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Sienna Wilson is happy in the city She is a head of obstetrics in a large Sydney hospital, has a lifestyle many would envy and Sergeant McCabe for the occasional romantic interlude When she receives a call, or a demand, to investigate a medical problem concerning three babies in the outback town of Spinifex, she is less than impressed Sienna likes her comforts She does not do outback But neither can she turn her back on mothers and babies in need Her plan is to get in and out of Spinifex as quickly as possible.In Spinifex, Sienna meets Alma, owner of the pub and a woman with her own secrets that haunt her She also meet the young barmaid, Maddy with issues of her own Then there is Douglas McCabe But he doesn t seem to want to co operate with Sienna s plans for romance while in Spinifex.I must admit early on I got a little tired with Sienna and the constant references to the physical attributes of Douglas I also was a little bemused that people could not tell when someone was heavily pregnant despite the loose clothes The story takes a turn that ramps up the action when Sienna starts her investigations into what caused the problem with the babies As well as this issue, domestic violence is one that raises its head The issue of being so isolated when medical emergencies and problems occur is well handled and increases tension The second half of the book I practically flew through There are some lovely warm hearted characters, prepared to give people a second chance, in this book Alma and Sienna s sister Eve, are two of them This is an interesting rural read and I really enjoyed it. This story took me to the outback for a journey that had me turning the pages meeting up with old friends making new friends and sharing heartache and happiness with them, MS McArthur writes stories that are filled with emotion and love, make yourself comfy because you won t want to put this one down once you start and I highly recommend that you read this one.Sienna Wilson is an Obstetrician doing exactly what she loves working in a big Sydney hospital there are no plans for marriage or children although she is very fond of police sergeant Douglas McCabe whom she met last year with her visit to Red Sands and they have had a few visits, but she has been asked again by outback matriarch Blanche McKay to investigate abnormal births in the town of Spinifex and ever the investigator off she goes and happily as that is where Douglas is stationed But never does she realize that her life will change so much once she gets there.Douglas is a quiet man he lives by the rules of life and is there to protect at all costs but his feelings are turned upside down by the gorgeous Sienna they live in such totally different worlds Sienna is all for the high flying city life and Douglas loves his outback life but there is a spark, a pull between them that really can t be denied and with so much happening in the town they are pulled closer together.When Sienna arrives in Spinifex she shocked by the changes that happen to her making friends with pub owner Alma and young Maddy who works in the bar, there is so much going on in this town that worry Sienna and you can see the beautifulness of Sienna coming to the surface and Douglas and her relationship moves ahead Oh what can I say other than I loved this story there were tears there were smiles and yes there was tension, but above all there was strength and love as friendships opened up, new lives are created and families are together.Thank you MS McArthur for another fabulous story that is going to stay with me for a long time to come, beautifully written fabulous engaging characters that have become friends, the setting is awesome I really must visit the outback one day, this is a book I highly recommend. The Baby Doctor is a lovely rural romantic suspense novel that highlights the importance of kindness to everyone Dr Sienna Wilson had it all Fantastic career as an obstetrician and a friend with benefits Sergeant Douglas McCabe However, her sister s mother law Blanche Mackay was worried about the number of babies being born with a disability called microcephaly Requested Sienna to come and investigate by donating a significant amount of money to her hospital The only benefit for Sienna was seeing Sergeant Douglas McCabe and her sister Eve However, this was not the case The readers of The Baby Doctor will continue to follow Sienna s investigation and see how Sienna became part of the community.I love reading The Baby Doctor I like Fiona McArthur portrayal of her characters At times I laugh while reading The Baby Doctor other times I cried Fiona McArthur did a lovely job of describing what happens in a violent relationship for everyone involved The readers of The Baby Doctor will learn about the dangers of radiation on unborn babies Also, readers of The Baby Doctor will learn about the role and procedures of rural law enforcement officer The Baby Doctor also highlighted the other problems family violence causes.I recommend this book. Readers familiar with Fiona McArthur s Red Sand Sunrise will be delighted to reacquaint themselves with obstetrician gynaecologist Dr Sienna Wilson While Sienna s sister, Callie, and half sister, Eve, are settled in the Queensland outback, Sienna was always adamant the heat, dust and isolation was not for her, and at the beginning of The Baby Doctor, she is the Director of Obstetrics at a Sydney hospital, enjoying the benefits of her success.Sienna is exasperated when outback matriarch, Blanche McKay, overrides her objections and insists that she personally investigate the cause of three newborns affected by microcephaly in a remote outback town, only marginally less so when she learns Sargeant Douglas McCabe, with whom she has enjoyed the occasional dalliance, is based there Left with no choice, Sienna reluctantly heads to Spinifex, population 300, determined to solve the medical mystery, and return to her life in the city within the week.Housed in the local pub, The Desert Rose owned by the indomitable Alma Toms, at Blanche s expense, Sienna is eager to begin her investigation While McCabe refuses to let Sienna stay in his police residence, concerned at least in part about propriety, he does allow her to set up an office in his spare room, and she hires Maddy, a young woman who works at the pub to assist her with administrative tasks for an hour or so a day.Alma and Maddy become important characters in the story Alma who is nearly 70, is a bit of a cliche, the tough publican with a heart of gold, but delightful all the same Maddy is barely 21, and keeping a desperate secret from everyone she knows Maddy proves to be an incredibly resourceful young woman despite the situation she is in, and her story, sensitively told by McArthur, sheds