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At Fourteen, Ginger Bryant Has A Pony, A Gun Of Her Own, And Freedom To Roam The Countryside As She Pleases With Her Friend, Chaska, Grandson Of A Sioux Chief But Sioux City, Gateway To The Dakota Territory, Is Mushrooming In The Spring OfNewcomers Outnumber The Early Settlers Like Ginger And Her Father And Their French And Indian Friends, And With The Arrival Of The First School Teacher, A Succession Of Events Begins That Changes Ginger's Carefree Life, Challenges Her Courage, And Brings Her Face To Face With The Problems Of Growing Up Forced To Attend The Newly Built School, Ginger Proves Herself An Able Scholar But She Has Little In Common With Her Fellow Students, For Her Sympathy For The Indians And Understanding Of Their Problems Alienates Her From Her Own Kind However, When Marauding Indians Threaten To Attack The Townleft With Only Token Forces While Union And Confederate Troops Battle In Other Parts Of The CountryGinger Uses Her Knowledge Of The Indians And Their Ways To Avert Bloodshed How She Proves Her Bravery And Resourcefulness, And How She Is Rewarded By The Grateful Townspeople, Makes A Fitting Climax To This Exciting Chronicle Of A Frontier Town And Its Young Heroine Ginger was raised on the Dakota frontier and must adjust to the town growing with new settlers. She identifies with the Indians and sees the injustices against them and is able to facilitate a peaceful reconciliation between the two communities.
This book was published in 1961 and is not PC by 2020 standards.

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