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Knowing yourself, and learning to love yourself as you are, is the beginning of beauty I think the most important thing is to show off what s most beautiful about you and to hide what s less beautiful Sonia RykielFirst off that cover was simply amazing I loved it Second, I enjoy a good Beauty and the Beast story and this one the author knocked out of the park I was also grateful that it was a free offering onthank youRating MA mature audience listen to me carefully MATURE AUDIENCE graphic, erotic yep Seriously, this one will steam the wallpaper off the walls Even my contacts steamed up Just saying you have been warned.Not having read this author before I waltzed into this story fat dumb and happy Within a short time period I was completely lost in the story All the elements for a good BB story were present a night shrouded in darkness, fog, a shadowy figure hidden by the night shadows, a woman screams in the darkness, running from a villain dressed only in her gown and night rail, and a hero saving her from a fate worse than death Yeah, it was good This was a short story at 15 chapters I was able to read it in one sitting Although it moved quickly, I never felt cheated It was as though our author made every word count We were given just enough information to move the story along but not bog it down Although there were questions regarding the back story between out hero and the villain it was not the main focus of this story yet it was a driving force This was the relationship between the beauty and the beast I didn t care what ticked off the villain.Lady Thessaly was running from her wastrel step father Archibald Fairington, who had sold her to the local abbess Now, before you start thinking of Shakespeare s get thee to a nunnery speech you have to know that saying has a double meaning Yes, in Christian terms an abbess is the Mother Superior over a cloister of nuns however, in this case abbess also referred to a female brothel keeper So dear step father had sold her to the local whore house Yeah, great guy the slime bag rat bastard Love is the beauty of the soul Saint Augustine Lord Victor Mayhew, Viscount Norcross, spent his days sleeping and nights walking the streets of Bath between his home and the baths The soothing waters helped to ease the tensions in his scarred body and also soothed his soul On one faithful night he heard a woman s scream in the darkness and not because she had seen his face She was running for her life When virtue and modesty enlighten her charms, the lustre of a beautiful woman is brighter than the stars of heaven, and the influence of her power it is in vain to resist AkhenatonI loved the interactions between Lord Norcross and Lady Thessaly OMG From the moment they first met the chemistry was electric The writing was hot, sensual, and steamy Even my contacts fogged up This was hot, sexual and just plain erotic I loved this couple I loved the beauty in this relationship because she was not only beautiful on the outside but beautiful on the inside He was ever the beast on the outside and inside due to his tortured soul I felt for him as a betrayal of the worst sort was the cause of his scars True to any good BB story, this beauty helped to heal his tortured soul as well I wanted to cry with joy as he began to trust her love Oh, I loved the part where she slowly brought him out of the darkness and into the light Well done Editing yeah, there be errors made vs maid, fianc e when referencing the male fianc male and fianc e female , missing words and articles enough to pull me from the story That was too bad 4.5 stars round to 5 The Beast of Bath A Regency Fairytale is definitely the best Beauty and the Beast re telling I ve read so far It s a sweet novella with just the perfect balance of angst and romance It doesn t suffocate you with too much poignancy or maudlinness as is usual in BB themes It s just perfect Good pacing, well structured plot, and likeable characters Pragmatic, brave and understanding, Thessaly was the perfect heroine for Victor I liked the fact that the brooding hero didn t push her away too much, not letting his insecurities consume his chance at happiness Thessaly and Victor were amazing together, and the sexual tension between them was palpable even early on in the story The love scenes were very sensual without going overboard And while others may fault it for its simplicity, the plot was just right for its purposes There is beauty in simplicity, you know.This was just perfect for me Simply perfect And I can t fangirl enough about it. [Free Ebook] ☹ The Beast of Bath ♡ Lord Victor Mayhew, Viscount Norcross, Lives In The Shadows, Hiding His Scarred Face From Those Who Would Fear Him Or Worse, Pity Him He S Become Accustomed To The Dark, And To The Aching Loneliness That Is His Only And Constant Companion But While Traversing The City In The Dark Of Night, He Encounters