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Suspense 5 stars Romance 4.5 starsI freaking loved this book.Excellent story, like an old fashioned classically written detective novel by Agatha Christie Murder on stage Murder out of love, hate, revenge the whole kaleidoscope of feelings and emotions As a huge fan of Agatha Christie, who read all her books approx 20 times but who counts lol , I know to enjoy a good suspense with a deep and creative background.Big plus excuse my heartlessness the 1st victim deserved to be murdered the world didn t lose, but gained And Eve rocked, as always This woman is my epitome of strength and sharp mind Romance From sweet and touching to passionate, hot and raw.I learn to like Roarke Well, with small steps, but I have further 36 instalments lol , so who knows wink I cannot give these books less than 4 stars I could do with a bit Roarke and Eve time When a celebrity is killed right before her eyes, New York detective Eve Dallas takes a new place in crime as both officer and witness to murder Two lost souls whose miserable beginnings had forged them into what appeared to be polar opposites.Love had narrowed the distance, then had all but eradicated it.She d saved him the first moment he d locked eyes with her As impossible as it should have been, she was his answer He was hers If it were done when tis done, then twere well it were done quickly Eve is thawing a bit in her relationship with Roarke She is beginning to accept that she is all that he needs and wants.Roarke is just perfect You know me, I love an alpha asshole Roarke is alpha alright but he is no asshole He is beautiful He is perfect LOL Did I already say that The now was what required his attention, he reminded himself And brooding over the past there was the Irish again solved nothing Whether the past was his or Eve s, it solved nothing She was beautiful Hurt and angry, passionate and pissed, she was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen You steal my breath, he murmured. #Download Epub à Witness in Death · Na Noite Em Que A Tenente Eve Dallas E O Seu Marido Roarke Assistem Estreia De Uma Pe A De Teatro Baseada Numa Hist Ria De Agatha Christie, Testemunham A Morte Ao Vivo De Richard Draco, O Ator Principal, Assassinado Por Uma Faca Real Em Pleno Palco Eve Rapidamente Se V A Assumir O Cl Ssico Papel Do Detetive Que Tem De Descobrir O Autor Do CrimeMas Todos Os Suspeitos Tinham Uma Raz O Para Desprezar A V Tima, Um Mis Gino Que Abusava De Mulheres, Incluindo Uma Que Sabia Ser Sua Filha O Conflito Emocional De Eve Torna Se Mais Intenso Medida Que Avan A No Caso Pois O Seu Pr Prio Passado Volta A Assombr La S Roarke Poder Proteg La E Tentar Curar Eve Do Negrume Desse Passado Se Falhar, Talvez N O Haja Um Futuro I absolutely love this series Ten books in and I still cannot get enough of these two main characters Roarke Eve, I adore both of them Then you have these wonderful side characters that continue to grow and shine in their own right There is Peabody, Feeney, McNabb and even a new addition, Trueheart Round them off with Galahad the family cat and you get this perfect blend of characters I won t go into the plot at all but I couldn t agree with a comment in a review I read where the reviewer said the book revolves around Agatha Christie That is such a perfect description In the end all the murder suspects are lured back to the stage where the crime took place and Eve works her magic I will say I had figured things out early on but I was still intrigued with how everything played out.When I flip the first page in each of these books I wonder how much Roarke and Eve time J.D Robb will give us And by this, I mean the romantic times While they do spend time together hunting down the murders and fighting the bad guys, I ache for the moments when it is just the two of them When Eve lets her guard down When it seems as though Roarke can t touch her enough In Witness in Death there were a few scenes that took my breath away but this one in particular was my favorite Eve had planned a romantic dinner for the two of them Something that was so not EveThe room was lit with dozens of white candles, and the fragrance of white candles, and the fragrance of them waltzed with the tender perfume of dozens of silver roses Crystal glinted, silver gleamed, and the romance of harp strings wept in the air In the midst of it, Eve stood in an alarm red dress that left her arms and shoulders bare as it skimmed down her long, slim body like an avid lover s hungry hands. Eve needed to give something back to Roarke because she felt he always said the right things, showed her how much he loved her and for her these things didn t come as easily She was a mess Her heart was a mess But Roarke was Roarke and simply gave her what she neededShe was beautiful Hurt and angry, passionate and pissed, she was the most beautiful creature he d ever seen You steal my breath, he murmured Darling Eve He lifted her hand to his lips What you ve done here means a great deal to me You, you mean everything to meThis scene just melted my heart It might seem like a simple love scene but for these two, nothing is simple Things get heated from thereI love the taste of you Her voice was husky now, soft It always makes me want Have I want you to say my name when I take you She teased his mouth with hers again, retreated, felt his body tighten like a bow against hers Say it so that I know nothing exists for you but me at that moment Nothing exists for me but you You re all there is I love your body, she murmured, slowly working open the buttons of his shirt I m going to spend a lot time enjoying it tonight I need you Eve I need you I know Tenderness washed into her, balm over a burn She cupped his face, lifted it Her lips met his, soft as a whisper Don t ever stop She opened for him, as she never had for anyone else For him, she could lay herself bare Body, heart, and mind And know, and trust, he would do the same Her heart swelled, matched its beat to his, and her arms wrapped around him like ribbons to draw him close I love you He watched her face as he slipped inside her Completely EndlesslyDo yourself a favor and check this series out It is AMAZING