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@Free ì REVOLUTION î Organized By Life Stages, Beginning With Beginning Through Childhood, Education, Adulthood, And Finally Death, A Collection Of Pieces By Different Authors Around The Theme Of Revolution The Selections Are Annotated The End Of The Introduction Is These Two Sentences This Book Is Pragmatic How Will I Recognize You Every first Tuesday of the month a group meets to discuss this book I just joined and joined during our reading of the education section.We just finished reading the Situationist International s text On the Poverty of Student Life which I agree with but in muted tones I mean, they essentialize everything and they re such dicks Actually, Omar Khayati is a dick Funny story about him he was at the Anarchist Fest a few years back and wouldn t sit at a panel table with Ben Morea of Black Mask Up Against the Wall, Motherfucker because Morea was offered honorary SI membership and he refused That s the type of dickishness I m referring to It was fucking 30 years ago We re all on the same side Who freaking cares Anyway, the article slams students but I can t imagine them slamming, say workers, or poor American Negroes in the same way and or with the same vitriol Likewise, historically they were pretty myopic since even though their analysis was largely right, 60s radicalism wouldn t have meant shit without the students in Japan, Europe, S America, E Europe, and the U.S.Anyway, I can t respond to everything in here, so I ll just say that the Angela Davis piece Waters was both awe inspiring and beautifully written I was in love with her and deeply enad with her history she studied with Marcuse Adorno Wow.And the Jacques Ranci re piece An Intellectual Adventure from The Ignorant Schoolmaster is something I m still struggling with He basically argues against teachers doing anything other then opening up a space for collective mutual learning, which the Davis piece, for one, seems to argue against.The Hal Draiper and Elena Poniatowska about Berkeley s Free Speech Movement in 64 an the Tlatelolco massacre in 68 were both great but not as inspiring and the Myles and Dodie piece left me cold The Tlatelolco massacre should be common knowledge and it s a shame that it isn t well known.