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See this review and other at Book Marks The Spot4.8 5I love how these books continue to grow and change book by book, slowly expanding the world in the individual segment Each book is set in different places, so you don t get too bored sitting in one place Also, I love how, true to the form of a good urban fantasy, there is a new story or conflict in every book that needs resolving This was, by far, my favorite plot of the three I can only assume I will love the individual story lines even as the series progresses Hailey and Sebastard are back to their snarking and I still adore their banter and constant arguing They are like brother and sister fighting all the time Alex and Hailey are still a sweet couple who talk things through I love that the personalities of all three characters have rubbed off on one another, especially their senses of humor That makes for a very entertaining read But again, neither the snark nor the romance are too heavy I love love love love love that this series has a progression of the romance and it is not insta love gags This book takes place a few months after the series starts and I am really enjoying the pace.I am a bit disappointed that I got to go on a reading binge with these three books and have to wait for the next book to come out It hardly seems fair The villains grins As you can probably tell from the blurb for this book, there is a murder serial killer chopping people up and leaving little pieces behind Um, yeah, this dude is a major step up from the previous villains Maybe I just crave a little bit of psycho in my suspense novels okay, there is no maybe about it I m sick I am a huge fan of suspense novels and Urban fantasy, so I loved the whols catch the serial killer aspect of the story I enjoyed this book immensely and eagerly await the fourth book in the series. Special Attraction by ML RyanBook Three of The Coursodon Dimension SeriesWarning This review may contain mild spoilers for the previous two books in the series.Hailey Parrish s life continues to become less and less ordinary The days when she was a chinchilla milker are far behind her She now works for her lover, Alex Sunderland Her magical abilities are in better control and she can even shift into the shape of a hawk.As bodies are discovered dismembered along a hiking trail near Hailey s home, Alex, Hailey, and Sebastian are three of the magical investigators the Coursodon dimension is employing to attempt to find the murderer Since the crimes are steeped in magic, the criminal must be found or risk exposing innocent humans to something that cannot be understood by the human dimension, even if the Courso detectives can t find a trace of Courso magic at the crime scenes.Even Hailey, searching as a hawk, can t seem to bring them any closer to the evil creature slaughtering hikers Though they do discover a poor, dirty, very large dog abandoned on the mountain He stinks of sewage They take him home with them to try to determine if his owner is related to the killings in any way.Once again, Hailey and her friends will be back and forth across the inter dimensional border as they try to solve this perplexing crime.M.L Ryan continues with the Coursodon winning streak This is yet another witty, engrossing, novel in the Coursodon series Sebastian, Hailey, and Alex continue to have their personalities expanded upon, making them and complete They are beginning to feel like old friends The world building continues Soon, Coursodon will have a full fledged map, with stores and complete town names filled in to compare with each large mirror town or so it feels I have enjoyed learning and about this world and its unique customs and traits Ryan has a way of writing that is not so informal as to be conversational, but is encapsulating, so the reader knows that each word is important and meant for the reader s ears only It is a completely engrossing and entrancing.This series is excellent and one of those I encourage readers to experience for themselves While there is romance, and it is a strong and beautiful one, there are always other plot elements to keep the reader entertained and lusting for action I must give this book 5 out of 5 glittering stars, simply because there was so much going on, it was exciting, there was never a dull moment I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own.Buy Links Please report any broken links BioM.L Ryan is a professional woman which is not to say that she gave up her amateur status, but rather that she is over educated with a job that reflects her one time reluctance to leave school and get real work and she spends a lot of time in that profession reading highly technical material.She has many stories rolling around in her head, and she finally decided to write some of them She prefers literature that isn t saddled with excruciating symbolism, ponderous dialogue or worldly implications She also doesn t like plots so reliant on love at first sight that it makes her feel like her head might