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!E-pub ♾ Selling for Success ⚇ Don T You Think That It Would Have Been A Good Idea To Know How To Sell Before You Ever Started A Businessso That You Could Go From An Idea To Making Money Went Into An Interviewso That You Could Sell Yourself Had To Express An Idea To Your Boss Or Managerand Actually Influence Them To Go With Your Recommendation And Can You Think Of Any Other Instances Where You Found Yourself Wishing You Knew What To Say So That You Could Make People Instantly Like You Write Persuasive Emails That Actually Made People Want To Help Or Do Something For You Make Friends Easily Your Situation Here The Common Thread In ALL Of Those Situations Happens To Be SELLING But If You Re Like Most Peopleyou Cringed When You Saw That Word And When People Describe Their Hate For That Word, This Is What They Usually Say To Me It Just Feels ICKY It Feels Too Cold And Direct Ugh, It Just Feels So Slimy And Cheesy Seems Like A Scam I Feel Like I M Manipulating People Do You Feel That Way About Selling, Too EXCELLENT I Wrote This Book For You Let Selling For Success Be Your Ultimate Guide To Sell, Persuade, And Get Anything You Want In Life With Complete Ease No Matter What Business You Re In, Who You Are, Or What Unique Situation You Re In, The Myth Is Selling Is Hard But With This Book Selling Will Be The Most Natural Thing You Ll Do Selling For Success Is Filled With Great Insights That Can Benefit Anyone Not Just Sales Professionals I M A Business Lawyer And I Ve Incorporated Several Takeaways Into Both My Business And Personal Life I Found The Sections On How To Get People To Rave About You And How To Say No So It Feels Like A Yes To Be Particularly Helpful David T The Best Thing About It Is That Even With My Experience In Fitness Sales And Marketing, This Book Unearthed New Gems For Me To Tuck Into My Marketing And Sales Arsenal I Resonated With The Stories So Much Especially The Hockey Team Sales Rep Who Put His Customer Satisfaction Before Their And Felt Human For Doing So So Freakin Good What You Taught Me Was This That We Re All One And The Same The Way You Apply The Basics Of Human Nature To Every Interaction And Story Brings Home That We All Just Crave To Feel Heard And Loved Meeting People Where They Re At Means You Have To Walk Down Streets You Normally Wouldn T Have Going That Extra Mile Will Put You In Top Position When They Re Ready To Buy Oh, And Emails Worth Thousands AndPhrases That Add To The Total Sum Of Human Happiness Will Be My Go To Guides For Communicating Cynthia S