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Ibsens St ck packte mich bereits ab Seite 1, was eigentlich untypisch f r mich ist Ich lese Dramen, manchmal unfreiwillig , ein paar auch, weil man sie ja kennen muss Auch Ibsen las ich im Rahmen eines Seminars und verbrachte einen sch nen, sonnigen Nachmittag mit Rosmersholm Vielleicht hat dieser Umstand das St ck f r mich noch verbessert Es hat zumindest pr zise, lebendige Dialoge geboten, einen leicht zu folgenden Handlungsverlauf, der, beim zweiten Lesen, mehr und mehr in die Tiefe ging.Die Leserschaft folgt Rosmer nach dem Tod seiner Frau Beate, die sich das Leben nahm und Fr ulein West, die sich idealistisch f r eine neue Politik eingesetzt haben Rosmer bricht mit seinem Schwager Kroll, der nicht nur mit seiner politischen Identit t nicht einverstanden ist, sondern ihm auch vorwirft, ein Verh ltnis mit Fr ulein Kroll zu haben Sie lehnt Rosmers Heiratsantrag zweimal ab Warum, das l sst jede Spekulation zu Zur allgemeinen Erheiterung empfehle ich Freuds Lesart des Dramas Am Ende st rzen sich beide in den Fluss.Ist das nun der Familienfluch der auf Rosmersholm Lebenden Geht es um Geisteskrankheit Geht es um Liebe und Tabus Gerade die unz hligen M glichkeiten das Drama zu lesen, machen es zu einem meiner Lieblingsst cke.Norwegen hat seinen ganz eigenen Shakespeare. Rosmersholm is one of Ibsen s later plays and I think I would have beeninclined to give it a 5 star rating had it not seemed to me so similar to earlier works like Ghosts and The Wild Duck, and even to later works like John Gabriel Borkman. But it is a very fine play, nonetheless, dealing with things such as morals, ideals, happiness and religion, and concerning the Ibsen dilemma which finds its way into most of his works if not all , the problem of basing one s happiness or contentment on the foundation of a lie The similarities between this play and Ghosts started early and continued throughout Within the first page of dialogue, the following conversation ensues Rebecca folding up her work They cling to their dead here at Rosmersholm.Madam Helseth Now I would say, Miss, that it s the dead that clings to Rosmersholm.Rebecca looks at her The dead Madam Helseth Yes, it s almost as if they couldn t tear themselves away from the folk that are left.Rebecca What makes you fancy that Madam Helseth Well, if it wasn t for that, there would be no White Horse, I suppose Rebecca Now what is all this about the White Horse, Madam Helseth This dialogue sets the tone for much of the rest of the play, as the concept of the dead whose grip is so hard to shake loose and the symbolism of the White Horse figure prominently as the play unfolds It is no surprise then that I penciled in the margins of the book various times throughout similarities that I noticed between this play and Ghosts, which preceded Rosmersholm by only about five years The tragic ending, though and the dialogue leading up to it , isreminiscent of The Wild Duck than of Ghosts. But the funny thing is that as much as I appreciated those two plays, I had mentioned in my reviews of them that I would have no desire to see them staged, I think largely because I was so rattled by their subject matter Yet, despite the similarities, I would be interested in seeing a production of Rosmersholm. This could partly be because the previous two already dulled my reactions, but I think there isto it than just this This play is focused muchso than some of his earlier works , it asks us important social questions without feeding us the answers, it contains philosophically rich dialogue if a bit stuffy and dated at times and it contains many dramatic possibilities, particularly via the characters of Rebecca and Rosmer, who are bothcomplex than they at first seem, like so many of those we meet on a day to day basis In Rosmersholm Ibsen perhaps refines ideas that he explored in plays like Ghosts and The Wild Duck, making it in that sense thematically the best of the three works, but the similarities also devalued the play a bit in my eyes, for though key ideas are presentedkeenly here many of the fundamental points are the same and, therefore, somewhat stale One tires of eating chicken for every meal even if it is prepared differently each time I really appreciate Ibsen he revolutionized the concept of dramatic writing But although he mixed up the existing conventions so much, pushing open the doors for new, modern stage writing, I wish at times that he mixed up his own bag of tricks a bit . [Download Kindle] ⚕ Rosmersholm ☪ Considered By Many Critics As Ibsen S Masterpiece, Rosmersholm Is The Story Of Johannes Rosmer, A Former Clergyman And Owner Of The Title Estate Rosmersholm When Rosmer Intends To Use His Position In The Community To Help The Newly Elected Reformist Government His Ruling Class Brethren Turn Against Him A Series Of Tragic Consequences Ensue In This Classic Drama Of Social And Political Change . Ibsen s plays are a problem for me They never appeal to me as much as I would like to, although they have a lot that should make me like them Plays are obviously at their best when the director and actors breathe life into them and when the scenes are interpreted in different ways in different productions Ibsen s plays, however, don t even make me interested to see them on stage.Rosmersholm isn t really an exception in this regard, but I did like itthan the others I ve read It carries its White Horses, the ghosts from the pasts, throughout and there are grand themes from politics to marriage It all seems to lack depth, though, and the dialogue isn t particularly impressing Maybe if the play had focused