her head and lands at her feet as a pile of excrement She choose Cam over Jack Are you friggen insane Cam the guy that s been watching and lying to her the whole time The guy that has been using powers of persuasion on her the whole time Not, I repeat, NOT the guy that showed her the truth, that was a true friend for her Not the guy that was there for her when she needed someone Not the guy that tried to get the idjit to open her eyes and see the danger that was around her Dumbass.I m sorry I just can t get behind a book that has such an idiot as the main I refuse I would of even swallowed my disgust at yet ANOTHER love triangle and gone along with it if she wasn t so spineless but seriously The fact that this chick can t even use a little common sense and all it takes is for a guy to look at her for her to become a drooling pile does not inspire any warm feelings And since I went ahead and looked at the previews for the next book and saw Jack wasn t in it FORGET IT I don t care I say to Jack, where ever he might be in literary land Run And don t bother coming back for this one She s a moron You know you ll just have to save her over and over and over again if you do because all it takes is a good looking guy and she ll lose all common sense and end up doing something stupid sage nod #DOWNLOAD BOOK â The Candidates Û Dancia Lewis Has A Secret Problem Whenever She Sees Someone Threaten A Person She Cares About, It S A DisasterCars Skid Structures Collapse Usually Someone Gets Hurt So Dancia Does All She Can To Avoid Getting Close To Anyone, Hoping To Suppress Her Powers And Stay Under The Radar But When Recruiters From The Prestigious Delcroix Academy Offer Her A Scholarship, She Accepts After All, It S A School For Diplomats Kids And Prodigies, Not B Students With Uncontrollable Telekinetic Tendencies Or Is It This Captivating Debut, The First In A Series, Puts A Paranormal Twist On Private School First off I must say that I love, love, LOVE the premise of this book I have always been fascinated by shows like Dollhouse and Nikkita where young individuals are trained to be kick butt superheroes spies the likes of, able to take on the world and all of that jazz But then throw in paranormal elements where those individuals are not only kick butt with their ninja assassin spy like skills, but kick butt with their ninja assassin spy like skills AND paranormal abilities, and you get a perfect combination this book.When I first read that Danica was 14 years old I rolled my eyes, thinking What am I getting myself into Even as a young adult I am still a young adult right Peter Pan Syndrome panic attack , I oftentimes find it difficult to relate to characters on the younger end of the young adult spectrum because I find that they worry too much about trivial things and whatnot but I didn t find myself thinking that at all while reading this book, in fact I forgot that she was 14 she seemed to be much older, as she was such a strong female with a good head on her shoulders.Heck, even the so often overplayed in YA books love triangle didn t really bother me As for the boys Well, me being the lover of the underdog that I am, Jack had me from the get go Danica and him share a bond like no other and after being dealt such a happy hand in life I really think that he deserves all of the happiness he can get As for Cam Well, he doesn t really do anything for me I don t know what it is about him, but I just can t make myself love the pretty boy jock popular boy though I will admit that learning a bit about him and his intentions towards the end of the book did boost him up a teeny tiny bit in my eyes.I found their abilities to be so gosh darn unique And I cannot help but want to know about them This ain t your typical paranormal YA book folks there ain t no mention of sparkly werewolves hot yet underage werewolves anywhere well, at least not yet All in all I think that this is an amazing book and I will be the first in line to buy the next book in the series So glad I finally picked up this book out of my TBR pile The boarding school and the two heroes were awesome I think I m TeamJack though Excited to read about the various powers the kids at this school have and what they re going to do with them. WOW This book has just amazed me From the very beginning it was mysterious, keeping all the secrets, from me demanding me to read on to discover the truth At first, when I started this book I was a little skeptical I kept thinking that maybe I might get bored with it, but it soon proved me wrong.Dancia is scared Scared for her life as well as others Always living under the radar, never doing anything to draw attention to herself, she finds it impossible that she has gotten a full ride into the Delcroix Academy There she finds friends, love and most importantly herself I love Dancia Her character was one I admired right