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Exciting and enthralling story of a man who has spent his whole life stuck as his wolf until recently, now changed he is scared to allow his wolf back in charge in case he gets stuck again As a man for the first time he is having to learn all the basic life stuff that we learn as children, even down to using cutlery or a pen Talking after spending life growling, trying to get his tongue and mouth around certain words or letters, understanding actions and not just what the scent of others tells him Confusing at times for us all as we grow up but even harder for him I felt for Troy, many were teasing or not understanding of how he portrayed everything Yes I know that s how this group is with everyone its there way Reed I liked and understood some of her fear but I also wanted her to be a littleforthcoming at times earlier on I was gripped throughout lost in the story, Troy with the twins was heart melting and ovary exploding The imagination of the author always amazes me, it is off the scale at times and completely blows me away with the descriptions of some scenes so clear I can almost see them The series as a whole is just astoundingly great and keeps me coming back forand waiting patiently for each book to come out while at the same time the anticipation builds to epic proportions till its actually in my hands for me to read I love each and every character, all different with their own quirks and strengths and weaknesses Fabulous book ideal for any paranormal shifter lover. Seriously Lisa You are a f %ing genius I was wondering about the life of Troy and how you could work in his disabilities etc and you have woven it together seamlessly and brilliantly with the same OTM Quality as all the others that came before Once again, not only did you not disappoint, but for me exceeded my expectations Troy is my new favorite OTM story thank you #READ EBOOK Ø Shifters Dream (One True Mate 9) Û Troy Was A Man Trapped In A Wolf S Body For Three Decades, Until A Nap Changed His Life Forever Now That He S A Wolf Trapped In A Man S Body, He S Not Going Back Food Good Partying Better Women Best With One Brother Missing, One Brother Overwhelmed By Parenting Twin Engels, And Only Distracted Mac To Keep Him Straight, Troy Is Fulfilling His Every Desire, Never Sleeping, Rarely Working, Refusing To Reel It In Until He Sees Her Reed Has Many Rules, But The Biggest One Might Be, Never Date A Cop There S Also Never Kiss On The First Date Never Tell Anyone Your Business Never Go In The Forest Never But Then That Cop Walked Into Her Bar The One With The Wild Eyes And The Chiseled Jaw The One Who Devoured Her Every Time He Stared At Her Don T Go In The Forest, Reed Never Go In The Forest That S Where The Wolves Live The entire time while I was reading this, I kept thinking that the soul of this book was different It is excellently written, parts had me crying, parts had me laughing out loud I really enjoyed it, but could not shake the feeling that it was different It dawned on me after finishing and letting my thoughts congeal that yes Troy found his One True Mate, butimportantly he found himself. WonderfulWonderful book can t wait for the next one Can t wait to see what you do for Trent, all of your books always keep my spell bound They just keep getting better Absolutely loved Troy and Reed s story This series gets better with each one If you haven t started to read OTM go to the beginning and start Can t wait for the next one, hopefully Trent hint. AweI m so glad Troy got his own mate It was awesome He is so yummy I could just snuggle him up More strangeness and confusion I must have not rebounded from OTM 7 or 8 yet because I found this story to be unfocused and confusing the majority of the book I ve read OTM from the beginning and kept wondering while reading OTM9 was I missing something as it seems this series has taken a sharp turn off the path it originally started when it was a fun, easy read and simple to understand series Of late, and I must be in the minority, I don t get it Instead of the fun, jaunty banter that worked in OTM 1 6, now it s just plain silly and unnecessary mumble jumble What did workTroy Burbank is an excellent uncle to Track and Treena and a good KSRT officer most days Most recently, Troy has shifted from his four legged ways and is trying to adjust to life on two feet and it doesn t come easy To make matters, even , trying for him, he meets his mate for whom he is utterly unprepared Troy s speech is less than perfect since he s only been talking for the past thirty days Good naturedly, Trevor, his brother, makes an appointment for him to see a speech therapist The speech therapist turns out to be none other than his mate But I m getting ahead of the story Reed Marion is between jobs waitressing at Mugshots and waiting to start her dream job as a Speech Language Pathologist Although Reed believes she has no time for Troy other than a one night stand, she is outrageously attracted to him and can t seem to control herself when she is anywhere near him As we all know, the one true mates are all a little crazy before they meet their mate however, Reed, is by far the craziest and most unstable Her character is all over the place running hot, cold and lukewarm all in the same sentence.What didn t workThe chemistry between Reed and Troy is off Reed is not very likable and her character is inconsistent Khain s apparently gearing up for something big to unleash on the KSRT and their mates but the unsubtle hints of what is to come are vague and unclear His lackeys, Grey, Rex, Soren, and Bane are never a real threat to the KSRT and their encounter in the woods is nothing to write home abouteven Troy takes a snooze during this scene.This series is continuing to tank for me although I must say, this story was much improved over the time travel debacle in OTM7 and 8 Most shockingly of all, all of the typos are so unlike any of Ladew s work I ve read previously On my Were Scale of Hotness, 3 stars. Wondrous tale of Love and HopeI had a great time reading Troy and Reed s love story I had to force myself to take breaks while reading, otherwise I would have finished this delightful story much too soon Troy has shifted from his wolf form of 30 years into a man He s facing all the confusion, independence and intense learning experiences that toddlers and teens must conquer, but all at once Family, food, fighting and females are all consuming to him Living his human life as he watched it as a wolf on old TV series is his mission Until he meets Reed and realizes he has to change his wild ways to win her heart His problem is his learning curve may not be sufficient to convince Reed of his sincerity Reed is struggling with a mean landlord, elusive career goals and nightmares from her past Major hurdles to help someone through for a man who has only been speaking, thinking and loving as a human for a few weeks The action portions of this book bring together the forces of good and evil I found myself second guessing what would happen next, and guessing wrong The suspense of what happens next to our intrepid heroes, all of them, keeps you glued to this book Troy keeps you cheering, Reed keeps you hoping You can t ask for better. Absolutely loved this latest installment to the OTM series I knew Troy would be a fun read but didn t realize it would have some moments where I felt so sad for him The author did an amazing job of conveying Troy s sadness and vulnerability and Reed s anxiety Sage, a secondary character, was delightful and I am sure she is a OTM that is destined for one of our guys Flow, storyline and characters all worked to make this the latest must read.