on somethingspecific and expanded that into something greater Act four was what really ruined the preceding scenes for me It s silly, implausible, and sudden The ending would probably work in a Zola novel, but Ibsen doesn t handle it well It s almost like it belonged into a different play altogether.Where Ibsen does succeed, however, is in characterising Johannes Rosmer I didn t feel his anguish or any of the oppressing presence of the past, but it was interesting to follow Rosmer s struggles to decide whether he should continue his position as a traditional aristocrat believing in Christian values, or to follow the path of liberalism and therefore achieve possible happiness Rebecca is another well developed character, who ends up being the catalyst at both social and political levels The slow build up gradually reveals the truth behind the characters masks and uncertainty is replaced with disillusionment and tragedy I just wish the downright comical ending wouldn t exist. . . I was inspired to read this after seeing the current June 2019 production in the West End Ibsen s original production in Norway was 1886 I was invited by a friend and went not knowing a thing about the play, but dimly aware the production had garnered raves.I was riveted Duncan MacMillan s adaptation makes the play s politics vivid and crucially relevant to our times About 75% of the play is the political set up and debate which is absolutely superb in the last quarter Ibsen swings melodramatically into star crossed lovers territory which today from a plot point of view frankly feelsabsurd and alien than Romeo Juliet MacMillan does his best with the source material and the production staged this section magnificently.It s not staged frequently I can see why The Tory pensioners in the matin e I attended must have choked on the radical socialist politics the ending is depressing and unintelligible to modern sensibilities and the title is a bit foreign sounding to English audiences conditioned by Brexit. Some of Ibsen s later plays often read liketwisted and complex versions of his earlier prose plays Hence John Gabriel Borkman reads like The Pillars of Society, and Hedda Gabler offers another take on A Doll s House.In the case of Rosmersholm, we have a loose reinterpretation of Ghosts The plot and characters are radically different, but the theme is the same progressive characters struggling and failing to overcome the ghosts of the past, both their own historical past and the outdated values of the past Indeed, there is even a real ghost in this story, a white horse that appears before the death of a member of the Rosmer family.John Rosmer, the hero, represents another familiar Ibsen hero If The Wild Duck offered us a debased version of Brand and Peer Gynt in its heroes, then Rosmersholm has transposes the familiar vacillating Ibsen political hero into aordinary setting Rosmer may not be fighting to lead the state, like Catiline, Skule or Julian, but he similarly agonises about his choices, moving from one opposite to the other.Set on one side is the past Rosmer belongs to the traditional aristocratic family whose thinking has dominated the area he lives in, and his house is lined with their portraits It is a grim, conservative view of life and Rosmer has never learnt to laugh He is also tormented by guilt about his own past, blaming himself for the suicide of his wife.Set against that is the promise of the new, progressive ideas that were sweeping through Norway at the time These are encapsulated in the figure of Rebecca West, his dead wife s nurse with whom Rosmer is beginning to have a relationship In spite of the opposition of conservative forces, represented by Rosmer s brother in law, Kroll, they try to move towards those liberating new ideals, but the past proves too much for them Rebecca refuses John s offer of marriage and reveals her own guilt in having persuaded his wife to commit suicide to make room for her She may also have had an affair with a man who was probably her own father.The play therefore ends in defeat for their ideals, but a triumphant statement of their feeling for one another when they agree to a suicide pact, throwing themselves off the same bridge that John s wife did The gesture reinforces the sense of their past killing them.If one wanted to be obtuse, one could argue that the play s outcomes appear to back the views of Kroll, the disapproving conservative After all, the new liberated ideals lead only to murder, incest and suicide Even the other progressive characters hardly ennoble their cause Ulrik Brendel is a wastrel and a dreamer who realises that his ideas are out of date when he sees that the same ambitions can be worked towards by Peter Mortensgaard, but without any scruples or principles.However, Ibsen seems to lean towards the progressive side in spite of this For one thing, the play centres on John and Rebecca, and they are his most appealing heroes This is all thesurprising since one is infirm in his principles and the other one is a siren who lures a woman to her death Nonetheless we care about them.By contrast, the conservative forces are represented negatively by Kroll Kroll is not in fact a monster, and he has clearly shown kindness in the past to both John and Rebecca However, his defence of rigid conservative values has set him against his own family, and he has no scruples about allowing John s character to be slandered by his followers His ideals have corrupted his decent standards.Rosmersholm may not have many new ideas, but it is another fine, richly complex work, showing a writer in full strength and confidence in his career. .