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`Read Book ñ Return to Poughkeepsie ¶ Beckett Taylor Is A Murderer His Calling, His Craft Are Destruction And Intimidation Whether He Wants It That Way Now Or Not He Left Poughkeepsie To Keep His Brothers Safe, To Keep Eve Safe Set Up With Happy Lives To Live, They Re Better Off Without Him, Right But All His Willpower Crumbles When He Hears His Brother Blake S Frantic Voice On The Phone An Unknown Enemy Has Moved In On His Old Territory, And Livia S Been Taken In An Instant, Beckett Knows It Will Take An Attack Only He And Eve Can Execute To Bring Her Back All His Self Imposed Embargoes Are Torn To Shreds, Perhaps Along With The New Man He S Struggled To Become Brother, Call Eve I Ll Be There Soon In This Emotional And Action Packed Sequel To Poughkeepsie, Debra Anastasia Conjures A Tale Of Love At Its Most Raw And Ragged With Beckett And Eve, How Could We Expect Anything Less But Even When It S Messy, Not Magical, True Love Perseveres Real Love Finds A Way For Better Or Worse Until Death Does Part FULL REVIEW POSTED Release date December 303 stars For the most part, I liked it And with a 200% certainty, I can say I liked this bookthan the first So why is it that book 1 got a 3.5 star rating and book 2 only gets a rounded up 3 star one view spoiler view spoiler view spoiler view spoiler view spoiler view spoiler view spoiler view spoiler I did NOT like the timeframe of this book I mean, seriously 5 years apart While I truly think this author s writing style is emotionally evocative and overall really awesome, I have to say here that she did not do a good job with her transitions I would ve beenaccepting of the 5 year gap if she had maybe hinted or built up to that point, but she didn t It was thrown in so casually like I was supposed to somehow know that s where the story was going Just no Sorry To say I was blindsided and annoyed with this turn of events is an understatement.Another thing I didn t like was the plot structure While I enjoyed reading about Blake and Livia, Cole and Kyle, I didn t want their side stories to overshadow Beckett and Eve s, which IMO it did From the blurb, it s suggested that Livia s kidnapping is a main part of the book and serves to bring together Beckett and Eve, yes However, her kidnapping doesn t occur until well over the halfway mark, and even then, it was a minor aspect of the book.So what I m trying to say is I m baffled by the blurb and what the book turned out to be It s not bad by any means, but because I was constantly reminded of the 5 years apart, and because I kept waiting and waiting for Livia to be kidnapped to have the book go somewhere, I can t say I truly enjoyed it It was an okay book hide spoiler MILD SPOILERS mature content reader discretion advised4 STARS out of 5Genre Suspenseful RomanceI am mixed bag of emotions people SO MUCH goes down in this book I have no clue where to start We have characters set with nothing but revenge on their minds and revenge is the catalyst that puts everything in to motion.In Return to Poughkeepsie both Eve and Beckett are separately on a mission to keep the ones they love safe and alive Danger strikes close to home and they both find themselves in a tangled web of deceit.Ground work is laid in the first half of the book In the first 50% we get to see the original characters and integrated in to their stories we meet some new very interesting characters Three of those newbies play big roles in the lives of Beckett, Eve, Cole, Kyle, Livia and Blake The CharactersLoving him is a life sentenceEve January Nothing Eve does is for naught She always has an agenda and working for Mary Ellen as one of her girls is all designed to help Eve infiltrate and get answers But getting those answers come at a price when she discovers that Mary Ellen is off her rocker Can you see Jesus yet BeckettMeanwhile Beckett is off trying to get himself on the straight and narrow He encounters a bunch of misfits that he takes in and offers legal paying jobs to It isn t until one of his employees, a woman named Chery, has a violent encounter with her boyfriend that has Beckett resorting to his old waysI ve got secrets of my ownRyan is an undercover that is setup in the rough side of Poughkeepsie to get a pulse on what s going in the streets His job calls for him to come across as a shady cop to get close to criminals however Ryan has his own agenda Revenge runs heavily in his veins Meeting Eve was never part of his plan but it was top priority in hersLick Bite BlowBlakeAll hell breaks when Livia is kidnapped Blake makes the one call that he knows will up his chances of ever seeing his wife again He calls his brother Beckett BOOK HIGHLIGHTS Hands down EVERYTHING involving Angry Trish will make you piss your pants in laughter Just about EVERY scene with Beckett and Eve are EXPLOSIVEI will be honest I once again found myself having a hard time trying to figure out how to rate a book For me personally I was completely thrown off by one of the characters and well that persons whole reason for being Aside from that the writing was good Debra Anastasia brings us these two dynamic characters Eve and Beckett both are emotionally broken and the love they have for one another is the only thing that is certain Both are violently passionate and that passion jumps off the pages readers are sure to enjoy it I think there was a flex of muscle in this book as Anastasia shows off her comedic writing chops There was a character who we barely meet yet what they do in the book makes an impression on readers left and right Which I for one thought was GENIUS Damn, I hate when I can t give good details without spoiling the story shake my head Oh well, READ THE BOOK Now, before I let you go I really want to talk about the fact that it s possible for some readers to get confused during the story, however it is important to keep reading Things are revealed