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~Download Epub ⚖ Speak English for Us, Marisol! ☯ After School, Marisol Eagerly Starts For Home To See If Her Cat, Luisa, Has Had Her Kittens But Before She Can Get There, Uncle Tomas Calls To Her He Needs Marisol To Tell The Poultry Man That His Chickens Cost Too Much Uncle Tomas Cannot Speak English So Marisol Must Do The Talking And She DoesMarisol Hurries On Her Way, But Soon Auntie Flora Stops Her For Help Then Mrs Lopez Needs Her, Too When Marisol Finally Gets Home, Her Own Mama Needs Her To Hurry To The Phone Company To Straighten Out A Bill Luisa Will Have To WaitThis Touching Story Will Reach Out To The Thousands Of Families In America Whose Children Spend Much Of Their Time Translating For Relatives And Friends Karen English Lives In California Enrique O Sanchez Lives In Maine This depicts the reality of a bilingual child needing to act as interpreter for parents and other members of the community It shows her frustration with how much of her day is interrupted by that role, but the book shows both Marisol and the adults in a positive light Mama is working hard to learn English, and practices how to tell Marisol how grateful she is that she has such a helpful daughter, and how much she loves her.I don t think it s a complex enough book for older students, but I think it s a good one for elementary It s good that it shows the mixed feelings that come with a child learning the language faster than her parents I think older students might think the ending is too simple, but for elementary, this is a good book for understanding that this is a normal part of growing up bilingually. Marisol is a bilingual young girl that is called on by various family members and neighbors throughout the course of the day to translate for them in a number of different situations In each instance she is thrust into the role of translator in adult situations dealing with everything from negotiating a price on chickens for her uncle s butcher shop to straightening out mistakenly billed charges at the phone company that threaten her family s phone service being cut off Marisol translates Spanish to English, but the language really in inconsequential As a teacher I have seen students bilingual in a variety of languages who have had to translate for their parents in very adult circumstances This book does a great job of recognizing the children who take on muchresponsibility at a very young age than their monolingual peers or counterparts whose parents are bilingual themselves. Marisol is a bilingual little girl who is trying so hard to get home to see if her cat has had kittens, but everyone needs her to help them speak English for them Marisol has somewhere that she is trying to go, but she never says no She assists everyone that asks her and because of this, she gets something in return from each individual to take to her mom When she finally gets home, her cat has not had her kittens, but she does before the end of the night.I really enjoyed this book and I am sure that ELLs would as well This book is one that some of them could probably relate to seeing that their parents may or may not speak English and need them to translate for them There is a bit of repetition in the book as well, becuase each time a new individual requires Marisol s help, they say, Maarisol, I need you. This book is a perfect example of the expression of immigration and how people may struggle dealing with a new culture in a new contry This book contrasts two cultures and the difficulty that this merge can generate However, this book also shows that there is always a way to solve problems through education and a positive attitude I liked the illustrations and how in the pictures, the author is showing the merge of two cultures and customs in a vivid visual manner. Speak English for Us, Marisol is about a young girl from Mexico living and going to school in the United States Although Marisol has learned English, many of her friends and family members have not This means that they will need her help regularly and at times Marisol has to give up what she may want to do, in order to assist people who need her as a translator After reading the story I was extremely happy to know that there are books like this that other children like Marisol can read and find comfort in In addition Marisol is a great example of a kind hearted child that sacrifices her own time to help others This story has a great message and I hope that many people stumble across this book. Marisol is a young girl who speaks English and Spanish Some of her family and friends still need her help for everyday tasks such as shopping, talking, and paying bills In the end, she sees how rewarding it is to help others This is a good book for students that may also may be a little timid about speaking a different language, however the moral is important. This is a book about an incredibly helpful latina named Marisol In the story she translates for family member, friends, and neighbors about different things that they need to take care of Marisol patiently helps other, while putting off the things she wants to do This is a great book about teaching any young person about the value of being patient. Great book to show how important the use of language is I think this would be a great book to read in an ESOL classroom I believe that this book could give these students encouragement to learn English and to see the benefits of it and how it could help them.