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Safe Harbor is book 5 in Christine Feehan s Drake Sisters series The story revolves around beautiful Hannah Drake and Jonas Harrington.Hannah Drake is an internationally known supermodel Born the fifth daughter in the magical Drake family, Hannah can command the winds and is a very powerful spell caster Despite being forced into the limelight by her impressive career, Hannah has been harboring an enormous secret her whole life long she is painfully shy can have crippling panic attacks It is only with the help of her six sisters that Hannah is able to function in the real world, but they are not her only strength Sheriff Jonas Harrington has always been like a brother to the Drake sisters They all grew up together, and Jonas has unceasingly been a protective figure in the lives of the extraordinary women, but his relationship with Hannah is different From the time they were children, Jonas knew Hannah was meant to be his The danger in his job always kept them from being together, but when Hannah is suddenly exposed to deadly peril, Jonas will do anything to keep her safe.I have to say, Safe Harbor is possibly my favorite of the series so far The relationship between Jonas and Hannah has been building for the past 4 books, and I was so happy to see them finally together After all the arguing and teasing between the two of them in the other books, I was very happy to see them finally get past the bickering In the other books, I kept waiting for one of Hannah s sisters to clue Jonas in and let him know about her panic attacks it was so irritating, they think of him as family, they know how much he loves Hannah, but they still don t tell him the truth When he saw her hysteria for himself, he was so understanding and caring to her As in all of Feehan s books, the action was full of non stop excitement from start to finish I had a hard time putting it down to go to sleep last night I couldn t wait to see who was behind all the threats, and how they would go about getting out of harm s way again I thoroughly enjoyed Safe Harbor I felt that Feehan did an excellent job of resolving the tension between Hannah and Jonas from the previous books, and it gives me great hopes for books 6 7. plot spoilers I thought this book sounded really interesting and cool I thought it was going to be a very enjoyable book, because I d never come across anything like this But that I was before I read it.We start off where Jonas is on a dangerous mission where he s been shot, despite his promising Hannah he wouldn t do anyHe s with Jackson and their lives are in danger he thinks he won t make it out alive so he s looking at a picture of the woman he loves, despairing that he hasn t said the words to her before In the pic he s staring up at her with longing as she stands on the balcony, and for anyone to look at it they d clearly see he s in love with her.He contacts Hannah telepathically and says he doesn t think he ll make it home She of course reacts to this statement and stands out on the crosswalk where she s at her home far away, sending the wind to aid him It comes forcefully through the alley, scaring off the bad guys, and helping Jackson and Jonas climb the ladder and jump to another building Jackson comments that Hannah is royally pissed, and I m just eating up the entire scene It was an awesome display of power and love for him.And then Jonas goes to her home to see her It was right about this time that my opinion of this book and the characters began to unravel.It quickly becomes clear that there was some tension between the two she was upset because he went on another dangerous job after he said he wasn t going to Her stuttering problem surfaces and he suggests for her to do that counting thing she does to help She s a little embarrassed about because she didn t think he knew about it And then in the blink of an eye they re kissing and he s taking her upstairs in her room so they can have sex I ve never encountered a book where they sleep together that soon.Jonas is being a little pushy if you ask me, because Hannah is selfsconscious and unsure And there s this completely infuriating comment about all the one night stands he s had trying to get over her And I get a little confused Because the author said that he s liked her forever, since he was a kid and she seemed to be stuck up in school So I naturally didn t expect a comment that like that to surface If you ve loved someone since you were a kid why would you sleep with a bunch of people Anyways, moving on It becomes very apparent that Jonas is possessive in a domineering, controlling, completely unlikable way.Hannah s asked him to go to her runway gig, but he doesn t go with her, instead stays behind while she s far away in another town He s watching it on tv with her sister and Hannah gets slashed with a knife, damaging her vocal cords and all this other stuff Wow, I didn t know this was like a horror film where the character just gets slashed so brutally.Jonas is completely freaked out and in such a state of grief It s always nice to see