A Beautiful Woman Who Is Running For Her Life Lady Thessaly Shade Has Discovered That The Prettiest Of Faces Can Hide The Ugliest Of Hearts While Lord Norcross Keeps His Face Carefully Concealed From Her, He Cannot Hide The Fact That He Is A Man Of Honor, A Man For Whom The Word Gentleman Is A Way Of Life And Not Merely An Honorary Title With No Way To Repay Him For His Kindness, For His Courage In Aiding Her At Great Risk To Himself, Thessaly Bargains With The Only Thing She Possesses Of Value Herself Can She Convince Him To Trust Her, To Believe That She Can See Beyond The Scars He Bears To The Man He Is Or Will He Push Her Away Out Of Fear And Retreat Into The Loneliness That He Knows So Well The Beast Of Bath Is A , Word Novella Previously Published In The Wicked Fairytales Anthology I ll have that beast in my bath anytime Ding Dong Kat Valentine You were so right I did indeed love reading Victor and Thessaly s story.This was my kind of meat and potato pie But because it s a quickie, we didn t get the pie crust, the potatoes or any of the added trimmings just the meat And oh boy oh boy, did I love that meat.So based purely on my own personal enjoyment factor, it s 5 from me. You make me feel like a man again, and not like a thing to be feared or reviled I am so happy I decided to grab my free copy of this novella when it was shortly on promotion onAnd I m also happy that I decided to read it last night.The story is short and sweet, with some erotic scenes so, be warned that I found actually added to the story, so, all in all, it was a nice surprise.The biggest twist in this Regency retelling of Beauty and the Beast is probably the lack of magical elements curses, hem And the result is originally a good one Of course, the great narrative techniques of the author help to draw the readers into the story and keep them turning the pages till the very end.My main issue with the book was the length Whereas I don t think the novel should have been much longer, I do believe some scenes could have been further developed to addtension, tenderness and other feelings that were left for the reader to build.All in all, it was a nice, sweet read And, if you have the time, you should definitely check it out 3 Quickie Beauty and the Beast Stars I enjoyed this Beauty and the Beast remake It was a very quick short read, so there was some serious insta everything But I still loved both MC and I needed a filler story this evening so it worked well for me If you like BTB stories, give it a go Happy reading Very good Regency version of the classic fairytale The writing is excellent, keeping the tension and mystery nicely balanced with the romance that develops between Lady Thessaly and Lord Norcross It IS a fairytale, so readers shouldn t expect in depth characterizations We have the very good Thessaly , the very bad Neville and the very tormented Norcross.I would ve likedexplanation of how Norcross survived the ordeal that scarred him Was he rescued If so, by whom I also don t understand why Neville changes from his stated plans near the end of the story.Despite that, this is a satisfying novella length story Rated MA with some steamy bedroom scenes. Nothing much to say here Re telling of the Beauty and the Beast story, cannot really remember much about it Others have done it better, I m afraid Just a bit bland.Should have tried this Have you ever read a book and everything is so familiar that you think you must have read this before That kept happening to me in this one Finally I realized that I hadn t read it before, it was just so filled with the expected tropes that there wasn t an original thought or idea in the entire book.Same old idea, different time.The hero is scarred, so therefore a beast He saves the heroine from the clutches of her evil stepfather who is selling her to a whorehouse and then marries her to help But, of course, she is not allowed to see his disfigured face There is plenty of sex in the dark, so the smut is there, but she is determined to see his face and inner beauty blah blah blah everything you expectThe good news the book is free onright now I have a weakness for free books Well, free anything really And, weakness in general I guess what I m saying is that I m a hot mess. 2.5 Light and Fluffy StarsThis is a novella so like with all short stories not much can be said, but here are my impressions.The good 1 It s a Beauty and Beast retelling 2 The plot unfolded at a fast pace, so I wasn t bored 3 I liked the hero and heroine both.The bad 1 The writing could have beenemotional funny or angsty Either way, just give me a reason to care 2 The main characters felt superficial because insight into their psyches and motivations seemed sparse The servants, who appearedlike caricatures than fleshed out characters, could have been directly pulled from the 1991 animated Disney movie.3 Finally, the grammatical errors were minor, but they still stood out and distracted me.