light on an important issue.Sienna s relationship with McCabe is complicated Despite their strong attraction to one another and McArthur nails the chemistry between them , they are such polar opposites and there seems no way for them to reconcile their differences I do like the compromise they eventually reached though and I hope McArthur might explore this new setting further.Microcephaly is a rare birth disorder, but there are several possible causes which Sienna needs to eliminate I found her sleuthing interesting, especially considering the challenges she faces due to factors such as distance I also appreciate that McArthur brings to light issues in rural medicine The actual cause, when Sienna solves the mystery, seemed a little melodramatic to me, though it s clear McArthur did her research and the scenario is plausible, if not very likely.A story of resilience, friendship, and love, The Baby Doctor is an appealing rural romance with an edge of drama and suspense. This was a fantastic story, in fact I read it in one day it was bitterly cold here and a good excuse to read I had only ever read Aussie Midwives by Fiona so was keen to read one of her fiction titles This tells the story of Sienna a high powered Obstetrician who is asked by a friend of hers to come to an outback town to investigate the mysterious arrival of 3 babies with a devastating medical condition over a short period of time Maddie who works at the local pub also is faced with devastating circumstances and is the victim of an abusive relationship with her boyfriend Alma who runs the local pub also has secrets All their stories are woven together in an unputdownable story that just kept me turning those pages till the end I discovered that it is a sort of follow up to Fiona s earlier novel Red Sand Sunrise, but was a good standalone novel I must go and read Red Sand Sunrise now It has a bit of everything suspense, romance, country life and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The Baby Doctor was a perfect read at the perfect time for me I wanted a book that was smart, sexy and dramatic but never expected to find all that and in the one story I honestly didn t want this book to end, I enjoyed it so much The characters are strong, the plot is a delight and the romance is hot yet sweet Plus it adds a medical mystery That all adds up to a book that is just right for me.The central character is Dr Sienna Wilson, who some may remember from Red Sand Sunrise as Eve s sister Sienna s a bit of a prickly sort she loves her heels, fast cars and city living The one thing she is definitely not up for is a trip to the outback, but her sister s mother in law has enough money to demand that Sienna is released from her job as Director of Obstetrics in a Sydney hospital So somewhat reluctantly, Sienna puts her coffee machine in her Mustang yes, you read that correctly and drives to central Queensland Only two things are motivating her to find out the cause of microcephaly small head from abnormal brain development in a number of local babies and that her casual fling, Sergeant Douglas McCabe, also lives in the tiny town of Spinifex What Sienna gets in town is completely different Douglas is very conscious of his standing in the tiny town and isn t open to her living in his house, nor flaunting their relationship She also didn t expect a pregnant woman with a secret and a gruff publican with a heart of gold, both who become good friends There is drama aplenty in Spinifex, as Sienna researches the potential causes of the birth defects and Maddy s secret becomes harder to hide.I really liked Sienna in Red Sand Sunrise as a no nonsense, blunt doctor with no maternal tendencies whatsoever It was great to read that she was finally getting her own story She s stubborn and unwilling to bend think heels in the desert but she s tenacious and loyal to those she loves It was also great to see Eve again and catch up with her life post her happy ever after While I adore Sienna, I also had a very soft spot for Douglas He s a man with two very different sides to him the conservative, tough policeman and the soft, caring man underneath His actions definitely make him a hero in my eyes The Baby Doctor is full of drama, but Fiona McArthur writes in such a way that it didn t seemed forced or too much It felt like a logical progression of the plot with nothing out of place Plus, you just know that nothing will be simple with Sienna around Adding in the characters of Maddy and Alma added in extra layers of friendship, making Sienna seem real and less tough I enjoyed Maddy s story nearly as much as Sienna s She was coming from a completely different place with different problems yet the two characters complemented each other.The Baby Doctor is one of my favourite reads for 2017 brilliant story, great characters and unputdownable Thank you to Penguin for the copy of this great book My review is honest.http samstillreading.wordpress.com .FREE PDF ☦ The Baby Doctor ⚆ The New Medical Rural Romance From Bestselling Author And Midwife Fiona McArthurThe Right People Turn Up In Your Life At The Right Time If You Let Them Sienna Wilson Is Living Her Dream In The City A Rewarding Obstetrics Job In A Leading Hospital, An Apartment With A View, And Handsome Sergeant McCabe On Call Whenever She Needs Him The Last Thing She Wants Is A Posting To Investigate A Medical Mystery In A Remote Outback TownBut On Arrival In Spinifex, Sienna Is Brought To Life In New And Exciting Ways In A Community Riddled With Secrets, She Meets Troubled Young Barmaid Maddy, And Tough Publican Alma, Both With Their Secrets To HideAs They Draw Strength From Each Other, New Friendships, New Loves And New Babies Are Born, Proving That When Strong Women Join Forces, They Can Overcome Even The Greatest Odds This was a great read involving a fantastic storyline and many characters with depth and stories of their own They come together in a small outback town in the chase for a cause to three infants being born around the same time with microcephaly The story contains so much action that you are not sure what is going to happen next This was a fantastic read I can t recommend highly enough Strong characters, humour, issues, tension, drama This was great on all fronts The only little let down was the boys felt a bit wooden but that might just be because all the female characters and there were quite a few were amazing in there own right I loved the interactions, the softness hardness of each of the women in really different challenges A total recommend Oh I just love, love, loved this book I read it super fast because it was easy to do with a really lovely story entwined between 3 women Sienna was a magnificent character I ve not read Red Sand Sunrise but will add it to my long TBR Thanks FM for a lovely few days immersed in love