how the guy takes it when the woman is hurt I absolutely loved when I found out that Joley asked Ilya to help Hannah out, despite their fear and mistrust of him, calling in a favor from him because he s so powerful I really liked the scene where they re all in the waiting room together Ilya says even with her throat cut she asked for Jonas And then this book goes downhill at an incredible speed Hannah turns into a complete baby She s wallowing in self pity and takes everything Jonas throws at her He s protective and possessive which in reality waslike abusive and domineering Feehan took two good things like a man being protective and possessive of his girlfriend to a whole level The way Jonas treated Hannah was unforgivable and unebelievable Maybe Feehan likes being emotionally abused by men, I don t know.Hannah was self conscious of her body and didn t want anyone to see her, which was understandable because of the accident and the scars it left, but OMG She was getting on my last nerve She stayed locked up in her bedroom and didn t let anyone in but Jonas who bullied her into opening the door and I think she thought about running away, but never got up the courage to do it I wanted her to leave to get away from Jonas s insensitivity and everything, but of course she didn t She had Joley cut her hair short, which I was not a fan of It sounded like Hannah dressed a little frumpy, what with the long skirt that made her sound like a hippie.I liked when her and Jonas were on the balcony watching Elle and Joley on the beach Joley goes out admidst camera crews and the public and uses her voice to trick the corrupt preacher into admitting that he d like to sleep with her and sexually torture her on video camera, and I loved when Ilya stepped in, causing her to feel cheap and embarrassed.She goes home and tells her sisters what happened and then Ilya comes through the door and shakes her Their conversation was fun to read The chemistry between them was undeniable I really liked the part where Ilya looks up before Joley even enters the room, and Jonas comments to Hannah telephathically that he knew she was near before he saw her Ilya s head whipped to them, letting them know he knows when someone speaks telepathically He stands when Joley enters the room, and she gets an attitude and says he doesn t have to, and he says it s unessecary but polite or something like that He gets angry at the way she s treating him and a picture frame about falls The whole scene was amazing, and the conversation Joley had where she admits she finds his voice sexy when he speaks to her in her mind at night.Something that confused me was when Ilya gave Joley the cup that he had drank out of, and when Jonas is about to warn her he stops him from speaking by using his gifts I didn t know what it meant that she was drinking out of his cup, if it had some meaning or not.Those few shining moments, full of their unique abilities and the chemistry between the characters earned the 3 stars But the rest of the book was pure torture to read through 90% of this book will annoy the crap out of you and have you wondering at Feehan s pysche.The comments and tidbits about the other characters were a breath of fresh air from Hannah s whining and overall sad sack babyness and Jackson s domineering, overbearing forcefulness But at the same time Joley and Ilya s budding relationhip and sparks were so muchinteresting than Hannah and Jonas Side characters shouldn t outshine the main characters we re stuck with for the entire book Also, these sneak peaks into the others relationships only enhanced my disappointment when I read their books and realized their entire story didn t live up to the small clips in this book.Elle s making Jackson s cigarette s fly out of his hand and go into the water and Ilya getting mad at Joley for her stunt with the preacher should have given us a taste for what to expect in their own separate books. I loved the first 3 books in this series, enjoyed book 4 but with this book, book 5, it took me three tries to finish it Overall I enjoyed it but I felt like i really had to push through the first half I think its partly because of the pairing It was obviously from book 1 that Hannah and Jonas are going together so this came as no surprise so think it was partly that i found some of the journey there during the book a little tedious That being said as it progresses and we get to know Hannah, and as Hannah gets to know herself better, the story improved and I finished up the book quite enjoying it in the end There was some good moments in this book, its just a shame that the storyline seemed a little flimsier in this book than the previous ones in the series.Over all I enjoyed it enough to give it 4 stars Paranormal romantic suspense with some disturbingly violent knifing scenes 4.5 stars Gripping, suspenseful, bittersweet and beautiful I had almost given up on The Drake Sisters series, but since Freehan is such a popular author I decided to try onebook I felt books 1 and 2 were enjoyable and sweet, but nothing special.Based on this book, I can see why