away for her selflessness She always thought of others before herself, and always thought of different ways to do things The love interest in this book was maddening I mean, two great completely cute boys and even I couldn t decide who to side with Jack or Cam Jack or Cam The attraction she held with both of them was great The drama, plot and the way the whole story paned out was perfect The ending for me was just right With all the went on, it was a good touch.Now for the secret It was not at all what I was expecting although I was kind of right The paranormal touch to it was one I seen before, so I wasn t as impressed But the writing of the book, kept me well in the dark and always looking for I am definitely looking forward to read the next book. My experience with books that delve into the realm of the paranormal has rarely been a positive one I always seem to get my hands on the books that have super lame, female main characters But, The Candidates showed me strong female lead characters can exist in these types of books Dancia Lewis was awesooooome In the beginning, she struggled with low confidence, but over the course of the book she begins to grow into a strong minded and independent young woman Her confidence is on occasion punctuated with moments of self doubt, but she always manages to pull through I think this is the kind of growth I ve been missing in so many of the books I ve read in the past few years with female main characters And, the fact that her newly confidence waivers on occasion makes Dancia seem real to me what young adult hasn t grown up experiencing this My only frustration with Dancia is she seems much older than she really is If she hadn t said she was 14 year old and just entering high school, I would have assumed she was about to graduate high school She s really mature for her age, and she doesn t seem as self involved as other female characters I ve read about On one hand, this was a breath of fresh air On the other hand, it wasn t entirely believable I was 14 once and I know 14 year olds we were never that mature and aware.The romance in this book doesn t make me cringe For once There are two possible love interests for Dancia There is Jack, a freshman like Dancia, who comes across as a bad boy and totally unapproachable to those who don t know him Then there is Cam, the eleventh grade heart throb the All American type, if you will Like most teenagers, she is at times preoccupied by the thoughts of these two boys, but it s not constant Dancia isn t another Bella Swan The romantic relationship she develops isn t even rushed I just find it absolutely frustrating that characters always go for the love interest opposite of who I would choose Seriously Dancia, why couldn t you choose just kidding The pacing in the novel was a little slow, but this didn t make me read it with any less vim Much of the action takes place in the last quarter of the book, and once I got there, I couldn t read or turn the pages fast enough Otherwise, there was a lot of background information offered in this book I have to assume this means the next book is going to be totally action packed and full of win Regardless of the pacing of The Candidates this was a book I simply could not put down.I thought the only noteworthy downfall for this book was the lack in descriptions of the setting I understand Delcroix Academy is a big, brick, square doughnut shaped building sitting on the top of a hill, but I m perplexed about what the inside of the building looks like In my head, I imagined the inside of the Academy to look the same as my old high schools, which I m sure is hardly the case I would hope the inside of Delcroix is significantly pristine and grand But, since there weren t too many descriptions, I couldn t imagine it any other way.Overall, the book was awesome I loved the characters, and I m really intrigued by the storyline I can t wait to find out what happens next, so I m especially eager for the second book to hit shelves From the onset, it s pretty clear that Dancia is supposed to be an average, run of the mill character that teenage girls everywhere should be able to relate to With her average, grades, average appearance, less than impressive wardrobe, and no money or classy possessions to show off, Dancia has pretty much resigned herself to a life less lived Except, although she seems unwilling to admit it, there is something exceptional about her She has an odd kind of power and can make things happen with her mind She doesn t understand it, she can t really control it, but whenever she ends up using it, bad things happen Dancia chooses to ignore her power and enters the big fat land of denial.The Delcroix Academy recruits her She doesn t understand why Delcroix is supposed to be for talented people, and talent is something she s seriously lacking Still, there is no possible way they