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!Download Book ♡ Summoned to Thirteenth Grave ⚈ Grim Reaper Charley Davidson Is Back In The Final Installment Of Darynda Jones New York Times Bestselling Paranormal Series Charley Davidson, Grim Reaper Extraordinaire, Is Pissed She S Been Kicked Off The Earthly Plain For Eternity Which Is The Appropriate Amount Of Time To Make A Person Starkraving Mad But Someone S Looking Out For Her, And She S Allowed To Return After A Mere Hundred Years In Exile Is It Too Much To Hope For That Not Much Has Changed Apparently It Is BummerShe S Missed Reyes And Her Daughter, Beep, But Now That She S Back On Earth, It S Time To Put To Rest Burning Questions That Need Answers What Happened To Her Mother How Did She Really Die Who Killed Her And Are Cupcakes Or Coffee The Best Medicine It All Comes To A Head In An Epic Showdown Between Good And Evil In This Final Smart And Hilarious Novel 5 star review for the end of an era Darynda has taken us on an epic ride of love, laughter, coffee out the nose belly laughs I hate to see it end, but the best things always do that This series has been one epic ride that everyone should take I have followed Darynda since book one was released I ve waited on the edge of my seat for every one of these beautiful, breathtakingly masterful rides to come to light It s an end of one of the greatest series of all time This story is perfect, and while I refuse to let Reyes go, I know that this was the perfect way to accomplish it Through this journey, I ve cheered, cried a little Not admitting that out loud, loved, and cherished being allowed into the world Darynda has created I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us next Thank you for the beautiful journey, Darynda If you have not read this series, do it You won t be disappointed. I m patient I really am I will wait for this patientlyOoooohkay, I m not Not really I m a mess.I have no idea what I m going to do once this series endI ll need to find a hell of a good rebound series or two Just to get over this one I know the next thing Darynda Jones will give us will be just as compelling as all her work so far But this is going to be hard I already re read the hell out of Charley series it had yet to get old for me. The PERFECT ending to a fantastic series Charley Davidson series done but never forgottenT shirtWOW talk about going out with a bang This really was the perfect cherry on top of this wonderful Charley Davidson sundae or probably appropriate the whip on top of The coffee drink this really was an exceptional series and I have enjoyed every single minute I have spent with these wonderful characters I will miss them dearly and be looking forward to Beep s spin off.Charley has return to earth after being banished for 100 years 100 years without hair product and caffeine does not a happy Charley make she also comes home to a hell dimension having been opened and demons snacking on the citizens of Albuquerque throw in a serial killer and a kidnapper and you ve got a busy Charley what s so wonderful about the series is even though there s always a lot going on the main focus is on the characters and their relationships Charley s romantic relationship with the smoldering Reyes her brilliant friendship with Cookie, I don t know about the rest of you but I d love to go to lunch with these girls And i absolutely cannot forget uncle Bob, Amber, Garrett, Artimus, angel, and so many all the essential players are in this book and a lot of lingering questions are answered and there are some definite surprises, very welcome surprises If you are a fan of the series this is an absolute must If you aren t, do yourself a favor and pick up book one, I promise you will not be able to put it down until you get to book 13 Goodbyes are never easy, but farewell Charley and gang, thanks for the memories you will be missed this entire series is narrated by Lorelei King and she does an amazing job of bringing Charley to life I really could not imagine a better narrator for the series I really feel as though Lorelei and Darynda we re on the same page when it came to the characters in this series An absolute must listen Music running through my mind There were a couple of songs that really went through my head during this one, but this is the one that stuck with me the most That s great, it starts with an earthquakeBirds and snakes, and aeroplanesAnd Lenny Bruce is not afraidEye of a hurricane, listen to yourself churnWorld serves its own needs,Don t mis serve your own needsSpeed it up a notch, speed, grunt, no, strengthThe ladder starts to clatterWith a fear of height, down, heightWire in a fire, represent the seven gamesAnd a government for hire and a combat siteLeft her, wasn t coming in a hurryWith the Furies breathing down your neckTeam by team, reporters baffled, trumped, tethered, croppedLook at that low plane, fine, thenUh oh, overflow, population, common groupBut it ll do, save yourself, serve yourselfWorld serves its own needs, listen to your heart bleedTell meIt s the End of the World As We Know It, and I Feel fine REM 1987 A huge thank you to Macmillan Audio for my copy of this book Yo al leer la sinopsis Can t believe it is overor is it Full review to come EDITED TO ADD REVIEW It is so very hard to review perfection isn t it I mean where do you even begin, and let s face it, this series has been pretty much that, from the very beginning And while this has been such a bittersweet experience, it has also been one I won t soon forget I adore these characters and while they aren t my babies like they are Ms Jones, they are still, well, family to me I love