Feehan is beloved.Hannah was violently knifed, and Jonas showed that he loved her regardless of her scars That s basically the story, along with Jonas trying to figure out who done it, and trying to prevent another attack.Jonas and Hannah s six sisters who are all witches, just as Hannah is helped Hannah recover and carry on, even better than before Hannah came out of the darkness with a far greater sense of her self, deciding to stop living to please others Jonas listened to her and loved her and showed her that she was still sexy and beautiful Actually a bit moving.On the down side, it rang false that her parents played such a minute role in all this She almost died They were given no dialogue at all, but they did come to the hospital.Another flaw Hannah s sisters gave her a scrapbook and she spent 16 digital pages reading all their sugary sweet little messages A bit much.Best part view spoiler I loved the scene where the house attacked the intruders hide spoiler I won t even try to deny my love for this type of relationship Jonas and Hannah have been fighting from the start It never quite got to the truly hate each other stage but it definitely supplied me with my favourite trope and I could not wait for this book I ll start by saying this was not what I expected I was expecting a book where they continued to fight and we saw a slow move to somethingbut it goes a completely different direction which in retrospect makes a lotsense.It s only really in this book that I ve started to realise something We already have a good idea of who is going to end up with each of the remaining sisters in book 4 There isn t going to be any surprise relationships because the men already appear in their lives, so in a way it makes perfect sense that each of the romances when focused on won t take a whole book to develop It ll be quick, and yes, there will be problems but it won t have a slow build, because we ve already seen it in previous books.This is the reason I m not an author I didn t even think of this, and it s brilliant the way Christine Feehan has so seamlessly tied these books together.Another thing I love about this book that I can actually talk about without going into flail mode is the idea that a woman can still be powerful and true to herself while staying at home and being family orientated There is no denying that the Drake Sisters are powerful and independent women but that is not the only type of woman there is It was refreshing to see that Hannah could decide to take a different route with her life without being judged There is people in this world that want to get married, want to have children and want to stay at home looking after their families That isn t a bad thing and it shouldn t be said that the only type of woman that deserves respect is the one that goes out to have an insanely successful career.If I had to give this book a criticism, I called the ending before the book had really began view spoiler The first chapter is simply too random to not have any part of the story later one and it was pretty obvious to me what happened hide spoiler Hannah Drake s been in love with Jonas Harrington sinceforever But since the tall, dark and handsome sheriff can t seem to lay off the insults and his overbearing attitude, she prefers to keep her mouth shut and continue loving him from afar.Jonas Harrington s been a part of the Drake family since he was little And that s how long he s known Hannah Drake was the one But first her elusiveness and then his dangerous lifestyle kept him awayUntil now.After barely escaping the Grim Reaper for the second time in weeks, Jonas can no longer keep his heart shut off, he s decided to leave the moonlighting crime fighting job behind and win Hannah s heart forever And she doesn t seem to object to the plan.But both their lives are shattered by a brutal attack that leaves Hannah at death s door She slowly starts gluing the pieces of her life and heart back together, trying to keep Jonas at arm s length, but he isn t budging They ve shared their bodies, minds and souls, and he ll be damned if he lets her get away again But a dark and deadly enemy has different plansAlthough the pacing dragged slightly somewhere in the middle and the plot didn t make much sense until the end who would hate Hannah so much to want to destroy her completely which was probably the point this was a great read Even better than the first time around.We finally got the resolution to the slow burn romance between Hannah and Jonas that s been building since the beginning of the series although Hannah has been a bit bratty at the start , and Hannah and Jonas are my second favorite couple in this series The perfect example of kindergarten love , if you ask me Boy likes girl, but doesn t want to show it, so he teases her Girl likes boy right back, but he s mean to her, so she retaliates.I loved Jonas with all his gruffness, over protectiveness, arrogance and chest thumping He was who he was, didn t offer any apologies, determined to protect everybody from everything in Hannah s case even from himself But behind all the