could know about her abilities, right That couldn t really be why they want her, could it Jack seems to think so He s another recruit, just like Dancia No special, obvious talents unless you count a juvie record and a bunch of failed efforts under his belt But Dancia senses something special about Jack immediately Something special, in her kind of way Just when Dancia starts getting close to Jack, Cam puts himself in her line of vision Dancia doesn t understand his newfound interest in her he is the most attractive guy in school after all but when his attention seems unrelenting, Dancia allows herself to roll with it Suddenly, she finds herself caught in the middle of a love triangle Has the world gone completely mad Except, she doesn t like Jack Honest She likes Cam Smart, funny, handsome Jack is nothing but a troublemaker So why, if she feels nothing for Jack, does the world stop spinning when he kisses her Then the truth comes out about why she was really recruited to Declroix, and all hell breaks loose.I found Dancia s naivety completely and utterly frustrating, but if I m honest with myself, the way she behaved is completely and utterly believable It s every girl s dream come true to have the school hearth throb chasing after you Unfortunately, I don t buy it Even though Cam does seem genuinely interested in Dancia, I refused to let myself believe its true I can t pin point it exactly, but there s just something about it that makes my stomach turn and not in a good way.Jack, on the other hand, is totally nuts about Dancia, but I m not entirely sure it s for the right reasons Is he interested in her because of her power, or does he really like her for who she is I can t tell yet, but I m really hoping it s the latter In case you didn t already figure it out, I m Team Jack.Delcroix Academy The Candidates starts off a little slowly, but once the action gets going, it becomes one of those novels that you just can t put down It s Inara Scott s first novel, and I m definitely going to be watching to see how this story pans out. WARNING Contains mild spoilers, but this book and its plot are so stupid it doesn t really matter whether I spoil it or not.The only way to enjoy this mess is by having a bleeding conjunctivitis in both eyes This is the supreme Fuck You to those of us who are still firmly set on defending the YA genre.If it wasn t for several wonderful YA books I read recently, I would be saying goodbye to YA forever I would barricade myself inside myepic fantasy cabin never to come out again I would dig a 10 feet ditch and fill it with hydrochloric acid in case some Harlequin YA failure decides to sneak inside my cabin Come to think of it, I may also put a huge gorilla to guard the back yard Make that two gorillas.With rabies.Plain and simply put male or female leads who are unpopular, unremarkable social outcasts don t bother me It s been done hundreds of times sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn t No big deal there.Here s what I cannot tolerate Disloyalty.A weak, disloyal bad friend disguised as strong heroine , Dancia is every YA TSTL Mary Sue there is out there She has the personality of a dry leaf, the brains of an amoeba, and she s insufferably whiny and repetitive.Dancia is a poor girl who lives with her grandma in a poor neighbourhood in a poor town She goes to a poor kids school she probably has a poor backpack and ugly pencils and sits at a poor school desk.She also has the gift of telekinesis My oh my, she s so special.See There was a extraordinary girl underneath all that disgusting poverty She s also a social outcast cause she can t make friends apparently, friends are bad Friends would soon discover that she s a special, gifted freak of nature her words.She accepts a scholarship to Delcroix Academy a rich school for rich kids with expensive backpacks and shiny pencils and off she goes.But she won t make friends, cos friends are bad She won t even friend fun and charming Esther and Hennie, even though these two girls were nothing but kind to her not like the hourglass shaped girls she decides to hate on the spot because they have rocking figures and fabulous hair.So, in case I haven t made it clear She can t have friends.Esther and Hennie are totally cool girls plus they don t have perfect bodies so that must mean they re good people but she can t have friends because she s not there to make friends.Capiche Now, what does it take for Dancia to change her tune A hot boy.A hot boy with no personality to speak of, a hot boy who can t engage in any conversation longer than 5 minutes, let alone string a full paragraph A hot boy she doesn t even know or know the first thing about.But he s super hot At this point, I was still trying to give the book the benefit of the doubt I wanted to convince myself that Dancia deserved a chance in spite of her proving, page after