Death is just the last scene of the last act Joyce Carol OatesA murder is committed as the last act of a theater performance in front of the whole cast, crew and thousand s of people who have come to watch this play including Eve Dallas As the story progresses we come to know that the Theater world is filled with people who like to perform on stage and outside of it, that relationships are not that simple in this world and you never know who is acting and who is genuine. We also discover that the victim was in fact a Vile man but Eve Dallas is determined to seek justice even though the victim may have got what he deserved.There is blackmail and then another murder to silence the blackmailer.The ending was a surprise to me and I liked the note on which the story ended.There are few tribute s to Agatha Christie in this book I also love the futuristic setting of these stories and that is part of the main attraction for me, along with the mystery and of course Roarke.The problem in this story as in few of the previous one s is that either Eve is targeted by the killer or someone close to her gets involved and she becomes biased or emotionally conflicted due to this This is becoming a pattern now and hope this changes in the further books In this book one of the things she did was unacceptable but she did it to solve the case that s the justification and I didn t like it very much view spoiler The way she discloses the paternity to Carly was unacceptable hide spoiler Peabody, am I an ass kicker Are you asking to see my scars or is that a trick question Shut up, PeabodyOkay, I admit it, Eve s grouchy, rude personality is growing on me She kind of cracks me upGreat sweater, by the way Is it cashmere Baffled, Eve looked down at her navy turtleneck I don t know It s blueYeah, I can relate to not giving a damn about shopping She s lucky to have a husband who buys her nice things that she can t appreciate.So, in this book we have a murder that happens during a play because someone switched a prop knife for a real one The play was based on an Agatha Christie novel and this whole book gives a nod to the Agatha Christie feel There is Eve, the smart detective trying to unwind a murder where everyone is a suspect and everyone had motive Also, they are all actors, so the characters are all narcissistic liars which only complicates things.But, importantly than that, Eve has to figure out who is stealing her candy stash from her desk She s great at closing her murder cases, but this candy thief is too elusive for her She thought she had finally caught him when she found some guy in her officeI m Dallas, you candy stealing putz Well, jeez, jeez I m Lewis from Maintenance I got your new equipment What the hell are you talking about Let me smell your breath You got candy breath, I m going to pull out your tongue and strangle you with itThat sounds like a perfectly reasonable response to finding a potential candy thief to me.There must be a candy thief in my house too There is no way I ate all of those Reeses myself.Along with all of the laughs there is a great scene where Eve wants to kill her old computer in a painful way , I love how all of the characters are relating to each other at this point Roarke and Eve s relationship is beautifully written and has quite a few swoon worthy moments I like how the characters and story are progressing and developing as we go on I really like this series. Mix some J D Robb with some Agatha Christie and you get genius In the way of Christie, the murderer is obvious but hard to see.Reread July 2018 The plays the thing In this case the thing is murder Eve and Roarke have a night out at the theater Its an Agatha Christie mystery that quickly becomes too real Great book Another great installment in the In Death series I ve written so many reviews about these books, I m not sure how else to express my enjoyment In all of the books, Eve Dallas experiences emotional growth This book showed a great leap in her development, evident towards the end of the story It was very touching. Oh I am so enjoying my reread of this series This is number ten and it is still every bit as good as the previous nine books I realise the author has a formula which never changes from book to book but it does not matter at all It is what she does with that formula that counts and J.D Robb is a master.In this particular book everything revolves around Agatha Christie right down to the way the final scene plays out with all the possible murderers gathered together while Eve does the grand expos Of course lots of police work goes on before that to discover who dunnit and all our favourite characters are there including McNab, Feeney, Morris and even Trueheart who gets some important scenes of his own this time.And then of course there is all the stuff we read these books for the constant laugh out loud banter, the romance, the little things we know and love like the candy thief and Galahad, and of course the major moments between Eve and Roarke He even manages to make a real blunder this time which is very unusual for Mr Smooth Of course he redeems himself Just excellent Book ten in this series and I feel I m well and truly settled into it to the point where the characters have become old friends Roarke and Eve are still feeling their way in their lives together producing a few sparks and a lot of passion and romance There is a lot of humour in their relationship and both are learning to give and take from each other Peabody is enjoying her two men, classy outings with Charles and hot sex with McNab, but is good at hiding her true feelings from herself Fun to see Roarke giving out dating tips to McNab during their not quite legal incursions into police and locked files The plot is an engaging one based on an Agatha Christie theme with a murder committed during the opening night of of Ms Christie s plays and Eve convinced one of the cast or crew is responsible Her sleuthing to uncover the secrets and relationships of those involved is just as complex as a Christie novel including the final scene where she assembles the main players Poirot style to reveal the killer Always an enjoyable light read with great characters and fun plots.