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3 5 starsYou can find all my reviews here Happily ever after, my hairy ass An interesting concept, Snow wakes up from the Prince s kiss but she doesn t wake up right Rather than the fun and beautiful an in this interpretation, vulgar girl she was before she has become a Horror, this story s equivalent of a zombie It is a very, very vulgar story that actually managed to make me uncomfortable at times That s saying a lot because in real life I unintentionally cuss like a sailor, apparently my subconscious is a potty mouth It did give a reason for the constant cussing but I was still abundant throughout the entire book.It was told from multiple points of view In some ways, how you got insight into a character s mind and background, it was nice, but overall it just managed to make the story jump around An event would happen but in the next chapter you were back before the event took place My favorite part of the story was learning about the background of each of the dwarves Some people may argue that it is filler and unneeded but I have a huge interest in psychology, specifically behavior and why happened to cause that behavior For me, the insight into how they got taken in by Bones Doc was what made this story special.In the end, I had enjoyed the experience but the way it ended with nothing solved and an even bigger problem added to the mix upset me greatly Yes, I do want to read the second book and see if things get resolved I also am annoyed that the reason I want to read the next book isn t because I loved the writing in the first book, but rather because I want the real ending that the first book didn t have It hurts, yes Don t let that stop you Don t let pain or fear stop you Keep rubbing, and you will mold that stone that darkness to your will. Review to come @DOWNLOAD BOOK ⚶ That Risen Snow: A Scary Tale of Snow White & Zombies (Scary Tales, #1) Í Book One Of The Scary Tales A Killer SerialThe Zombie Sequel To Snow White Begins Where The Classic Fairy Tale Ends, With The Prince S Kiss Waking Snow From Her Cursed Slumber Snow Wakes Up, But She Doesn T Wake Up RightNow A Deranged Zombie, Snow Infects Both The Prince And The Seven Dwarfs Leader That Leaves The Young Dwarf Grouchy, Who Is Secretly In Love With Snow, To Find A Cure For Her Malicious Curse So Begins An Epic Journey That Pits The Lovesick Grouchy Against Dwarf Hating Human Soldiers, Snow S Ever Growing Zombie Horde, And His Own Bad TemperBut When Grouchy And His Motley Crew Of Survivors Escape Snow S Clutches And Seek Refuge In A Nearby Human Village, He Soon Finds That Her Affliction Has Spread Faster And Further Then He Ever Could Have Imagined Snow Is Hell Bent On Spreading Her Horrid Curse Across The Land, And It S Up To Grouchy To Stop Her Before It S Too Late Snow white wakes up only to come back as a zombie and turns the prince into one Can the dwarves stop her from turning everyone into zombies Read that risen snow and find out.I read this for free on wattpad and this was a pretty good zombie horror story Def check it out. I received this book free for review from the author or publisher in exchange for an honest review Despite the coolness of receiving a free book, I m absolutely candid about it below because I believe authors and readers will benefit most from honest reviews rather than vacuous 5 star reviews.Generally, I tend to follow a standard form for book reviews in which I give a tiny blurb indicating the story then outline positive and negative traits of the book In this case, I think the important thing is really to make sure you have a solid sense of what this book IS rather than try to analyze it because, well frankly, if this book is what you re looking for in a read then no matter what I say it won t make a lick of difference because this one is out there on the fringe and if you want the fringe then there s not a blasted thing anyone could say to keep you off the fringe.Essentially, this is an alternative fairy tale history of Snow White Though it doesn t tend to say that very often because of obvious copyright infringement issues Rather than waking from her deathly slumber when the price kisses her, she instead bites him on the neck and starts a zombie plague The rest of the book outlines the aftermath of that simple pestilent event in exceptionally gruesome and profanity filled detail This book has all the makings of a very sick horror cartoon If that s your thing then well, you ve found your thing Qualitatively, the writing is solid, though simple and doesn t hesitate to dive into the depths of grim detail It pulls the reader along nicely though it was a fair bit confusing to me trying to keep track of all the dwarf s pseudonyms since ostensibly their names are also copyright fodder In summary, if you like em gorey, grim and dark with a pinch of princess from a large corporation that shall not be named, this is your book PS I hope my review was helpful If it was not, then please let me know what I left out that you d want to know I always aim to improve. NetGalley book review I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I requested this book It looked like a neat read Another zombie book to check off my list This picks up right after Snow Whites kiss that awakes her But does it really I thought a lot of this was very inventive and enjoyable, but sometimes I just cringed at the writing If that had been better I would have enjoyed this a whole hell of a lot. I ll admit, I started this book with a far bit of trepidation, largely because these kind of mash ups can end up so very very bad But I found this both entertaining and amusing, although I m not sure whether I should have found it as funny as I did but hey I can t help my sense of humour This picks up where the traditional fairy tale ends with the Prince kissing Snow White but instead of happily ever after, Snow has become a zombie, which very quickly spreads to the Prince and the dwarfs The latter of whom are not the dwarfs that you remember from your childhood but instead are realistically named from the leader Bones to our main narrator Grouchy The story does get a little over the top and silly but for some reason this seems to work Whether this is because it is based on the eternally ridiculous fairy tale or for some other reason, I don t know but none of what happened seemed out of place, not the bear, the weird yet useful herbs, the appearance of random naked females, nothing There is only one real issue with this, the cruel cliffhanger that Boley leaves you on when you reach that final page So so harsh. Not dead, just sleeping.ok dead or undeadThis one is hard to review, the premise was decent though not wholly original and the execution was fine.bottom line though nothing in this novel wowed me One thing I really did like though in this iteration snow white was way deeper than her Disney interpretations. That was fun I love Disney movies I watched them over and over again as a kid This was no exception So when I found an interesting new take on Snow White The Seven Dwarves I was eager to pick this up I was not disappointed.The sevendwarves live in the woods and work in the mine, escaping their own horrors in a world where humans persecute dwarves After taking a bite out of a poison apple given to her by an old hag, Snow White is in a coma, sleeping until true love s kiss comes to awaken her The Prince, having fallen in love with her at first sight, comes to claim his girl, but gets than he bargains for when Snow White awakened by his kiss only wants one thing blood Grab meat Bite neck Flesh warm Swallow For one moment, cold fades Death fades Alive Meat cools Lifeless Ever forward Hunger.While quite short, this story was fast paced and kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time with near misses, and great background on characters The world is imaginative and is a far cry from the happily ever after ending in the Disney movie There are naked women, gore, swearing and inappropriate songs Jack took the maiden Jill to the top of the hillAnd reached under her resplendent chemise.Jill would have fought back but Jack used such skillOn every part of her he expertly seized.I adored the main character Grouchy learning his past, and about his true feelings for Snow He was sarcastic and dramatic and it was great to watch him grow through the book I don t often connect with characters in horror novels, as its usually a bad call, but in this case it was unavoidable My only complaint would be that cliffhanger ending Now I need to find out what happens to Grouchy.Cross posted at Kaora s Corner. The first 10% has been torture This was supposed to be a twisted dark fairy tale of Snow White with zombies Sounds great right The lines are so silly, like the author was trying to keep it kid like disney with made up words that sound like cuss words but aren t even words It felt like a Dumb and Dumber trying to talk over the kids while stuck in dwarf bodies Snow White She never did anything but bite and chew, no lines, no emotions, nothing Whinning I wanted a good fun nightmare My heart is broken.