BOOK ♪ Runes and Roller Skates (Mystic Cove Mysteries #2) ♦

Great 2nd BookLovely written, and look forward to the 3rd installment I m still holding out for a happy ever after for Scarlet and Harper Another murderScarlett and her daughter, Ella, go out skating and Ella sees a body on the rocks which Scarlett has to check out This leads them to a missing child and a murder Gus and Lex are back to help and everyone else in Scarlett s life is there as well A must read to follow how Scarlett is setting back into Mystic Cove. BOOK ☦ Runes and Roller Skates (Mystic Cove Mysteries #2) ☻ This Book Is Temporarily Priced AtAnd That Special Deal Will Only LastHours After Release Scarlett Oaken Has Settled Into Life In Mystic Cove Her Girls Are Going To School, She S Baking Full Time, Her Sister Has Moved In Down The Hall, And Scarlett Is Flirting With Finally Letting Go Of All She Had Before When Scarlett S Daughter Ella TurnsAnd The Two Of Them Go Roller Skating, Enjoying The Town They Ve Come To Call Home Only Ella Spots A Body And A New Investigation Is Underway The Worst Of It Being There S A Missing Child And Scarlett Feels Compelled To Find That Little Girl Now It S A Race To Discover And Save The Child Before The Killer Finds Her First Sweet paranormal cozy mysteryI love the characters in this book and their connection to each other and nature There is a murder, but it isn t gruesomely described It could have used oneround of editing, but, overall, it didn t detract from the storyline I look forward to readingby this author. Another heartwarming storyJoin Scarlett her daughters Ella and Luna in another adventure in their home town of mystic cove, an unknown druid is killed, it s a race against time to find the killer and a missing young druid who s being looked for by the state. I love and hate this storyI do so wish I had the abilities of a druid This story hit too close to home It hurt to read it but I couldn t put it down Thanks for your great stories Well developed characters and p ot You go girl. OH WOWI absolutely love stories that have families in them Especially ones where the mother is trying to raise her children by herself This is a great book with a fantastic mother. Story of healingI read this for the second time, something I rarely do There is a powerful substory about family, and the power of connectedness. Best of its kindThese cozies are so muchNot only do you get a solid mystery but you get well written descriptions of magic and some depth in the characters I ve beenthan pleased with this series and am looking forward to number three. Mystic Cove is a safe haven for Druids, Witches,Warlocks, Vampires and humans When Scarlett is out with her baby girl Ella, she ends up with a whirlwind of a case The community comes together to embrace and protect one of their own and the case is a tough one to crack Through it all bonds are tight and tensions are high Nothing prepares Scarlett for what is coming her way Is it part of her path to be in a position like this Lex and Gus both seem like perfect men, but we will not know where they stand until all the cards are on the table Get ready to grab book 3, Banshees and Babysitters I m hoping to get some answers because, I was in tears at the end of this one.