page, to be a shallow useless blob of idiocy Strong heroine Hah, that s a good one If strength was measured in drool and dumbness then yes, she s fucking Conan.Dancia s life revolves around Cameron you know, the hot boy , her hobbies, choice of clothes, WORKOUT she had to be in shape for Cam , her choice of friends only the ones Cam would approve of Cam cherrypicks her friends and she doesn t have a problem with that because as long as he gives her some scrap of attention, she s happy and ready to live her lifeWhat would Cam thinkBecame the central question of Dancia s existence.However anyone can go from independent loner to co dependent loser in one day What would Cam say How would Cam react What would Cam think Cam, I have a fork, a knife, and a steak What do you think I should do next Cam, how do I wipe my ass Should I use toilet paper or take a shower How about I stick my ass out of the window and wait till it rains And that s not even the worst part, not even close There s also Jack Love triangles became a common theme in YA lit thank you, Stephenie I don t hate them and I quite enjoy them if done right, but it s certainly not my favourite plot device In this case, I actually wish there was a triangle here, because a love triangle would require stupid Dancia to give her indigent friend, Jack, the time of the day It would connote passionate feelings from Dancia instead of ignoring her one and true friend because Cam didn t like him.Cam and his friends the football jocks with the perfect muscles and heavy wallets make all sort of rude, deprecating comments about Jack and Dancia never, not even once stands up for him Fuck s sake, girl, have his back for once So, Jack He s someone Dancia friends on the bus to the Academy They sit together during several periods and he makes her laugh He s not a snob, he accepts her for who she is which is no small feat considering she doesn t have even the shadow of a personality, and doesn t join cliques to talk shit behind her back.But Jack is poor And homeless.Son of an abusive father and a meth addict mother, the kid lived in the streets and friended the wrong people His vision of life is so confused and marred by his horrendous childhood, the line that divides right from wrong is nothing but a smudge to him.Jack is the only character worth giving a shit about, and I felt terrible for him during the entire book.Back to Dancia she distances herself from him because Cam told her to Cam said so.He also wants Dancia to hang out with his viperous ex girlfriend, and even though she s uncomfortable around her and doesn t think it s a good idea, she keeps her mouth shut and nods.Dear me, Dancia, what a blazing personality you have The rest of the story is pretty much blah, blah, blah to the second power Dancia keeps hating on the pretty girls just because she can she shrugs Jack off and treats him like a pariah and, of course, she keeps on trailing after Cameron like a pathetic puppy even though she has every reason to distrust him.Nothing important, or worth mentioning happens because this book is nothing but a collection of insipid anecdotes Dancia shits on Jack some , drools over her flaccid Ken and, just at the highest peak of convenience, she feels somewhat sorry for Jack and realises what a piece of shit of a friend she s been, and then gets mad at Kenny boy for about 10 minutes when she finds out thatOh, the twist I bet no one saw coming view spoiler He s been lying to her from day one hide spoiler Okay first off, how awesome is Dancia s Grandma Is that lady not an infinite pool of in your face wisdom I did not get nearly enough of Granny this time around.As for the actual novel I thought it was a little slow at times, but there was a lot of background information that was presented I m thinking hoping that this is going to set us up for something extremely awesome in book two Speaking of book two, after the ending in book one, I need the sequel, like now The mystery surrounding the school is one of the main aspects of the novel that kept me reading I wanted to know what exactly Delcroix Academy was and why exactly they chose Dancia and Jack, when they were so different from the other students And even though we re given a glimpse of the secret at the end of the novel, I have a feeling there is so much going on You ll be on the end of your seat trying to figure this one out I m just hoping that Dancia hasn t gotten herself in deeper than she should have..The two other characters that were prominent in the novel besides Dancia are Cam and Jack These two characters could be different And even though Jack is the one with the bad boy exterior I can t help but feel a little uneasy about Cam I don t want to say much about it, but I think you ll see what I mean.Overall, The Candidates is well written, entertaining read, with a unique twist I m eagerly awaiting book two