in due time Once again we have multiple story lines all coming together building in to an arc that sends one character over the edge AHHHH, okay shutting up now.My Rating and WhyI gave Return To Poughkeepsie 4 stars because I managed to fall back in love with this set of characters all over again I don t recall there ever being a dull moment either If you loved Poughkeepsie you will definitely love this My RatingsCharacters Sexy, Lovable, Sweet, Crazy and ComplexWriting Style Witty, Strong and IntensePlot Storyline Told in multiple pov s we get Beckett Taylor as the main character, he was a notorious king pin among other things in Book 1 In this book he is brought back to Poughkeepsie to help his family.Steam Factor High Very Steamy on a scale of 1 10 I say 7.5Overall I enjoyed the book My Recommendation READ IT Now go forth and read Then come tell us about it on Goodreads Forreviews got to www.realitybites letsgetlost.blogspot Like us on Facebook www.facebook.com realitybitesletsgetlost GOT MY ARC I m excited to start this 9 1 13 Cover is here TEASER Check it out LINK EXCITED for this Release date 12 7 2013 5 I L VE Beckett stars I feel like I ve been waiting forever to read Return to Poughkeepsie After reading book one last year, I was blown away I fell hard for Blake, Cole, but most of all, a killer named Beckett I am happy to report that Beckett s book lived up to my expectations It was fantastic Return to Poughkeepsie was intense, steamy, suspenseful, funny and just an all around amazing read Although the focus of the book is on Beckett and Eve, all six of these main characters have a large part of the story BECKETT AND EVE After all thats been said and done, Beckett is on a mission A mission to be a better man For his brothers, himself, but most importantly, for Eve He needs to be the kind of man she deserves And he won t stop trying until that happens After being on the run and facing some crazy times, Beckett finds a place to settle down, make some positive changes and hopefully, one day, be able to come back to Eve a changed man But does Beck really need to change Eve loves the man he is They get each other They work.Beckett and Eve have a tumultuous relationship It s full of pain and heartache They are both such strong characters It takes a while for them to come together, but it s well worth the wait When there together, it s scorching hot Intense, demanding and primal Even though Beck went through so pretty big changes in the book, he was still himself and I loved that Beckett and Eve are two of my favorite characters and I can t wait to getof their story BLAKE AND LIVIA Blake and Livia are a happily married couple with a family they love and cherish Blake knows how lucky he is How far he has come over the years He was once homeless, lost, and fearful Now he has a beautiful wife, two lovely children, a home to call his own Livia and Blake are together and happy I adore the two of them together and the love they have for one another is a beautiful thing Blake is much stronger than he is given credit for When something traumatic happens to Livia, he is expected to take a backseat He can t do that He has to protect his family, make his wife safe He has to try I LOVED the way that part ended up Blake you are my hero I will never forget Blake and the counting of the smiles It makes my heart happy and I tear up just thinking about it COLE AND KYLE I felt like the biggest baby ever reading Kyle and Cole s story I cried More accurately, I sobbed It gutted me I could relate to everything this couple went through and it was heartbreaking They love each other so deeply, they ve made it through so much, but what they re going through is killing Kyle Cole feels helpless All he can do is hope and pray and be there to support her Kyle feels depressed, guilty and lost Fertility issues are so hard and they can put even the most solid of couples through the test Luckily, Kyle and Cole are strong I liked them both in Poughkeepsie, but this book made me love and respect them both so muchI was happy with the way their story ended There were a few other characters worth mentioning apart from the main six Mary Ellen What a crazy bitch of a villain There is not muchto say about her she was a serious nut job and I m very glad with how things worked out in the end for her.Ryan Ryan is a cop He s a cop for a reason He s always wanted some sort of revenge for the man who he thinks killed two people close to him Beck I wasn t sure how I felt about him at first, but by the end loved him And all the antics his psycho ex girlfriend did brought some major laughs to the story That woman was a lot nutty, but very creative I hope to getRyan in the next book Overall, Return to Poughkeepsie is a wonderfully written story with characters I absolutely adore It keeps you on your toes Once you start this book, you will not want to put it down Debra Anastasia s writing is something else She is one of my favorites for a reason her characters are complex, her writing style is perfect and she knows how to tell a story Her books are always hilarious, steamy, and suspenseful I would highly recommend this book, and Poughkeepsie to anyone looking for an emotional, action packed, comical and refreshingly good read 4ish starsWhile I enjoyed catching up with the brothers, one brother was MIA for way too long Once he showed up at 50% things started moving a much better pace Add in Debra s unique humor and this book was a solid read My favorite parts Trish Ryan s jaded ex, I would not want to be on the receiving end of her fury lol Beckett and all his little rescue missions, especially Gandhi Blake playing daddy Cole and Kyle Their struggle broke my heart Ryan I really like him Return to Poughkeepsie didn t really read as simply Beckett and Eve s story, you get a ton of different POVs It lagged a bit at times, but overall, I enjoyed itI love you, Eve You re the only heart I have