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What a delightful book, it filled me with little bubbles of joie de vivre and made me want to not in any particular order 1 Try some real champagne2 Get a dog, as long as he is as goofy and comical as Ted3 Go to Mumbai4 Live in Paris or New York for a month or two two cities I love as SKL does but have only spent fleeting amounts of time in I picked this book up from the library phew, glad to read in this book that libraries pay authors every time someone checks out their book I ve always wondered how this works , because the title made me laugh And the book made me laugh as well as appreciating the little things that make our lives wonderful I like to think the sentiment behind it was also the reason I was assertive 3 times yesterday in a polite way. SK definitely has some life experience gems to share I enjoyed seeing the world from her perspective and I enjoyed her take on what is really important with how we choose to live our lives. @Download Book ´ Screw You Dolores ¹ When Novelist And Columnist Sarah Kate Lynch Turned She Declared A Year Of Me And Set Off In Search Of The Key To Happiness She Started With Great Expectations By Shopping For Shoes In Paris, Attempted To Build Her Character By Going Solo, Counted Her Friends On The Fingers Of Both Hands, Remembered A Dodgy Handshake With Hugh Jackman, Joined A Laughing Yoga Group In Mumbai, Drank Too Much Ros And Ate Too Much SaltBy The End Of The Year She Was, Much To Her Own Surprise, In Possession Of A Clean Bill Of Health And The Secret To Happiness No, Not THE SECRET That S Not Even A Secret Any Another One, Which Is Also Now No Longer A Secret Because In The Endearing, Hilarious Screw You Dolores, She Shares It With You Funny, warm, honest and of value than 99% of the serious self help books out there. Easy read, not groundbreaking but lighthearted Loved this book, very funny, it made me laugh out loud Looking forward to reading her other novels. Jennifer I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this and cannot recommend it highly enough especially as a Mother s Day gift I simply could not put it down Life s served our queen of wicked one liners the good and the not so good over the years as this wonderful collection of essays reveals Turning 50 last year was, of cousre, a year of celebrations for her but it was also a time to think about waht makes for a happy life It s chock full of hilarious anecdotes and musings on subjects from finding the perfect boots, to the correct use for whiteboards, losing jobs, gaining pounds, star gazing of the Hugh Jackman kind and those most unflattering poo catcher pants As she turns the big five o , Sarah Kate also thoughtfully reflects on marriage, children, friendships, waistlines, career hurdles and also how she s dealt with some bigger, darker blips along the way which makes for such a poignant read It s such an emotional rollercoaster ride Sarah Kate has such a unique voice and we are blessed to have such a clever and funny writer to call NZ s own. Lucky me I was sent one chapter as a preview and can t wait till tomorrow to get my hands on the whole thing Sarah Kate Lynch deserves her reputation as NZ s funniest woman writer She s able to turn the most mundane doings into something hysterically funny It s only after you ve wiped away the tears of laughter and got your breath back that you realise there was quite an important message in what she was saying SO clever.I m the buyer for a very small bookshop and we have a lot of customers who ll be hanging out for the courier to arrive with their copy tomorrow Oh dear I drove straight in to get my copy when the bookshop rang Starving husband had to starve while I had my nose in Screw YOu, Dolores Couldn t stop reading or laughing or crying Fabulous. Actual LOL inducing read, perfect for a long day flight and effective at eliciting stares from other passengers as you burst out in laughter while reading Despite the light tone, there are some wise nuggets in here Screw You Dolores the story behind this is brilliant are words to live by. Loved, loved, loved this book SKL I d enjoy meeting you Chuckled through it My Ginger , actually the Grey probably relieved I m finished, as I keep demanding his attention to chortle through a passage together Light and luscious