implode.She lives in Tucson, Arizona with her husband and teenage son, four cats, two dogs and an adopted desert tortoise.Social Media Links Please report any broken links Website So so Not very memorable this one, I ve already forgotten most of what happened. After loving the first two books in this series, I was looking forward to reuniting with old friends When I really get into a story the characters become almost flesh and blood, almost family.The beginning paragraph is a shock, a jump start to your nervous system The scene looks like a massacre, with body parts scattered all over the place.Hailey took this all in from her perch on a tree limb She was in her avian form as a large brown hawk Mighty convenient for fly on the wall surveillance as a member of the supernatural enforcers team, or Xyzok Their job is to keep the inter dimensional bad guys from harming humans.Yterita, or form bending is one of the residual abilities left behind in Hailey after expelling Sebastian from her body All Coursos have magical abilites.The killer s signature is body parts left like a trail of bread crumbs, but the trail remains a dead end Hailey and Alex have to track down the illusive Courso who killed the hikers and stop him from killing again.While on an early evening jog, Hailey is kidnapped by the killer She s not a threat to him so she s in no immediate danger He wants her to deliver a message to the Courso If what he reveals is true, then both worlds are in danger.It s been fun getting reaquainted with these characters.Sebastian is still trying to hook up with Hailey s best friend Rachel She s the one for him, if there is such a thing He is a fan of the female form and quite a womanizer, but he s curbed his appetite in anticipation of sweeping Rachel off her feet, literally.Rachel still has so idea about the Courso or Hailey s hidden abilities I was curious as to if or when she might learn their secrets.Then there s the matter of Hailey s peculiar sense of smell I wondered where that might come into play as the author kept reminding me of it in interesting tidbits.Another thing I liked were the animals Vinnie, Haileys cat is your typical cat Deigns you with his presence when he feels like it.And now, Hailey has brought home a stray A large dog of questionable breed that needed a home The fun part was reading to see what she would name him She had many temporary names such as Curly Dog, Putrid Pup he was in need of a bath ,Big Brownie, Feed Lot Fido, and finally Rufus Not sure if that will stick as she says she s just trying it out.Everyone stayed in character and the scenes, whether humorous, steamy, or mysterious, were never boring, always enticing me to read further And the dialogue was so well written I found myself wanting to join in and add my two cents worth.Another hit from M.L Ryan and a big thank you for a job so well done I received this book for my honest and unbiased review. 3.5 5 starsSpecial Attraction is the third book in the Coursodon Dimension At first, I was a bit worried to read it without taking a look at the first two books even though it is advertised as a stand alone My biggest concern was not understanding the world enough, especially since our MC, Hailey, has changed so significantly from the first book But rest assured all you who are reading this, M.L Ryan does a pretty decent job creating the world of Coursodon and mapping out its relations to earth As for Hailey s story, you barely even notice because she is just so wonderfully written that she doesn t feel foreign or developed already If that makes any sense.Hailey was a super awesome character to read from the perspective of She s sassy and not afraid to speak her own mind We first meet her as she scouts the mountains for traces of a killer in her hawk form Right from the start, we get to see her in her second form and we get connected with her as she witnesses the horror of mangled bodies, and the struggle and weakness that she feels when she turns back to human Throughout the entire book, Hailey kept me entertained with her sass and underneath all that attitude is someone with a true heart of gold.Alex, oh dear, I may have a new addition to my life of perfect book boyfriends Seriously, he s pretty much perfection A bit alpha male, but he s so caring and attentive to Hailey it just melts my heart Him and Hailey are literally one of the cutest couples I ve read, and are possibly one of the few who has endured hell for each other.Sebastian was an interesting character From what I can gather from the first book, Sebastian s spirit was living inside of Hailey Throughout the book, he kind of played the devil s advocate Sometimes you admired him, other times he was a jerk Nonetheless, he was pretty entertaining Uluf is probably my favorite character No offense to Hailey and Alex, but there was just something so soulful about Uluf that will move your heartstrings He s strong but adorably awkward and his personality is just so mournful and adorable that it s really hard not to like him Plus he s not as