them, I care for them, and I will miss them like crazy Reading this book has not only pushed me past my emotional limits but has tested them as well So many feels.It started with simply both wanting to devour and savor the experience of it Heartbreak at knowing this was it for Charley and Reyes and all these amazing characters and yet, also knowing that I had to get through it, because I couldn t wait to see what happened Couldn t wait to be immersed back into their world So with a heart both beating fast to know what would happen and slowly breaking at realizing this was it, I soldiered on and dove straight in, head and heart first And oh what an experience I relished it, I devoured it I soaked it up and in andit was amazing Everything I was use to, everything I never thought it could be and everything I knew it could The classic Charley humor, the love, the cases, the discoveries, the revelations The loses, the bemoaning Just so very much I loved it and the ending, while perfect, also left me wanting That spin off series, oh man, it better get here soon All in all, that word again, perfection Well done Ms Jones, well done ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. AAAAAAAAAA Can t tell if I m excited or about to burst into tears. Summoned To Thirteenth Grave es el ultimo libro de la saga Charley Davidson y continua narrando la increible historia de Charley y Reyes.Es una sensacion extra a la que tengo en este momento, por un lado estoy satisfecha de haber llegado a la ultima parte de esta serie pero tambien estoy triste al saber que no habra mas novelas, lo unico que me emociona es saber que Darynda Jones escribira la historia de Beep y quizas ahi podamos saber mas de estos personajes, los cuales han sido muy memorables en mi vida como lectora.Esta novela al igual que las anteriores es muy amena de leer, siento como si la hubiera leido en nada de tiempo y aun estoy pensando si eso es algo positivo o no, tambien esta llena de accion y de nuevos descubrimientos, los cuales me dejaron con la boca abierta, sinceramente no los vi venir en ningun momento.Como final de saga me parecio un libro casi perfecto, le encontre peque os detalles que no me convencieron completamente, pero la verdad es que estas novelas son tan especiales para mi, que soy incapaz de ser imparcial y ponerle muchas pegas.Como siempre extra e un epilogo y aunque el ultimo capitulo cierra bastante bien todas las tramas abiertas, me hubiera gustado que el final de Reyes y Charley hubiera sido un poco mas pausado y descrito con mas detalles.Cuando inicie la lectura era incapaz de imaginar como terminaria todo o lo que es lo mismo, cual seria el final perfecto para esta pareja, por eso ahora puedo decir abiertamente que el desenlace que le dio la autora esta hecho justo a la medida de Charley y Reyes.Ahora solo me queda esperar ansiosa a que la escritora de mas informacion respecto a la futura historia de Beep, muero por saber mas de ella y Osh, sobretodo despues de la conclusion de este libro.En resumen, Summoned To Thirteenth Grave fue todo lo que esperaba que fuera, una novela adictiva, interesante, llena de giros argumentales, con un equilibrio perfecto entre las partes mas desgarradoras las cuales me hicieron llorar y las escenas mas comicas que tan bien caracterizan a estas historias y a su protagonista El cierre me dejo satisfecha y queriendo necesitando mas, ademas tuvo el plus de tener muchas escenas entre Reyes y Charley, uno de mis aspectos favoritos de esta saga Asombrosa Atrapante Impresionante Sensacional Fantastica Fascinante 5 Estrellas Book 13..when you re writing a series about the Grim Reaper, somehow that seems an appropriate number to end on Yep, you heard me From now on you ll have to find another reason to visit Albuquerque because Charley Davidson Co are signing off But first a few loose ends.As the book opens, Charley pops up back on Earth after being banished to darkness for over 100 years Or as she describes it exiled in hell with no light, no hair products no coffee Reyes finds her in no time after an er warm welcome, brings her up to speed It s kind of a good news bad news situation The good he s fine, Beep s fine, all the gang are fine The bad it seems he accidentally opened up a hell dimension demons are pouring through LOTS of demons While they re busy slurping up human souls, a shade has descended on the city it s spreading There s no time to waste Charley Reyes are soon hunkered down with their crew as they brainstorm ways to banish the nasty creatures snacking on the good citizens of Albuquerque As usual there are numerous story lines Charley must keep herself highly caffeinated if she s going to multi task her way through the whole mess Everything is aligned for a final showdown between the forces of good evil And while it s maybe not as epic as I was hoping, it does provide answers to long running questions Trust me, there are some jaw droppers here looking at YOU, Uncle Bob Story lines character arcs are tidied up as you d expect in a final instalment My only quibble would be this is saccharine than we re accustomed to given Charley s tendency to shoot from the lip But when you re wrapping up a series, it has to be a challenge to say good bye without getting a little misty The author could have kept it going I imagine her publishers wished she had But I applaud her for ending things while the story lines were still strong original Of course I ll miss the characters but for me, one of the things I always looked forward to were the headers of each chapter So on that note, I will leave you with this Trust me You can dance Vodka Ciao, Charley Thanks for the laughs.