rage, pain, and torment, there was this deep, endless well of love for those he called family and friends, and for the one woman who could bring him peace The one woman who could soothe him.Hannah took a little time to understand, because of how her character was writtenBeautiful yet insecure with her body image, low on self esteem with panic attacks always imminent It was tough understanding her and her reasons and motivations for wanting to do anything, even go against herself and her nature, to please others, but once she started growing into her true self thanks to the attack and Jonas s help after it , I finally got to know her and love her In the end, I got the impression, her character was written the way it was, so the reader couldn t really understand and relate to her at the beginning because that wasn t who Hannah Drake truly was Only Jonas understood her, only Jonas saw the true her, and only Jonas could help her understand herself, help the reader understand her.They were cute and sweet and funny, and so in love at the beginning, I wanted to clap my hands in glee Then, with all that happened to Hannah, that love could ve shattered, but instead simply grew stronger as they both did throughout the series and their own book , and I couldn t help but cheer every time Jonas refused to be pushed away, and every time Hannah got a bit of her life, strength and resilience backAnd every time either of them refused to back down and be bullied by her sisters.The sisters were the major problem for me in this story They were supposed to know everything about each other, read each other at will, and yet it took Jonas to open their eyes about Hannah, her nature, her problems and their own mistakes with her, how it was Jonas the one who knew Hannah best.I hated how her sisters pitied herI know they felt sorry for her, who wouldn t, but instead of protecting her, offering her solace, being there for her, they merely drowned her in their own emotions, as if it was all about them, and never about Hannah This selfishness was rectified somewhere in the middle, but still, the bitter aftertaste remained.And now, to my favorite couple in this seriesPerhaps it is as simple as Hannah s sister is marrying one of the few men in the world I call friend His gaze strayed to where Joley stood rigid against the wall Or perhaps I wanted to see, onetime, whether the reason I can no longer sleep at night is worth itI loved the small interlude okay, there were two, but the first was the best with Ilya Prakenskii in the middle of this story That first scene finally gave us the first tangible proof as to what Ilya s role in the series was, what the connection with Joley was.The incident was a leftover from the previous book, Dangerous Tides, and it gave us a huge insight into the psyche and heart of the presumed hit man although the men already suspect what his involvement with the Russian mobster might truly entail This short, intense, extremely revealing scene was a great preview of what his and Joley s book will bring.Back to the book at handEven with some seriously thrilling suspense and a few wonderfully gripping action scenes, this book was all about self discovery and self appreciation It took an attack on her life to shake Hannah into reevaluating her life and priorities and make her see who she really is and what she wants from life. It s been a while since I read the first books in this series, I actually thought I had only read two but once I started the third one I realised I had already read it and jumped for the next one I had I know I jumped book n 4 but oh well and I really enjoyed it.This is Hannah Drake s story, the supermodel, and the man who has loved her since childhood Unfortunately they never revealed their feelings to each other because Jonas feels his profession is too dangerous and he doesn t want to put Hannah in danger and Hannah never thought he could love her But things have gone for long enough and after Jonas almost dies and Hannah is the one who saves him with her paranormal abilities he feels it is time to stop putting himself in danger and finally speak to her about his feelings.The problem is that they both have a strong personality and they spend half the time yelling with each other, once you get past that and see that s actually how Jonas communicates it becomes kind of fun to watch their interaction Jonas is a typical Feehan alpha male but he and Hannah do talk a lot about life and what they feel for each other But Hannah has a modelling contract to fulfil and she asks Jonas to go with her but his alpha male hates all those man gawking at her and he refuses and of course they have another fight.While Hannah is at the fashion show s after party she is the savagely attacked by a man with a knife and both Jonas and Sarah, the eldest Drake sister can only watch it on TV She is saved by Ilya Prakenkii, the bodyguard of a well known Russian mobster who seems to have a wild fixation on Joley Drake, the Drake sister don t trust him because of the effect he has on Joley but after this they are indebted to him.What follows is Hannah