big of a macho man as Alex XDThe entire book was chock full of suspense and tension The first scene depicts a grisly scene with mutilated body parts scattered all over the mountains I feel like my biggest problem was the climax of the story With all the tension that is vibrating throughout the entire story, I expected a massive climax with like flaming arrows flying down from heaven Instead, it s kind of blurry Hailey sort of just defeats Doc Marten her name for Mr Bad Guy and all we really read is a bright light flashes and Hailey blacks out Don t get me wrong, I was super relieved that they finally caught the bad guy, but I wanted something big.Other than that, I would definitely recommend Special Attraction It s full of action, suspense, heartthrobs, and adorable romance To sum things up, Hailey is awesome, Alex is adorable, Sebastian is quite the character, Doc Martens is nutso, and Uluf is the best, can I please have him Read my reviews at I have not had the privilege of reading the first two books but it didn t really seem to matter I was told I could read this as a standalone, once I figured out it was part of a series, and they were right Ryan gives enough detail on what has previously happened to Hailey that I could read this book and completely enjoy it I am sure that it would have been even better if I had read the others but this story line stands on its own.Hailey ParrishNow this girl was hilarious She was snarky and sarcastic but she was also caring and considerate to almost everyone Because some guy was stuck in her Kindle and then stuck sharing a body with her, she can now change into a hawk Yes, exactly what I said She had a guy stuck in her kindle, and then he was stuck in her body with her Now the Courso use her new abilities to do scout missions and investigations She definitely has a different way of looking at the world and she is quite funny through the whole book.He needs to have a name fitting for a diabolical, power mad villain Well, Fuck Face might work, I offered, But I m not sure I can picture your parents saying it Alex Sutherland and Sebastian Kess These two are great additions to the book Alex is sweet and caring with Hailey as well as being a fierce warrior when looking for the psychopath Alex is so great with Hailey He is able to keep up with her sarcasm and snarkiness as well as hold her back when she needs to keep it in check His is all around a hunk and a great boyfriend Sebastian is egotistical and has a dry sense of humor He was the guy stuck in the Kindle and shared a body with Hailey Sebastian loves to get Hailey going He is such an instigator and he is really really good at it But he also cares a lot about Hailey and tries to help her anyway he can.I really liked this book It was a quick read and really enjoyable There was a lot of action, humor, and romance The only problem I had was pronouncing the names I mean some of these words are ridiculously hard to pronounce Other than that I really ate up this book It makes me want to go pick up the others so I can learn about everyones personalities and how they interact with each other.In Between The Lines Win 25 Gift Card or PayPal Cash Hailey still comes to terms with the fact that she now possess some magic as well as kind of shapeshifting abilities Her transformation to a Harris hawk at will comes handy when a killer is on the loose on the Appalachian Trail and it appears as if the culprit comes from Coursodon Together with Alex and Sebastian, Hailey tries to help their team to find the killer but he seems to be always a step ahead and aware of them Soon his fascination with Hailey becomes dangerous when he leaves bodies like presents with messages for Hailey When he kidnaps her to deliver a message, Hailey learns that there is than one dimension out there..I have to say that the third book was the best so far in this series the action starts on the very first page and I couldn t put my kindle away The author has a great sense of humor and I love her imagination Coursodon is an interesting world and the third dimension is completely different I m looking forward to what comes next and of course I have already downloaded the fourth book Alex and Hailey are my new addiction. `DOWNLOAD EBOOK ☟ Special Attraction (Coursodon Dimension, #3) ↯ The Weirdness ContinuesThanks To A Magical Transplant From An Inter Dimensional Enforcer, Hailey Parrish Can Transform Into A Hawk When Someone Begins Dismembering Hikers Along The Appalachian Trail, The Enforcers Make Use Of Her Feathery Talents To Catch The Killer Unfortunately, Like Most Things In Hailey S Life, There Is Nothing Ordinary About The Assignment Their Target Turns Out To Be Maddeningly Elusive, They Rescue A Stray Dog That Makes A Sewage Treatment Plant Seem Pleasantly Fragrant, And Stopping The Murders Turns Out To Be The Least Of Their WorriesSpecial Attraction, The Third Book In The Coursodon Dimension Series, Combines Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, A Bit Of Science Fiction And A Healthy Dose Of Quirky Humor