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This is Dostoyevsky s final novel and the one that lots of people see as his best A father dies and we see and hear how each of his sons were part of it It s psychologically complex and dark, and is a thesis writer s dream Nobody does rage, revenge and remorse quite like Dostoyevsky. [[ Free E-pub ]] ↲ The Brothers Karamazov ⇲ The Brothers Karamazov, Completed In NovemberJust Two Months Before Dostoyevsky S Death, Displays Both His Mastery As A Storyteller And His Significance As A Thinker In This Volume, Dr Leatherbarrow Shows That Far From Being Merely A Philosophical Religious Tract, The Brothers Karamazov Is An Enjoyable And Accessible Novel He Discusses Its Major Themes, Including Atheism And Belief, The Nature Of Man, Socialism And Individualism, And The State Of European Civilization, Focusing Particulary On Those Themes Of Justice, Order And Disorder, In Whose Revolutionary Treatment He Sees The Real Significance Of This Literary Landmark This is one of my favorite books As in Crime and Punishment, Dostoyevsky, who had endured Siberian prisons, battled addictions and overcome severe disappointments, boldly confronts questions of good and evil in this his magnum opus It is a story of patricide, the meaning of human freedom, and the depth of forgiveness Some highlights are the parable of the Grand Inquisitor and the supreme character development of the protagonist, Alyosha It is definitely worth rereading. This is the book that got me reading It took an entire summer He covers so many subjects and uses such beautiful language, and still manages to interweave a nail biting mystery that keeps you on your toes until the very end. This book was tortuous to read It felt like 3 different long winded stories sewn together I understand that it was originally supposed to be split into 2 volumes and that Dostoevsky wrote it towards the end of his life He had lost a son and had become a recluse.I picture an old man sitting in a candlelit room day in and day out obsessively penning a story that has become an extension of himself I respect it but I found the long philosophical passages unnecessary and infuriating I prefer Crime and Punishment for its concise and captivating storytelling Perhaps one day I ll revisit this book Maybe I am too young to appreciate its intricacies. What can you say when your are reading an admitted classic I m enjoying this book, but have been wrestling with finding the time to read Instead, I ve been setting it down in favor of a P G Wodehouse binge of Jeeves and Wooster.What does that say about me What does it say about my current devotion to THIS book I m not sure, but I WILL pick it up again, and anticipate that my enjoyment will continue. I m glad I read this book It is not an easy book to read, but like most Russian novelists, Dostoyevsky writes with passion and detail The central theme of God Satan Evil Charity etc are woven in this book with great skill The Brothers are an interesting case study into the Russians culture and soul at the end of the 19th century Now on to something less heavy..I guess a son killing a father or did he is a pretty heavy topic. As good, but different, on the second read I had remembered the Grand Inquisitor s speech as revelatory the first time around in my 20s , and the rest of the novelor less supporting material Thirty years later I am interestedin the particulars of Zosima and Alyosha s faith, and my reaction to them Novel as Rorschach, I guess. One of my ALL time favorite books ever.Fyodors portrayal of Alyoshka and the conversation he has with the master monk, chapter entitled The Grand Inquisitor is one of the finest metaphors of our misguided love of organized religion as exists. some of the best argument for an against Christianity presented in a beautiful context, as lived by the lives of the characters in the story Not exactly a page turner, but rebellion and the grand inquisitor stick out as being the centerpiece of the novel.