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This is a bad joke The book ends with a huge cliffhaging, like a big bad one and after 2 years there is no second book.If you dont mind to be left in the open go ahead and read it, otherwise, do not waste your time. [Download Kindle] ☹ The Bad Boy Has Fallen: A My Bad Boy Neighbor Bonus Chapter (English Edition) ♷ Promise Me That One Dayone Day, Kaiyoull Come Up To Her And TryKai Asher The Bad Boy Has Fallen, And The School Nerd Is To BlameAnd For Whatever Reason, He Couldnt Find The Courage To Ask Her OutSo Much For His Playboy StatusWhos The Lucky Nerd Will The Bad Boy Ever Get To Make An Impression Find Out These And In This Intriguing Good Girl Meets Bad Boy Short Story, And Be Sure To Follow Them On Desirae Clark S New Book, My Badboy Neighbour Grab Your Copy Now You are a FANTASTIC writer I really cannot wait to read I follow you on Wattpad, but sadly I cannot find the whole book on to buy it so I can finish reading it since some of the chapters were taken off on Wattpad I would really love to read the rest of your book though Like I don t like when other people bullied another person And then the good people that get bullied sometimes don t defend themself. I love this book but the only thing is that I don t have money to buy it I would totally recommend it to my sister and friends I just feel like this story is really good and it kinda teaches you something about that it doesn t matter if your a nerd people shouldnt treat you like trash I really do like the story I think she took her time making it and think about it and Is well writin and done