s recuperating from the attack she did seem to recuperate very quickly but since she had some paranormal help I m not complaining and working on her relationship with Jonas and trying to find who was behind the attack and why I thought Feehan did really well with the suspense of who was behind it She seems to direct us one way and in the end it was something totally different Also one of the nicest things is the interaction of the sisters, they are a family and they care about each other I can t wait to get to Joley s story as I m sure she and Ilya will definitely set some sparks flying.Grade 4.5 5 &Read E-pub ☔ Safe Harbor ☚ Hannah Es Una De Las Siete Hermanas Drake, Una Saga De Mujeres Extraordinarias Poseedoras De Poderes Especiales, Y Jonas Harrington, El Arisco Sheriff De La Zona, Ha Estado Enamorado De Ella Desde Que Tiene Uso De Raz N Jonas Desear A Que La Hermosa Supermodelo Pensara En Algo M S Aparte De Su Carrera Profesional, Pero Hannah Es Una Mujer Responsable, Que Cumple Con Sus Numerosos CompromisosSin Embargo, Jonas No Es El Nico Que Piensa En Hannah A Escondidas Desde Las Sombras, Una Figura Misteriosa Aparece Para Despojar A La Modelo De Lo Que La Hace Especial Y Destruirla S Lo Una Persona Es La Elegida Por El Destino Para Protegerla Jon S Deber Enfrentarse A Un Peligro Que No Se Muestra A Cara Descubierta, Y Que Amenaza Con Encerrar En Las Tinieblas No S Lo A La Mujer Que Ama, Sino A Todas Las Hermanas Drake This by far has been my favorite book by Christine Feehan in the series so farI mean I still have like fivebooks to finish, but, for the first time I really felt connected to the character of Hannah and loved Jonas despite his controling nature and cocky banter here and thereI could honestly feel that this man loved Hannah with every single fiber of his being, you know, mind, body, and soul And that to me is the one of a kind love that I think most of us as humans aspire to have at least once in our liftimesI thoroughly enjoyed watching and reading their beautiful love story unfoldI also appreciate the elements of self esteem trying to be perfect in the entertainment industry despite what it cost you mentally and physically, as well as, taboos put on women who are models and singers aka Hannah and Joley I love that despite all of the outer beauty Hannah had and if what I was picturing about the way she must have looked in person just from reading Mrs Feehan s prose she was breath takingly beautiful yet she didn t see any of thatAnd Jonas helped her to become as she kept stressing throughout the book, whole againYes, he loved how beautiful she was to him, but, it went so much deeper than thatI could gush all day about there two and I like how we got glimpses into the other Drake sister s personalities as well.I personally want to see if Joley s story is going to be about Ilya Prakenskii and her and what developsthey seem to have a very strong connection.This was very evident in this bookI still did not enjoy Hidden Currents as much as this oneI also, didn t connect with the character of Elle as much as I did with Hannah, but, I liked Jackson evenafter reading this bookElle I m still not feelingEven though technically she s supposed to be the most powerful of all the sisters.And she clearly loves her family very much, I guess I just don t gage with her personalityThis book had all of the elements I love in a good pnr novel, the psychic sisters, the leading men that have psychic gifts of their own..romance, love, magic, hot love scenes.And so muchto come in the other novels I m sureI love it and highly recommend this series to pnr lovers as well as fans of Mrs Feehan s writingOn to the next one now. This book is very VERY lucky to get 4 stars I say this because I have enjoyed this series thus far, but I wanted to throw this book across the room so many fucking times it isn t funny Going into this series I was anxious to read Hannah s story I was so anxious I put Until I Die by Amy Plum down to read this book, and for what, complete and total disappointment A heatbreak The thing I hated was the fact that Hannah was almost killed Sure every other Drake sister was almost killed in the other books, but their situation was a lot better compared to Hannah s Honestly, I wanted to cry after Hannah s near death experience What I did like, which isthan the dislikes, was the fact that Jonas was there the whole time I liked that he stood up for Hannah when she couldn t stand up for herself I also liked the fact that She didn t run from Jonas trying to keep him safe Kudos to Christine for making such a great character What I loved the most was the scrapbook her sisters gave her I literally fought tears reading the letters her sisters wrote Hannah I also love the house Seriously who wouldn t want a house that eats people that d be one hell of a house Again, kudos to Mrs Christine Feehan And of course the ending Overall this book was a good book Sometimes it was nearly impossible to put down It is on the predictable side when it comes to romance but other than that it is a great mystery I recommend this series to everyone.